How to get a voice-over for corporate onboarding

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Corporate onboarding can be tough. Fortunately, you can bypass most problems with text to speech and voice-overs.

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How to get a voice-over for corporate onboarding

Corporate onboarding is often an arduous process. It takes team effort and skill, as it demands extraordinary organization and high-quality material that will accommodate all potential new employees. 

There are many ways you can ensure all the candidates are provided with all the necessary training tools. For example, you can rely on already existing material, you can hire new staff to organize everything, or you can focus on creating new content tailored specifically for the occasion.

The easiest way to make things go as smoothly as possible is to create explainer videos and tutorials that will get all the candidates up to speed with the most important details. While you can hire voice talent to do the voice-overs and guide the viewer through all the necessary information, it is much easier to rely on text to speech (TTS) tools to do the same.

Common reasons you should use a voice-over for corporate onboarding

The onboarding process can be both long and challenging for everyone involved. Providing all future candidates with individual training and assistance can also be expensive and counterproductive if there are more important tasks for your current employees to focus on.

Instead, making onboarding videos and crafting some e-learning material that can be accessed by everyone digitally is much faster and much more economical. Training videos are often short and to the point, and the viewer can easily replay everything as many times as necessary, learning at their own pace.

While you could make video content without relying on voice-overs, having someone narrate the content, too, leaves a better first impression and boosts the willingness of the target audience to engage with your brand. After all, more interactive content is always received better than dry content.

Of course, voice-overs are great not only for employee onboarding but also for advertising and social media posts. Brand-building, brand awareness, and audience retention alike depend on our ability to promote our services on digital platforms, so online corporate videos are a must.

How to find the right voice-over 

How do you get a professional voice-over, though? 

The most obvious solution is to hire voice-over artists. There are tons of freelance websites that promote voice-over work, so you can easily find talented people with all sorts of different voices looking for gigs.

Look around sites like Fiverr,, and Upwork, and check out any voice samples that catch your eye. There are folks who specialize in corporate narration, both those with male and female voices, so you’ll have plenty of potential partners from which to choose.

If you’re looking for a quicker solution, you can always use TTS programs. Tools like Speechify can help you turn any script and learning material into audio files that you can later use for your voice-overs.

Speechify supports dozens of languages, so you won’t have to worry about accommodating foreign candidates. It also features both female and male voices, as well as countless customizable options that you can use during post-production to make your voice-overs stand out.

Text to speech

Using TTS for narration voice-overs is relatively straightforward and, most importantly, quick. What makes TTS programs so reliable are their machine learning algorithms that can produce authentic, pleasant voices every time. All you need to do is prepare a script or use an existing template you can import while using the program, and the AI voices of your choice will narrate it for you.

Voice-over actor 

Using a voice actor, on the other hand, is complicated. Even if we ignore all the hours you’ll have to spend browsing Linkedin and hunting for that perfect voice, you’ll still lose a lot of time in the studio. Nailing the script down and getting all the minute details right is hard work, especially when you’re aiming for highly professional video production and engaging content that will show your potential partners and customers that you mean business.

Benefits of using a voice-over in corporate onboarding 

If you’re still unsure which path to take, and should you need more convincing to take either one of them, we’ve broken down the benefits of each to help you make up your mind.

TTS is more adaptable

TTS tools are mini studios that you can fit in your pocket. They have plenty of customizable settings and functionality features that will let you be as creative as you want. That also means they’re highly flexible software, being able to adapt and accommodate anyone’s needs. While some voice actors have insane range, you still might need to hire more of them if your project suddenly takes an unexpected turn. That is not the case with TTS tools since they can adapt to anything.

TTS is cheaper

Hiring professional voice actors is by no means cheap. Even if you look for freelancers, those with better portfolios will have higher rates than the competition. If you end up having to spend a lot of hours working on your content, your bill will get blown out of proportion. With TTS, on the other hand, you won’t have such issues.

TTS tools are mobile

When we say TTS tools are mobile, we mean you can take them with you wherever you go. Most of them come as Android and iOS apps and they work on all major desktop OSs, so you can work on your voice-overs even on the go, tweaking things constantly. For obvious reasons, you can’t do that with voice actors.

Voice actors sound more natural

While TTS tools are really sophisticated nowadays, they will obviously never sound as real as an actual human being. Sure, you won’t be able to tell that those synthetic voices are done by an AI just by listening to them, but subconsciously, you might notice it. For the most realistic AI voices, try Speechify for free.

Voice actors are recognizable

When you hire a good voice actor, someone who’s built a reputation for themselves, your content will immediately draw more attention. That’s obviously not the case when you rely on TTS apps. If you’re working on a once-in-a-lifetime project, you might want to rely on a professional with a lot of experience.

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