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From shattering language barriers to boosting productivity, Speechify is a macOS-compatible app with versatile functionality. Let's break it down.

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Speechify for Mac

If you’ve used Google Translate, you have already interacted with text to speech technology. Converting digital text into computer-generated audio isn’t a new concept. However, many TTS readers only perform essential functions.

Speechify is a different TTS reader. Developed by Cliff Weitzman, a dyslexic, Speechify Inc. is dedicated to helping people with similar reading difficulties.

From shattering language barriers to boosting productivity, Speechify is a macOS-compatible app with versatile functionality.

Maximize productivity with Speechify for macOS

Let’s review some of its main features to understand why Speechify is so helpful. It does more than assist users with reading disabilities.

  • Speed – Speed is the name of the game when it comes to productivity. You can use the Mac desktop app to read digital text aloud at up to nine times the average reading speed. The playback speed is under your control, whether you want to listen to an English or Portuguese text.

  • Multiple app integrations – People use many communication channels and apps to manage everything from leisure activities to workloads. Speechify offers support for third-party apps like Slack, Gmail, Google Drive, and others. Therefore, you can read the morning news while listening to your emails and scanning for urgent notifications.

  • Voice fluidity – Speechify is a TTS artificial intelligence reader with multiple human-like voices, including the official voice of supporter Gwyneth Paltrow, available in its library. Voice fluidity and diversity are essential to boost the user’s understanding of the text and help them memorize more information.

  • Text highlighting – Productivity has to do with more than multitasking. To be a productive learner, you must improve your language comprehension and decoding skills. The active text highlighting feature will enable you to follow the narration on your Mac’s screen in real-time at various speeds. It’s arguably the most powerful functionality for dyslexic users.

Options of Speechify for Mac

You can get Speechify on your Mac in one of two ways, depending on how you prefer to install third-party applications.

Safari extension

One of the fastest ways to get Speechify on your Mac is to download it from the official website. Each version of Speechify has a standalone installer. Thus, you can get the DMG installer directly from the website.

From there, it’s simple to open the Apple disk image file and follow the instructions.

Installing a Safari extension should be easy work for any long-time macOS user. However, here’s what you need to know if you’re new to Apple devices.

There are two crucial actions – installing and enabling the extension in the Safari browser.

Go to the main browser menu and click the “Safari Extensions” option.


Secondly, you want to browse the App Store for Speechify, the #1 rated text to speech app in the App Store for iOS devices.

Then you can download and install the Speechify extension as instructed on-screen.

The next important step is to ensure the plugin isn’t disabled in the browser. Otherwise, you can’t start turning your documents and web pages into speech.

Go to the “Preferences” menu in Safari. Navigate to the extensions tab and click on the checkbox next to Speechify. If it turns blue, it means Speechify is active.

How to use Speechify on Mac

Here’s what you need to know if you want to install the Speechify text to speech app using the DMG image.

Move the file into the “Applications” folder on your Mac. Click “Open” when running it for the first time. Then, go to the “Accessibility” menu on your device and enable Speechify to have complete software functionality.

For seamless operation, it’s best to automatically set the app to check for the latest version.

With the app installed, sign in using your Speechify account. Go to the toolbar and open the app. Pick from the over 150 voices and your native or second language. Set a speed and instantly increase your productivity by listening to digital text.


As a Speechify user, you can improve your Mac user experience. Many people use TTS readers to narrate emails, read online articles, and perform other simple tasks, but Speechify lets you do even more.

Scan books

Take things further and upload your physical library into Speechify. Thanks to the OCR technology that processes text from illustrations and screenshots, you can scan books off your bookshelf into the app and convert them into MP3 or WAV audio formats.


Use Speechify to save time and listen to the latest news articles instead of straining your eyes. It takes seconds to set up the app to read aloud a digital text file and minutes to notice improvements in your dyslexia reading skills.

Whether on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, Speechify has the high-quality natural-sounding voices you need to make book reading an immersive experience.

Get Speechify today and try it for free on a Mac or mobile device.


Is Speechify only on Apple?

Speechify isn’t an Apple-exclusive ADHD and dyslexia TTS reader. It also works on Android and Microsoft Windows devices.

How do I use Speechify in Google Chrome?

You can install Speechify in Google Chrome by downloading the extension in the Google Play store.

How do I buy Speechify?

You can buy Speechify from the official website or through the registration process available within each app version.

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