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Speechify vs Google Speech Services

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If you’re new to the TTS app world, you may be surprised to learn that there are several app formats and program options. We will compare Speechify to Google Speech Services to determine which option is best.

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Using a text-to-speech (TTS) app can be a smart way to get the information that you need in less time, or to help you boost your learning and comprehension. Many people who are auditory learners find that using a TTS app helps them boost their productivity and confidence in retaining new knowledge.

If you’re new to the TTS app world, you may be surprised to learn that there are several app formats and program options (Speechify, Speech Services by Google, Amazon Polly, Voice Dream Reader, and more) that can help you translate your text information and web pages into easy-to-listen-to audio files. Here, we’ll take a look at the differences between the TTS app Speechify and Speech Services by Google, helping you to decide which option is the best text-to-speech app for your needs.

What are the differences between Speechify and Speech Services by Google?

Speechify is an app that is able to translate many types of files into audio files, including HTML files, web pages, Microsoft Word docs, PDFs, and more. Speech Services by Google doesn’t read uploaded documents, rather, it reads the information on the screen of a phone into a language selected by a user.

While Speech Services by Google can be a good fit for occasionally reading websites or audiobooks out loud, many users who utilize text-to-speech apps find that Speechify is a better fit for their needs, as it can translate a larger number of types of documents to read text aloud, and has the ability to sync files across multiple devices.

Speechify summary

Speechify is an easy-to-use text to speech app that provides users with natural-sounding AI voices to help them get the information they need in a more convenient, simple way than having to spend hours reading or hunched over a computer.

Speechify offers natural-sounding voices, as it uses a deep database of voice units that allow the app to create voices similar to human speech. This natural reader can make it easy for users to focus on the information they’re working to learn, rather than focusing on a robotic voice or inflection and pronunciation changes that make it hard to stay on track.

Speech Services by Google summary

Speech Services by Google reads any web page to its user. Android phones typically come with the option to enable Speech Services already selected.

Speech Services works in many languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese. Many users enjoy using Speech Services to hear websites read aloud, as the voices provided by Speech Services are natural-sounding.

Speechify details

Speechify offers text to speech services for iOS devices (including Mac computers), Android devices, and can be installed on PCs and Google Chromebooks using a Chrome Extension. Users love that their Speechify library automatically syncs across their devices, making it easy for them to get the audio files they need whether they’re at home, at work, or on the go.

Speechify is popular with users for a number of reasons. Busy professionals love that they’re able to get more done in less time by listening to reports, emails, and documents while they’re working on other things (or stuck on a long commute). Students love that they’re able to scan photos of their textbooks and have it read aloud to them, or listen to research studies and websites online, so they can get the information they need in less time. Many people with learning disabilities (like dyslexia and ADHD) benefit from Speechify’s services, as it can help speed up the time that it takes to retain information typically only available through written text files.

People who are learning new languages also find Speechify helpful, as the app is able to create audio files in many different languages. Whether you want to upload text in English, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, or another language, Speechify has you covered. When you upload a document or other text file in the language that you’re working to learn, Speechify will create an audio file in the written language. Many language learners find that listening to audio of their new language makes it easier to create an immersive learning experience, resulting in higher retention and faster learning.

Speech Services by Google details

Speech Services by Google is a simple aspect of Android devices, and many users find that it makes life easier. Instead of spending time reading information on apps or spending time reading an article on a website, users are able to simply enable Speech Services and have the information read aloud.

Speech Services by Google uses a WaveNet to generate speech. This software was created by DeepMind, a company in the UK. The company was acquired by Google in 2014. WaveNet uses a different type of text to speech technology than Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. People tend to prefer the audio produced by WaveNet to audio produced by other technologies.

Speechify videos

If you’re new to Speechify, you’ll want to take a look at their YouTube channel to help you get all the tutorials you need to get the most out of the app. Whether you’re using Speechify to manage learning disabilities or to boost productivity, watching a few quick tutorials will make it simple for you to get the hang of the TTS app’s functionality.

Ready to get started with the Speechify app for the first time? Whether you’re doing the free version trial or you’re ready to go all in, your first step is downloading the app from Google Play on Android or the App Store on iOS systems. Learn how to get Speechify on your devices here.

Want to convert a PDF from your iCloud drive using Speechify? Uploading is easy. Check out this quick video for a how-to guide.

If you use Dropbox instead of iCloud, it’s still just as easy to add PDF files to your Speechify library, so the app can convert them into audio. Watch this video to learn how it’s done.

Getting an error message while using your Speechify TTS app? Don’t stress–there’s an easy fix that will have you up and running with your favorite text to speech reader in no time. Learn more about Speechify error messages here.


Is there something better than Speechify?

When it comes to finding the right text to speech app to meet your accessibility needs, boost your reading speed, and let you listen to different audio files in different languages, there’s nothing on the market that’s better than Speechify. With the ability to sync your library across multiple devices, provide you with the natural-sounding voices you need to stay focused, and customizable options to create a unique text-to-speech software experience, Speechify is your go-to source for all of your voiceover, epub, and transcription needs.

How much does Speechify cost monthly?

Speechify offers a free text to audio trial. After the free trial, users pay $7.99 per month to continue accessing the high-quality service. Many users find that the boost in productivity they get from using the app to listen to their text files is well worth the trade off of paying $7.99 per month.

Should I use Speechify?

If you’re not already using Speechify, you’re missing out. Speechify allows you to take any text file and convert it to audio. Whether you’re working with Microsoft Word docs, PDF files, Google Drive docs, websites, emails, books, or scanned images, Speechify allows you to get the information you need on the go, no matter what platform you’re using (the app and website work on Mac, iOS, Android, Microsoft, and Google Chrome devices). Many users also love that Speechify automatically syncs user libraries across multiple devices. This means that it’s simple for users to begin listening to a file at work and pick up right where they left off when they get home.

Can Speechify read anything?

Pretty much. With extensions for both Google Chrome and Safari, as well as iOS and Android apps, it’s easy to use Speechify to read any text file or information that you pull from your web browser. With Speechify, you’ll get your text transcript turned into an easy-to-understand audio file with lifelike, natural-sounding speech, every time. Cool feature with Speechify: if you need to read a textbook or other material printed on paper, you can take a photo with your phone, upload the photo to your Speechify app, and the app will translate the text in the photo into an audio file.

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