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Agatha Christie audiobooks

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Looking for the best Agatha Christie audiobooks? Check out our top ten picks so you can add them to your reading list.

Agatha Christie audiobooks

In recent years, audiobooks have become one of the most popular publishing formats. Readers can immerse themselves in interesting stories while studying, working, and running errands. You can listen to novels and short stories from your favorite authors as you multitask.

For this reason, it's no wonder readers gravitate toward Agatha Christie’s books. Hailed as the "queen of crime," her books have captivated readers for decades, securing her status as the world's best-selling author. 

Her best-known works feature the iconic Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, and many of her titles are available on widely used audiobook platforms. 

Let's review the top 10 Agatha Christie audiobooks readers can enjoy right now. 

The best Agatha Christie audiobooks

If you're unsure where to start with Agatha Christie audiobooks, check out some of the titles below. 

At Bertram's Hotel

When Raymond West invites his aunt to stay at his hotel, Miss Marple looks forward to a relaxing two-week vacation. She meets a cast of intriguing characters, but instead of drinking tea and resting, she must unravel a mystery of murder and corruption.

Is the culprit the young Elvira Blake, the friendly Selina Hayes, or the well-traveled Bess Sedgwick? You'll have to listen to Stephanie Cole narrate the audiobook to find out. 

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Published in 1920, this was Agatha Christie's debut novel. The first time we meet Hercule Poirot, he is trying to settle in the English countryside. The nearby Styles Court is the home of the wealthy Emily Inglethorp, Poirot's benefactress.

When Emily Inglethorp dies from poisoning, her murder shatters the rural idyll, and the Belgian detective must rely on his trusty grey cells and Captain Hastings to solve the crime.

Murder on the Orient Express

One of Agatha Christie's most famous novels, "Murder on the Orient Express" has been adapted for the big screen several times. Most recently, Kenneth Branagh directed and starred in the 2017 film version.

When 12 passengers with a shared and hidden past board the same train, murder, and deceit ensue. Poirot investigates the passenger's actions and backstories to uncover the truth.

Death on the Nile

This time Christie's Belgian detective travels to Egypt, but the murder of a young and beautiful heiress disrupts his vacation. The full cast of the murder mystery includes a newlywed couple, a jaded lover, and several other characters who seem to be hiding dark secrets.

As more murders occur, Poirot races against the clock to catch the criminal. David Suchet, who played Poirot in an acclaimed TV series, narrates this intricate tale. 

And Then There Were None

When an anonymous host invites seven strangers to a manor on a remote island, they set a series of sinister events in motion. Once they realize a killer is on the loose, they must work together to identify the murderer.

Two audiobook versions are available, one narrated by Hugh Fraser and the other by Dan Stevens.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

In the third Hercule Poirot mystery, the Belgian expat comes out of retirement to solve the murder of his old friend, Roger Ackroyd. As he questions potential suspects, he comes across uncertain alibies, greed, and blackmail. This Christie novel ends with a surprising twist that changed the genre forever.

A Murder is Announced

In this Miss Marple Mystery, a local newspaper runs an announcement describing the time and date of a future murder. The small village is shocked when a woman dies under those exact circumstances.

Fortunately, Christie's elderly sleuth, Jane Marple, is staying at a local spa hotel and helps uncover the truth. Actress Joan Hickson narrates the audiobook.

The Secret Adversary

When Tommy and Tuppence meet in London after the Great War, they're broke and in love. Strapped for cash and hungry for adventure, the two form Young Adventurers Ltd. But after landing their first job, their employer mysteriously disappears.

What happened to him, and why did he ask Tuppence to impersonate a woman named Jane Finn? The daring duo must go against a criminal organization to answer these questions. 

Crooked House

Three generations of a wealthy family live under the same roof. When Aristide, the patriarch, dies, the police suspect one of the family members. All have means, motives, and opportunity, and none have a solid alibi. A former diplomat turned private detective investigates the case to see whether the murder was an inside job. 

The Mystery of the Blue Train

Mrs. Kettering is traveling to France to meet her lover. She is murdered on the train and her priceless rubies go missing. Her husband stands to inherit her wealth, and her lover is known for scamming wealthy women. Poirot assists the French police in capturing the killer and retrieving the jewels.

Honorable mentions

If you want to explore more of Christie's work, here are a few other stories you may enjoy.

4.50 From Paddington

Miss Marple's friend believes she has witnessed a murder. When the police find no evidence of a crime, Miss Marple gets involved, and Lucy Eyelesbarrow, a housekeeper, goes undercover. Emilia Fox narrates the unabridged version of the audiobook. 

The ABC Murders

A serial killer is on the loose, targeting individuals with alliterative names. Although the murders seem random and solely based on the alphabet, Poirot suspects a motive behind at least one of them. When the killer challenges Poirot to catch him, the Belgian detective proves he is up to the task.

Cards on the Table

Hercule Poirot meets Mr. Shaitana, who brags he's a collector of criminals. Intrigued, the private detective accepts a dinner invitation. At the dinner party, he meets two other sleuths and realizes the other attendees must be the criminals the host mentioned. When Shaitana dies during the dinner party, it's up to Poirot, a Scotland Yard investigator, and a murder mystery writer to discover the truth.

Murder Is Easy

A serial killer is terrorizing a quiet village. Officer Fitzwilliam encounters a woman who says she knows the killer's identity. He has claimed three victims and is about to strike again.

Fitzwilliam dismisses these claims, but soon a passing car kills the very same woman. The officer begins to suspect something terrible is happening in the village of Wychwood. Are the deaths unrelated or is there a devious murder plot afoot?


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