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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Alternatives on June 27, 2022
Read Aloud is one of the most popular text to speech tools available. Learn more about pricing options and alternatives.

    Read Aloud pricing

    In today’s digitally-driven landscape, accessing and comprehending information is not just about reading; it’s about listening too. Read Aloud emerges as one of many text to speech tools, ensuring content is accessible to a broader audience, including those with learning disabilities. But as with most technological tools, pricing becomes a crucial factor in adoption. In this article, we will delve deep into the Read Aloud’s cost structure and features, as well as explore an alternative, providing potential users a comprehensive guide to making an informed decision.

    About Read Aloud

    Checking out web stores on the internet means that you’ve surely come across Read Aloud text to speech. Read Aloud is capable of converting anything into text, whether it be docs, news articles, social media posts or web pages. This makes the app great for multitasking, auditory learners, and those with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, and vision impairments.

    Read Aloud features

    Despite it being an older text to speech app, Read Aloud offers multiple features that can still be relevant today. Let’s peel back the layers of this innovative software and delve deep into its suite of capabilities to see if it fits your needs.

    Voices galore

    Read Aloud is enriched with over 40 voices from esteemed platforms like Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, and Microsoft. This diverse range offers users a palette of sounding voices, catering to different languages and tones.

    Browser extension

    The tool isn’t confined to a web app; there’s an extension for web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Once added-on, it seamlessly integrates with your browsing experience.

    TTS website

    The Read Aloud website provides a direct portal for users to input their text and receive a voice over. However, it’s a little outdated and feels like the early 2000s for most users.

    Customizable experience

    Users can change voices, adjust reading speed, and pitch, ensuring a tailored audio experience.

    Text highlighting

    As the TTS runs, Read Aloud highlights the corresponding text, aiding in comprehension and focus.

    Read Aloud pros

    Read Aloud, while not as advanced as other text to speech software, offers some advantages to its users. Here’s a breakdown of how Read Aloud features can enhance user experience and accessibility:

    1. Extension compatibility: Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, enabling a wide range of laptop users.
    2. Customizable voice: You can easily switch and change the voice to your liking, as well as tweak its pitch and speed.
    3. Open-source: For the tech-savvy, Read Aloud is open-source, which means the ability to view the code, understand its inner workings, and potentially contribute.
    4. Text highlighting: Read Aloud’s text highlighting can enhance the reading experience, especially beneficial for those using it as a learning tool.

    Read Aloud cons

    As with any technology, Read Aloud has some drawbacks. Here are the top disadvantages of the text to speech platform:

    1. Lacks a mobile app: Read Aloud lacks an iOS or Android mobile app, limiting its usability on mobile devices.
    2. No offline listening: You need to be connected to the web browser to use it.
    3. Support constraints: The support is primarily through an email form, which some users have found to be slower than desired. The platform also lacks tutorials and FAQs.

    Read Aloud pricing

    While Read Aloud offers a plethora of features for free, there is a catch in pricing. If users opt for premium voices from IBM, Amazon Polly, or Microsoft, there might be in-app purchases or add-ons that are not transparently listed. It’s essential for potential subscribers to check and understand these costs to avoid unexpected expenses.

    Speechify – #1 Read Aloud alternative

    While Read Aloud has its merits, Speechify sets itself apart by offering dedicated TTS apps for both iOS and Android, ensuring accessibility no matter the device. Its powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability means users can effortlessly scan physical documents and instantly transform them into audible content. With a cutting-edge API, top-tier speech recognition and synthesis technology, and a wide array of features, Speechify is not just a text to speech solution; it’s a game-changer for auditory learners, professionals, and anyone in-between. Explore its 130+ voices today and sign up for Speechify for free.

    In conclusion: Is Read Aloud worth it?

    While Read Aloud offers a commendable and customizable service, especially for dyslexics and those with learning disabilities, its pricing model and lack of offline capabilities might deter some users. When weighing options, it’s wise to consider both its features and constraints against other players in the market, like Speechify. Whatever the choice, the rise of such speech software continues to make the digital world more inclusive.


    How do I get Google to read out loud?

    Whenever your Android phone’s browser displays a web article, you can say, “Hey, Google, read it” or “Hey, Google, read this page.” It will read aloud the content of the page immediately. To help you follow along, the browser will also automatically scroll the page at the voice’s reading speed.

    Is there an app that will read a book out loud?

    TalkBack is a great screen reading option for Android devices.

    How do I get Gmail to read out loud?

    To hear text read aloud on Gmail you can use Speechify.

    How can I transcribe a podcast?

    You can use Speechify Transcription, an AI transcription SaaS platform, to effortlessly transcribe any audio file.

    What is the difference between NaturalReader and Speechify?

    Speechify offers more lifelike voice options than NaturalReader, allowing for more use cases.

    What are the use cases of text to speech software?

    Text to speech software, or out loud readers, are utilized for aiding individuals with visual or reading impairments, facilitating content consumption while multitasking, converting written content into audio for e-learning, enhancing accessibility on digital platforms, and providing voice overs for various multimedia projects.

    How does Speechify help dyslexic high school students?

    Speechify empowers dyslexic high school students by converting written content into audio, allowing them to process information audibly, thereby bypassing reading challenges and enhancing comprehension.

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