Voice over generator for Apple Pages

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Learn how to add a voice over to Apple Pages and the benefits of adding voice overs.

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Voice over generator for Apple Pages

Apple Pages is a robust word processor that lets Apple users create beautiful text documents. Consider Pages as a canvas for creativity where you can access all the right tools for creating personalized texts and documents.

The app is pre-installed on all devices, including Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

The Pages feature is not just your regular word processor. It comes with many features that we’ll discuss in more detail in this article.

What can you create in Apple Pages?

Apple Pages makes working with text simple, easy, and fun. Using a simple interface app, you can create any text document, including an essay, presentation, report, or anything else.

The text documents in Pages can include media of all types, like images, charts, audio, movies, and shapes. You can even draw in the app on an iPad if you have the Apple Pencil and even if you lack a pencil, you can use your fingers to draw.

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Word, you’ll find that Pages is a much more simplified processor than the once Windows-default app. Everything is more straightforward in Pages, including adding voice overs.

Why add a voice over to Apple Pages?

Adding a voice over to any text document, including Apple Pages, comes with many benefits.

Brings the text to life

A voice over makes it so much easier to create professional documents. If you aim to tell a story, you want to capture the reader. High-quality text to speech software can help you raise curiosity and attract listeners to the content.

Creates authority and trust

Documents with voice overs promote trust and authority. They show the receiver that you’re willing to invest in your work and keep your standards high.

For example, your presentation must leave an impression if you’re selling a service. A voice over feature acts as reassurance and creates a trusting audience.

Time and money-saving

You may think it’d be more affordable to have a friend or family member read your document. But when you use a professional voice over AI-backed voice, you can tailor the intonation, speed, stress, and accent however you like.

These services will also save you money and time on multiple recording sessions with real-life voice actors.

Improves readability

The task can be overwhelming if you have people with reading issues who will see your document. Maybe they are visually impaired or have dyslexia or other disabilities. A voice over makes the content easier to grasp and can help reduce reader anxiety from decoding the content.

Emotional engagement

A voice over adds passion and emotion to a text document. It adds a flow and presents details with perfect sense, pauses, and mood.

How to add basic audio to Apple Pages

Users can add audio files to their Pages document with ease.

Note that all audio files you add must be in a QuickTime-supported format. This includes .mp3 and .wav files.

To add an audio file, follow one of the steps below:

  • Drag the .mp3 or .wav file from your computer onto the media placeholder. Alternatively, drop the file anywhere you want it on the document.

  • Click on the image icon from the toolbar. Hit the “Music” section, and drag a file to your media placeholder or anywhere else on the page.

Note that either of the steps above will work.

Tip: You can search for music files by clicking on the magnifying glass in the media window’s upper right-hand corner. The media will begin after you hit the “Play” button on the document.

Speechify – The powerful voice over generator

Now that you know how to add audio files to Page documents, you need software to create that audio file in the first place. Whether you want to record an explanation or a tutorial or add a voice over to a chart or table, you can use Speechify.

Speechify is one of the best text to speech apps (TTS) that can read aloud any text document and transform it into an audio file or a podcast.

This free text to speech software works in different languages and is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web pages. It also supports Google Drive and Docs files, Word documents, text files, ePub documents, and other text file formats.

Users can enjoy reading their favorite content in different voices in real-time thanks to the speech synthesis functionality.

The voice generator feature by Speechify lets you create natural-sounding voice overs for all content.

Using Speechify’s Voice Generator is a breeze. Type in the text you want to hear spoken, pick a male or female voice, adjust the listening speed, and press “Generate.” Download the voice over as a .wav or .mp3 file and add it to any .txt or other file format, and you’ll be good to go.

Any audio file you create, you can easily add to your Apple Pages document.

Try Speechify for free

Speechify has a robust free package, but you can also try a premium option with access to more features. Convert text with this natural reader into your Android or iOS device with a few simple steps. With Speechify, adding the voice over functionality to your document won’t be any more complicated than adding an image or a chart.

Whether you’re a Mac OS X, Windows, or mobile device user, you can try Speechify for free starting today. Head to the official website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


How do you do a VoiceOver on Pages?

You can use VoiceOver, the built-in Mac feature that allows using your Mac without seeing the screen. You can use pre-designed templates with charts, images, and placeholder data to add your content. Press the “Command + F5” shortcut to start the VoiceOver program.

How do you do voice overs on a Mac?

You can do voice overs on a Mac with the help of third-party software like Speechify. Use it as a desktop app or a browser extension and add voice overs to any Mac document.

Are there templates for Apple Pages?

Apple Pages has over 90 Apple-designed templates, letters, reports, and other documents.

How do I change text to speech voice in Pages?

If you use Mac Spoken Content voices, you can change the voice in the System Preferences “Accessibility” section and choose a voice from the “System Voice” pop-up.vo. 

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