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The best dyslexia gift ideas

If you have a loved one with dyslexia, you may wonder what gift would be most helpful and appreciated. This gift guide will give you fun and practical ideas for the holiday season.

While each individual will have different interests and likes, this list may offer some neat ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a reading disability that affects a person’s reading, writing, and spelling. Specifically, people with this condition struggle with phonics – matching letters with sounds of a spoken language. Dyslexia can contribute to difficulties with other learning processes which depend on signs, such as math.

However, people with dyslexia can learn on par with their peers with proper accessibility. The condition isn’t a reflection of intelligence or effort. Rather it’s a neurological state that may require specific accommodations and support to make learning and enjoying the written word more comfortable. Some related conditions include dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

It isn’t uncommon for people with dyslexia to become highly successful adults: entrepreneurs, lawyers, politicians, actors, etc. People with dyslexia, like people with disabilities in general, don’t have “special needs,” but they may have individual needs for accessibility.

With proper accessibility measures (such as accessible books with enough spacing between lines and assistive technology) and an inclusive learning plan, learners with dyslexia can overcome most of their reading challenges. However, being a spectrum, each individual may benefit from a different approach and acquire reading and writing skills at different rates.

Best gifts for people with dyslexia

If you have a loved one with dyslexia, you may want to find the perfect birthday or Christmas gift that would be useful for their condition but also matches their likes and interests. Here are some gift ideas they will surely appreciate.

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is an excellent gift for those who struggle with traditional books. This e-book reader features outstanding ease of use. The selection of e-books is vast, and there’s a book genre to match anyone’s taste. The e-ink display is easy on the eyes, and the text to speech feature can read books aloud.

Reading rulers, overlays, and colorful bookmarkers 

These tools can help readers with dyslexia focus on one line of text at a time, letting them keep their place while reading with ease.

Reading rulers are transparent strips that can be placed over the text, highlighting one line at a time, reducing visual stress, and making it easier to read. Overlays are colored sheets that can be placed over the text, filtering out the glare and reducing the amount of visual information a reader has to process.

Colorful bookmarkers are another helpful tool for dyslexic individuals. They can use them to mark their spot in a book and remember where they left off. The bright colors can help them locate the text they need to read more easily.

Reading Pen 

A reading pen is a portable device that scans and reads text aloud, helping individuals with dyslexia read more fluently and confidently.

This can help improve their reading skills, positively impacting their education and overall quality of life. Reading pens are portable and easy to use, making them a convenient tool at home, school, or on the go.

Audiobook subscription

An audiobook subscription such as Speechify or Audible can be a wonderful gift for individuals with dyslexia. Audiobooks offer an alternative way to enjoy books and can help those with reading difficulties overcome some of their challenges. 

An audiobook subscription allows users to access a vast library of titles from practically every genre, including fiction, non-fiction, and educational material. Audiobooks can also be a great way to relax and unwind and can be listened to while doing other activities such as exercising, driving, or cooking.

Tablet or iPad 

Tablets and iPads are great tools for a dyslexic person as they can use them for reading, writing, and learning. They also offer access to assistive technology, apps, and games to support dyslexia. With text to speech and speech recognition, these devices provide one package of ease of use, entertainment, education, and productivity.


Headphones are perfect for individuals who use text to speech tools or audiobooks. They can help improve focus and concentration by blocking distractions and making hearing and understanding spoken words easier. Headphones can also provide privacy and help individuals feel more comfortable using assistive technologies in public spaces.

Bluetooth speaker 

A Bluetooth speaker can amplify the audio of a reading pen or text to speech app, making it easier to hear and understand. This can be particularly helpful for individuals struggling with processing information in a noisy environment.

Board games 

Board games can also be an enjoyable and educational gift for people with dyslexia and everyone else. Games that require reading and strategic thinking can help improve language skills while providing a fun and engaging activity for individuals, friends, and families to enjoy together.

Educational toys 

For kids with dyslexia, educational toys like puzzles, building blocks, and sensory toys can help improve skills and language development. These toys are also excellent gifts for kids with other conditions which may cause learning difficulties, such as those with ADHD and or those on the autism spectrum.

Give the gift of audiobooks with Speechify

Speechify is an audiobook service that offers a vast library of titles from virtually every genre, making it a perfect gift for individuals with reading difficulties. It allows individuals with dyslexia to listen to books on their preferred devices, with adjustable speed options.

Speechify can also help improve reading comprehension and speed. A subscription to Speechify Audiobooks can make a thoughtful gift for a loved one, giving them access to thousands of audiobooks they can enjoy anytime and anywhere.


Are people with dyslexia highly intelligent?

People with dyslexia can be anywhere on the intellectual spectrum. While it can affect some learning modes, it doesn’t impair or enhance a person’s overall cognitive function.

What symbols represent dyslexia?

A ribbon with a symbol representing the letters p, q, b, and p of the English alphabet emphasizes dyslexia awareness.

What are dyslexic adults good at?

Dyslexia affects reading skills and can pose some challenges even in adulthood. However, it doesn’t involve a person’s motor skills, creativity, abstract comprehension, innovation ability, etc. While they don’t possess superpowers due to their condition, they also aren’t inherently less capable than everyone else.

What is the most expensive gift for people with dyslexia?

An iPad may be on the expensive side when it comes to gifts for people with dyslexia.

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