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Alternatives to Notevibes

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Read on to learn about some of the best text-to-speech alternatives to Notevibes. Depending on your needs, one of these might be a better choice for you.

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Today, there is no shortage of great text-to-speech software solutions that allow you to convert text into audio files. These speech programs have an equally wide range of uses, from enabling individual users to convert any book into an audiobook to allowing businesses to produce high-quality voiceover content without having to hire voice actors. 

Depending on your exact needs, preferences, and budget, though, some text-to-speech (TTS) apps will be better suited for others. For business users looking to produce audio for commercial use, Notevibes is an excellent speech synthesizer to consider. For other users and applications, though, there are plenty of alternatives that might be better. 

In this article, we will explore what Notevibes is and what it does well before diving into some of the alternatives that are on the market today and the situations where these alternatives might be better than Notevibes. 

What is Notevibes? 

Notevibes is an AI voice generator that allows you to read digital text aloud and save the audio you produce as either a WAV or MP3 file. Notevibes offers its users 225+ natural-sounding voices to choose from across 26 different languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. As an AI voice generator, Notevibes is able to produce realistic voices, both male and female voices, that sound just like real human narrators instead of the robotic voices produced by traditional text-to-speech software. 

Where Notevibes really shines, though, is the app’s Advanced Voice Editor. With the Notevibes Advanced Voice Editor, you can create a custom voice by editing the voice’s speed, pitch, and emphasis. Notevibes also allows you to add manual pauses in your audio files to further fine-tune how they sound. For business users looking to create a unique voice that will represent their brand, these advanced editing features can be highly useful. 

These features don’t come cheap, though. If you want to use your Notevibes audio files for commercial purposes, you will need to pay either $1080 per year for the Notevibes Commercial Pack or $4,000 per year for the Notevibes Corporate Pack. Those purchasing Notevibes for personal use are able to pay a much more reasonable $96 per year for the Notevibes Personal Pack. However, this plan does not include the Advanced Voice Editor, and Notevibes will retain ownership of any audio files you produce, preventing them from being used for commercial purposes. 

The best text-to-speech alternatives to Notevibes 

If you are looking for a text-to-speech converter to create voiceover content for podcasts, radio ads, YouTube videos, web pages, or any other commercial purpose and can afford the hefty pricing, Notevibes is a good option to consider. Depending on your budget, intended use, and the exact functionality that you are looking for, though, there are many other high-quality speech synthesis apps that may be better for you. 

Some of the best alternatives to available today include: 

1. Speechify 

One of the leading TTS apps on the market, Speechify is an AI voice generator that produces realistic speech voices that sound indistinguishable from a real human narrator. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Speechify is able to perfectly replicate the subtle nuances that make a voice sound human, delivering a much more enjoyable and immersive listening experience. 

With the paid version of Speechify (called Speechify Premium), you are able to choose from 30+ of these AI voices across 20+ different languages. Speechify Premium also offers numerous other features, including the ability to adjust your listening speed, the ability to take notes and highlight text using voice commands, and the ability to scan printed documents so that even written text can be read aloud. 

Speechify can be used to read both online text as well as text from MS Word documents, PDFs, TXT files, and other digital documents. With the Speechify app, you can convert text from your iOS or Android device. Speechify is also available for your web browser as a Chrome extension and works for both Mac and Windows computers. 

Compared to Notevibes, Speechify offers personal users a number of benefits. Along with being more affordable, Speechify is more user-friendly as well for those who don’t have a need for all of Notevibes’ advanced editing features. This makes Speechify an ideal choice for students participating in e-learning, users with reading disabilities such as dyslexia, or anyone else who simply wants to listen to text in real-time. 

With that said, Speechify can sometimes be the better choice for commercial use as well. To use your Notevibes audio files for commercial purposes, you are required to pay $1080 per year for the Notevibes Commercial Pack. Speechify Premium, meanwhile, costs just $139 a year and likewise allows you to retain full ownership of the audio files that you create. Unless the voice customization features that Notevibes offers are worth this difference in price to your company, you can save a lot of money by using Speechify instead. It is also worth noting that Speechify offers an API that allows commercial users to build text-to-speech functionality into their own websites and apps. 

To try out Speechify for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial of Speechify Premium. Speechify also offers a version of the app with fewer voices and features called Speechify Limited that is free to download and use indefinitely. 

2. Amazon Polly 

One of the many tools provided by Amazon Web Services, Amazon Polly is a TTS reader that offers 47 different voices to choose from across 24 languages. As an AI voice generator, Amazon Polly produces high-quality voices that sound realistic instead of choppy and robotic. 

Amazon Polly comes included for free with the AWS Free Tier. However, you are only allowed to synthesize 5 million characters per month, and the speech tool is no longer included for free after the first twelve months. 

If these limits aren’t a hindrance to your plans, though, Amazon Polly can be a great free tool for both personal and commercial use. While Amazon Polly doesn’t offer a wide range of additional functions and features, the tool does offer high-quality voices as well as support for lexicons and SSML tags that allow you to edit how those voices sound. 

3. NaturalReader  

NaturalReader is a text-to-speech technology that offers a little something for everyone. If you want to synthesize speech online, you can simply visit the NaturalReader website to upload your document with no download required. If you are looking for a free text-to-speech app, the free version of NaturalReader is a good option to consider. NaturalReader also offers paid versions of the app with additional features and high-quality AI voices. 

Unless you pay for one of these versions, though, the free voices you have available to choose from with NaturalReader are not AI voices. Instead, they are robot voices that don’t offer the most enjoyable listening experience. However, with one of NaturalReader’s paid versions – which range in price from a one-time payment of $99.50 to a one-time payment of $199.50 – you get between 2-6 AI voices that sound quite natural and lifelike.

If you plan to use NaturalReader for commercial purposes, you will need to purchase one of the commercial subscriptions. Pricing for these subscriptions varies depending on the size of your team but ranges from $49 per month to $239 per month. 

4. Kukarella 

Kukarella is a popular tool for creating commercial voiceover content and provides access to 750 AI voices across 130 different languages. Rather than creating its own AI voices, though, Kukarella utilizes voices from Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Amazon. 

Kukarella is not a TTS reader and is not designed to read text in real-time. Instead, Kukarella is used to create voiceover content for YouTube videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and other commercial purposes. 

Compared to Notevibes and Speechify, Kukarella doesn’t offer business users the same range of helpful features. However, it does provide access to hundreds of high-quality voices for affordable, one-time pricing.

Pricing for Kukarella starts at $15 for the PRO version and goes up to $99 for the STUDIO version. Each one of these versions has a limit to how many characters per month you are able to synthesize, though, and you will have to pay additional charges if you exceed your limit. 


Is NaturalReader free for commercial use? 

No, if you want to use NaturalReader to create audio files for commercial use, you will need to purchase a NaturalReader Commercial subscription. Pricing for these subscriptions ranges from $49 per month to $239 per month.

Is NaturalReader any good?

The paid version of NaturalReader offers high-quality AI voices but does not offer a wide range of these voices to choose from. The free version of NaturalReader, meanwhile, functions well and is a good enough solution for anyone on a budget. However, the voices included in the free version are not AI voices and are distinctly robotic. 

How do you use Kukarella?

Kukarella is a very user-friendly speech tool. All you have to do is upload your text, choose from one of 750 different AI voices by Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, then save your audio as an MP3 or WAV file. 

What is the difference between NaturalReader and Notevibes? 

NaturalReader is a TTS reader while Notevibes is an AI voice generator designed primarily for producing voiceover content. While both can be used for either personal or commercial purposes, NaturalReader’s user-friendly interface lends the app more toward personal use while Notevibes’ advanced voice editing features and substantial cost makes it more applicable for business users. 

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