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The best apps for mastering public speaking

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Public speaking can be scary but with the help of these nine apps, it doesn't have to be. Become a pro at public speaking today.

The best apps for mastering public speaking 

Speaking in front of a large or small crowd can make even the most confident person feel nervous. However, whether you’re delivering a toast at a wedding or presenting a proposal in front of colleagues, effective communication is key to success and helps you build connections with others as well as establish credibility. Thankfully, with practice, preparation, and the assistance of public speaking tools, anyone can improve their communication skills and become a successful and confident public speaker. 

Here are the best apps to help you speak with confidence

It is natural to feel anxious about public speaking since it requires you to be in the spotlight. Fortunately, technology has made it easier than ever to improve all the skills you need, from body language and diction to timing and delivery and so much more, to become a pro at public speaking. So, let’s explore the top apps that can help you master the art of public speaking so you can be ready for your next presentation or even give a TED talk.


Preply is an app and online language learning platform that offers courses and personalized tutoring sessions to help improve your speaking skills. Some features of the app, which is available on Android and IOS, include the ability to practice speaking skills with a native speaker, whether one-on-one or in a group class, and the option to receive feedback on your performance. In addition, the platform offers tutors from 200+ nationalities, making it a great app to boost your confidence and increase your effectiveness as a public speaker, whether you’re learning to speak a new language or looking to reduce your anxiety when communicating with others in your native tongue. 


Orai is a mobile app for Android and IOS that uses artificial intelligence to help improve users’ public speaking skills by allowing users to practice their speeches and receive real-time feedback regarding their pace, tone, energy, facial expressions, word choice, and more. The app also offers personalized coaching tips and exercises to help users overcome common public speaking challenges. While individual users can benefit from Orai and track their progress over time, the platform also offers an enterprise package allowing companies to help their whole team become better and more confident communicators. 


When many people get nervous, they start using more filler words such as “um,” “ah,” and “like,” which unfortunately shows a lack of true confidence. Thankfully, the Ummo app, available through the Google Play and App stores, improves speaking skills by monitoring the use of these filler words and providing feedback on how to improve the clarity and confidence of your speech. In addition, the app offers practice exercises, personalized tips, and speech coaching and allows users to record and analyze their speeches as well as share their recordings with others for additional feedback and critique.  

Impromptu Generator 

Impromptu Generator generates a wide range of random speech topics and enables you to develop the quick-thinking skills required to articulate your thoughts on various topics clearly and concisely. As you think on your feet and provide responses to the different prompts, the Android and IOS compatible-app provides feedback, helping you refine your speaking skills. With Impromptu Generator, you’ll be prepared to confidently communicate no matter the situation or topic, so it’s perfect for everyone from rehearsing for a pageant or debate to those hoping to keep a good conversation flowing on a first date. 

PromptSmart Pro

In many public speaking scenarios, you may have to read a teleprompter or your notes, which can make for an awkward and unnatural speech. Thankfully, PromptSmart is an Android and IOS app that turns your phone into a teleprompter and allows you to practice your teleprompter reading skills so you can confidently deliver any speech. After importing your script, the app uses voice recognition technology to automatically scroll as you speak, which can help you keep your eyes on your audience rather than your notes. 


The Speeko app allows users to record practice speeches directly in the app or import pre-recorded presentations, including meetings, after which AI will analyze the recordings to provide personalized feedback regarding pace, overall talk time, eloquence, tone, vocabulary, and more. The app also features digital flashcards for easy speech memorization, prompts for various speaking scenarios, and vocal warm-up and breathing exercises. The only downside to Speeko is that it’s currently only available for IOS devices. 


The Memrise app, available in both the App and Google Play stores, offers AI-powered language tutoring and courses that can help improve your confidence and fluency when speaking. By practicing vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in a structured and interactive way, you can build the skills to communicate effectively and confidently. Additionally, Memrise offers courses in various topics, such as business or politics, which can help you develop specialized language skills for public speaking in these areas. 

Activate Your Voice

Activate Your Voice is an IOS-only app developed by communication experts to help you develop a confident, clearer, more authoritative, and stronger speaking voice. With this app, you can practice your speeches and presentations, get feedback on your delivery, and hone your skills. The app offers a range of features, including warm-up exercises to help you with articulation, pitch, and pronunciation, as well as speech recognition, which allows you to record and rehearse your delivery and receive feedback on your practice performance. 

Word of the Day

The Word of the Day app can prove to be a powerful tool for public speakers, enhancing their verbal and rhetorical abilities. It introduces a new word each day, complete with its definition, pronunciation, and usage examples. This assists in expanding a speaker's vocabulary, enabling them to articulate their thoughts more effectively and engagingly.

Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder is an app designed to bolster language comprehension and usage, and can significantly benefit public speakers. This tool encourages users to learn new words and their meanings, facilitating the enhancement of their speech content. Additionally, the app offers word quizzes and more to help speakers form more persuasive and powerful arguments, and express complex ideas with precision and eloquence, ensuring their message is conveyed clearly and compellingly.

Rev Voice Recorder

The Rev Voice Recorder app is another tool for self-improvement, allowing users to record speeches and presentations for later review. This app can also transcribe your speeches, creating a written record of the speech to aid in identifying any grammatical or pronunciation errors. By recording your speeches or practice runs and listening to them, you can gain a better understanding of your own speaking patterns, identify areas for improvement, and track your progress over time.

Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats app is an invaluable tool for public speakers as it helps in mastering the art of pacing and rhythm in speech. Public speaking is not merely about what is being said, but also about how it's said, and timing plays a crucial role in this context. Using the Metronome Beats app, speakers can practice delivering their speeches at different tempos, ensuring that their delivery neither feels rushed nor lethargic. The rhythmic beat serves as a guide to maintain a consistent pace throughout the speech, aiding in achieving optimal speech flow and cadence.


Toastmasters is an educational club to help members to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. The Toastmasters app provides a real-time platform for meetings, where members can engage with each other, share insights, and receive constructive feedback on their speeches, which is crucial for personal growth as a speaker. The app also has a timer and ah-counter, to help users track speech duration and work on reducing filler words.

Voice Analyst

Voice Analyst is a comprehensive voice therapy and training app used to monitor and improve vocal health and performance. The app allows users to record and playback their voice, providing real-time visual feedback about pitch (frequency) and volume (amplitude). These visualizations assist users in understanding the quality and characteristics of their voice over time. The app is useful for singers, actors, public speakers, and individuals undergoing voice therapy.


LikeSo is a speech coaching app designed to improve public speaking by targeting verbal habits and filler words. Users speak in response to various prompts and the app uses voice recognition software to analyze the speech, counting the use of filler words like "like", "so", "actually", and "you know.” By providing immediate, personalized feedback on these aspects, LikeSo helps users become more aware of their speaking habits, allowing them to consciously work on reducing filler words and improving speech clarity and pace.

Speechify’s speaking time calculator

Whether you’re tasked with giving a 10-minute speech or an hour-long presentation, Speechify’s speaking time calculator, which works across any device, helps you make the most of your allotted speaking time by providing a simple way to know precisely to the word how long your speech should be to optimize delivery and master public speaking. 

Simply input your text into Speechify’s speaking time calculator and press “play” to hear your script spoken aloud in a language or accent of your choosing at the average reading speed and instantly calculate your speaking time. From there, you can easily adjust your content and refine your delivery by tweaking your script or changing the speaking rate to determine how quickly you need to speak to deliver the speech smoothly. 

By identifying possible speed issues as you fine-tune your script, this innovative tool can help you avoid rushing through your speech or running out of time before you’ve covered everything. Feel more confident when public speaking and easily share your speech in an audio format with friends by trying Speechify’s speaking time calculator today.


Why should I hire a personal speech coach?

Hiring a personal speech coach provides individualized guidance and feedback, helping you refine your speaking skills, build confidence, and effectively tailor your message for your target audience.

How can audiobooks improve public speaking skills?

Listening to audiobooks can enhance public speaking skills by exposing listeners to a wide range of vocabulary, voice modulations, storytelling techniques, and speech pacing, which can be adopted and practiced in their own public speaking endeavors.

How can I improve my speaking style?

Whether you’re a beginner or the best public speaker, the apps listed above can help you become even better at your speaking style.

Is Speechify available on mobile?

Yes, Speechify offers both Android and Apple apps, so you can access it on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

What is the best app to help me speak better in English?

Speechify, as an audio-reading app, can improve your English speaking skills by offering a platform to listen to text in natural voices, aiding in pronunciation, intonation, and understanding of sentence structure.

What is VirtualSpeech?

VirtualSpeech is a virtual reality training app for Oculus Quest 2 to help you take your public speaking skills to the next level.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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