Todoist pricing and reviews

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Unsure if Todoist is the right task management tool for you? Check out our guide to Todoist pricing and reviews from users and experts.

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Todoist pricing and reviews

If you’re looking for a great to-do list app, Todoist is a strong option. It has become a popular task management app because of its robust feature set and ease of use.

It allows you to create task lists, set due dates and reminders, organize your tasks into projects, and even prioritize certain assignments. Plus, it integrates with a number of third-party apps, such as Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, and Slack, while also having Amazon Alexa support.

It’s also a cross-platform program. You can use it on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and even directly on the web.

This article will provide an overview of Todoist, including the app’s pricing and reviews.

What Todoist does

At its core, Todoist is a cloud-based task management software that helps students, freelancers, and small businesses to keep track of everything they need to do in one place—but it’s so much more than that.

Todoist also comes with a host of features that make it an incredibly powerful tool for any type of workflow. Let’s take a look at some of Todoist’s key features.

Collaboration tools

One of the most powerful features of Todoist is its ability to support collaboration between team members.

With Todoist, you can assign tasks to specific team members, leave comments on tasks, and even “@mention” team members in comments to get their attention.

This makes it easy to delegate tasks and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Third party integrations

Todoist integrates with several third-party apps and services, which makes it an even more powerful tool.

For example, you can connect Todoist to your email inbox to quickly add emails as tasks.

You can also connect Todoist to your calendar to see your tasks alongside your other commitments.

There are also integrations with productivity apps like Slack, Dropbox, and Zapier, which make it easy to automate repetitive tasks.


Todoist also comes with various alerts and notifications to help you stay on top of your tasks.

For example, you can set up email reminders for completed tasks, file uploads, or upcoming deadlines. You can also set up push notifications on your mobile device when someone assigns you a task.

You can even set up recurring reminders so that you never forget to do something important.

Labels and filters

You can create labels for different types of tasks, subtasks, subprojects, or even just for different areas of your life (e.g., “work” or “home”). You can also color code projects of certain tasks to make them more conspicuous.

In addition, you can use the filtering feature to quickly view all of the tasks assigned to you or all of the tasks that are due today or this week.

Project templates

Todoist provides hundreds of templates for both work and life to help you choose the one that suits your needs.

If you find yourself repeatedly creating the same types of projects (e.g., weekly reports or monthly blog posts), you can save time by creating a custom project template in Todoist.

Multiple board views

Todoist also offers multiple different views of your tasks so you can always see what you need to work on right now.

You can switch between a list view, a calendar view, and a board view which shows all of your tasks as cards that can be sorted and filtered however you want.

With Kanban boards, you can visually organize your tasks into columns and move them around as needed. This makes it easy to get a quick overview of your day’s or week’s tasks and plan what you need to do.

Intuitive user interface

Unlike some other project management software which can have confusing and complicated functionalities, the Todoist app has a very intuitive user interface that makes it easy to add, edit, and complete tasks.

If you ever need help using any of Todoist’s features, there’s a helpful tutorial section right in the app itself.

Natural language

Todoist’s task management system is based on natural language input, meaning you don’t need to learn any special commands or jargon. Just type in what you need to do, and Todoist will take care of the rest.

Todoist pricing

Todoist has a free plan that offers plenty of features to get you started.

With the free version, you can have up to 5 active projects, 5 collaborators per project, and 5 MB of file uploads. You also get 3 filters and 1 week of activity history.

If you need more than that, the pro plan might be a better option. It includes everything in the free plan, plus unlimited activity history, reminders, themes, and auto backups. It also ups the limit to 300 active projects and 25 collaborators per project.

For even more power, the Todoist business plan offers 500 active projects per member and 50 people per project. It also includes a team inbox, team billing, as well as admin and member roles.

Todoist reviews

The app has generally received positive feedback from users, with many finding it helpful for managing their tasks and keeping track of their productivity.

While some users noted that the app can be a bit overwhelming initially, others appreciated the ability to use it on multiple devices and share tasks with others.

There were a few complaints about functionality on Android devices and the lack of a time-tracking tool, but overall, users seem to find the app helpful and easy to use.

So if you’re looking for a task management tool that can help you boost your productivity, Todoist is worth checking out.

How Speechify can work with Todoist

Speechify is a text to speech program that can help take your productivity to the next level. But how can a task management app and a text to speech program work together?

You could use Speechify to convert important emails, articles, or other texts into natural-sounding audio files. Then, you can listen to these files while completing other tasks on your to-do list, such as commuting or exercising. This way, you can make better use of your time and get through more tasks in a day.

Speechify is compatible with all major platforms, including Microsoft, Apple mac, and Linux. You can also install the app on your iPhone or iPad or conveniently run the Chrome extension and use it to convert any web page into audio.

Get started with Speechify right away and discover new ways to boost your productivity.


Is there anything better than Todoist?

There are a few Todoist alternatives out there, including Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and

What are the major pros of Todoist?

Todoist is easy to use, packs many features, and is great for professional and personal use. You can also access it from any of your devices.

Is Todoist better than Evernote?

It all depends on your needs. Todoist is great for task management because it’s simple and easy to use. It’s perfect for creating to-do lists and tracking deadlines. Evernote is great for note-taking because it allows you to capture a wide variety of information (text, images, audio, etc.)

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