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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Speech Synthesis on November 09, 2022
Have you ever wondered how to text from a laptop? These services make it easy. Choose the one that works best for you and start texting from your laptop today.

    Text from laptop

    Do you use your laptop for work or school every day? If so, perhaps it’s distracting to pick up your phone to check for new messages all the time. You may hear notifications from the phone and feel inclined to get up from your desk.

    However, there’s a simple solution to that problem. You can send SMS messages from your laptop instead and leave your iPhone or Android phone in another room.

    You can send text messages from your laptop or PC in several ways. In many instances, mobile service providers have nifty solutions. With this functionality, you can send texts from your email account or use a dedicated phone service. Let’s break it down.

    How to send texts from your laptop

    Fortunately, users have many options for sending SMS from their laptops. Not every solution will work for you, but a few will likely do the job well.

    Furthermore, the service users choose might depend on other features they want and if the specific service includes it.

    Let’s take a closer look at five ways to send text messages from a computer.

    The Microsoft Phone Link app

    Windows users have an excellent solution for sending texts from a laptop. The Microsoft Phone Link desktop app has been around for a while. However, that’s a relatively new name. Microsoft renamed the old Your Phone app to Microsoft Phone Link.  

    To use the Phone Link app on a Windows laptop and send SMS, you must have an Android phone, Samsung, or another brand. The Your Phone app doesn’t support iOS, but it can work with Mac computers. Furthermore, if you don’t already have the Phone Link app on your laptop, you can get it free from the Microsoft Store.

    Once you install the app, make sure you download the Your Phone companion from the Google Play Store for your Android device too. Sending an SMS is effortless. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Launch the Phone Link app and select the Messages app.

    2. Click on the existing conversation or select “New message.”

    3. Type the message and click “Send.”


    If you’re an iPhone user, sending an iMessage from your Mac has always been simple, but if you have never used this feature before, we’ll provide a brief setup tutorial:

    1. Open the Messages app on your Mac and enter your Apple ID.

    2. Go to “Messages,” followed by “Settings.”

    3. Select “iMessages” and “Settings” again.

    4. Choose “Enable Messages in iCloud.”

    Next time you launch the Messages app on your Mac, you can start texting from your laptop. Also, don’t forget that Android messages will appear in green, as they do on your iPhone.

    Use vtext.com

    Many people choose Verizon as their mobile service provider. If you have an account with them, you can use vtext.com, the short messaging system, to send texts.

    Here’s how to use it:

    1. Open your email inbox. Gmail or any other works.

    2. Start writing a new email with up to 140 characters.

    3. In the recipient’s email field, enter a 10-digit phone number. Don’t use dashes.

    4. Enter “vtext.com” after the phone number.

    5. Click “Send.”

    If you’re an AT&T user, you can try the same system by adding “txt.att.net” or “mms.att.net” for multimedia messages. Sprint users must add “messaging.sprintpcs.com” and T-Mobile requires users to enter “tmomail.net.”

    Remember that using these services, you can’t add media like GIFs and pictures.

    Google Voice

    Business owners may need to send text messages from a laptop as it saves them a ton of time. Google Voice is an excellent solution as it offers unlimited text messaging for U.S. and Canadian citizens with phone numbers.

    Google Voice is also available for personal use and allows you to transcript voicemails, personalized greetings, and much more. You can even use this platform to block unwanted spam messages. To use Google Voice from your laptop to send messages, you need a Wi-Fi connection and access to a valid phone number provided by carriers.


    If sending an SMS is not enough, consider using the WhatsApp desktop app. You must have WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android phone first. Connecting your WhatsApp app to a legit phone number is vital.

    All you need to do is go to WhatsApp’s official website and download the desktop app. Then you’ll need to use a QR code on your phone to access existing contacts and messages. With WhatsApp, you can create group texts, send images and videos, and write much longer messages.

    Speechify – Read your text messages aloud using your laptop

    Texting from your computer is super convenient. However, what would make it even better is having a text to speech tool to read your SMS messages aloud. With Speechify, a reliable text to speech tool, you can listen to all your text messages while you’re busy tending to other matters.

    By using Speechify online from your Mac or Windows laptop, you never have to bother reading texts but can listen to them instead. Speechify is also available for iOS and Android devices and as a Chrome web browser extension. You can try Speechify for free today and listen to your text messages using voice overs and ai voices.


    Can you send a text message from a laptop?

    Yes, you can send a text message from a laptop or PC. You will need a valid phone number and access to one of the services that support this functionality. Wireless carriers like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T support this option, but you can also use a phone service app like Google Voice.

    What does it mean to text from a laptop?

    It means you’re sending an SMS message via your computer instead of your mobile phone. For some people, this is a much more convenient option.

    What is a text message?

    It is any type of message containing text sent from one device to another. Most commonly, people exchange text messages via cell phones. It is a convenient way to communicate without being vulnerable to scams like the Vzwpix.com email virus.

    How many mobile providers let you text from your laptop?

    Most major mobile service providers support the feature. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint are among the leading names in the industry with this functionality.

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