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Text to speech bots in business

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Are text to speech bots as good as the companies that make them advertise? Here’s how TTS bots can boost your business.

Text to speech bots in business

Text to speech bots have taken the business world by storm recently. It’s a natural step up over the traditional chatbots.

But are text to speech bots as good as the companies that make them advertise? Here’s what you need to know about TTS implementation and chatbots.

What are text to speech bots and what do they do?

Text to speech bots are artificial intelligence-powered software solutions that can convert digital text used in communication channels into audio.

These bots may use various technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR) to decode and understand written language in multiple mediums and turn it into a high-quality narration.

But unlike traditional TTS software, TTS bots are often client-side tools. That means businesses can install and configure the bots for optimal user interaction.

How text to speech bots can be used in business and marketing

Voice bots can do a lot to improve the customer experience. Therefore, the recent surge in TTS bot usage isn’t surprising.

Here are some implementations for voice bots software in business and marketing:

  • Branding – Using human voices instead of traditional chatbots helps companies create a more interactive experience for their customers. People interacting with bots develop stronger relationships with brands, positively affecting sales and conversions.
  • Optimizing e-commerce sales channels – The world of e-commerce relies on solid customer interactions. But the digital space and lack of in-person contact can make everything feel too transactional for users. TTS bots enable companies to use conversational commerce and offer users a more personalized and pleasant shopping experience.
  • Exceptional customer service – Many top companies worldwide have already implemented chatbots as part of their customer service response. But TTS bots take customer service to a new level. They can provide automated, personalized, and more competent AI-driven answers. Essentially, customers and clients can get better solutions faster.
  • Internet of Things integration – Smart text to speech bots can simplify using devices connected to the Internet of Things with deeper conversational AI interactions and voice recognition capabilities.
  • Financial perks – Implementing a reliable TTS bot system in the customer service department enables businesses to keep a smaller payroll and save money. Additionally, they can do it without sacrificing their 24/7 availability.

Examples of businesses that are using text to speech bots

Several large companies use text to speech bots and conversational AI technology to supercharge their branding and improve customer service interactions.

  • Amazon – The world’s leading e-commerce platform uses Amazon Lex, an offshoot of Alexa, to create conversational interfaces that combine text and voices.
  • Johnnie Walker – Renowned whiskey manufacturer Johnny Walker has a partnership with Amazon Alexa. The voice bot feature serves employees and customers alike, streamlining many processes and adding more automation to the business. In addition, the bot offers tutorials, guides, and recipes to customers who want more information about the brand and its products.
  • Dominos – The U.S.-based pizza chain is deep into revamping its ordering system with voice bots and a virtual assistant named Dru. It streamlines the ordering system, ensuring higher accuracy and faster replies to customer questions.

The benefits of using text to speech bots

There are four main reasons to consider adding a text to speech bot to your personal or company website.

1. Improve communication with voice channels

Voice bots can increase communication speed significantly. Machine learning algorithms quickly process text and voice messages and can identify the response the customers need.

Due to real-time processing, businesses can reduce customer wait times and unnecessary chat pauses.

2. Create a better user experience

Talking instead of typing is much easier for customers, especially mobile device users. Advanced text to speech bots can convert speech into text, process the information, and reply using a natural-sounding voice.

Customers get their answers in real-time and feel as if guided by a knowledgeable customer service representative.

3. Simplify navigation

Website navigation, especially around self-help sections, isn’t always fun. Even the most efficient web designs still involve a fair deal of browsing and going through several links.

Voice bots can redirect users to specific pages faster by processing complex queries and offering accurate directions. As a result, customers, clients, and prospects can quickly find what they need, interact with the brand easily and save time.

While simple navigation benefits everyone, it impacts visually impaired users even more.

4. Optimize customer interactions

Text to speech bots can interact with users 24/7. So, naturally, businesses can take advantage of remote workers from different time zones to ensure someone is always online and ready to assist.

But voice bots enable companies to set up a 24/7 customer service desk without additional payroll expenses. Besides, bots can connect users with human representatives if the questions are too complex.

Speechify – text to speech application with realistic voices

Text to speech bots are only as good as the speech recognition software that powers them. Speechify uses some of the best deep learning algorithms for its speech synthesis software.

The Speechify speech service can deliver high-quality notifications using custom voices with human-like qualities. It also supports multiple languages and allows in-depth playback configuration to improve voice channel interactions in contact centers and user interfaces.

It’s a reliable solution for workflow optimization and improving the user experience for company employees and customers.

If you want to see what Speechify can do for your business, try it for free, check the pricing, and identify the best use cases for your business.


Is there a text to speech Discord bot?

A Discord channel can use the built-in text to speech feature to convert text messages into audio using a custom voice or Speechify.

How do you add text to speech bots on Discord?

Adding text to speech on Discord requires users to enable the “Text-to-Speech Notifications” from the “User Settings” menu. Then, users must turn on the “Allow playback & usage of the /TTS command” in the “Text & Images” menu. Other users won’t hear your TTS messages unless they also turn on the read-aloud feature.

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