Can you read and listen to Audible at the same time? Discover the answer that can help you with immersion reading.

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Can you read and listen to Audible at the same time?

Amazon’s Audible is among the leading audiobook services. People worldwide use Audible subscriptions to listen to new books in various genres, from fantasy and thriller bestsellers to non-fiction books and even podcasts.

While listening to audiobooks is a great pastime, some readers might prefer an advanced option: reading and listening to the same title simultaneously. This practice is called immersion reading. If you’re interested in learning more, this article will tell you how to employ the technique using Audible.

Use Audible immersion reading

Audible has a feature called immersion reading. This function allows Audible audiobook listeners to read along using either a Kindle app or dedicated Kindle e-readers. Furthermore, immersion reading will enable you to highlight portions of the text in real-time as you listen to the book.

Although this feature is quite useful, you should understand several facts about it to know what to expect from Audible immersion reading.

First, immersion reading isn’t the same as Whispersync for Voice. The former lets you read an ebook and listen to the audiobook version simultaneously, while the latter syncs the two formats. In other words, Whispersync for Voice allows you to read on your Kindle ebook reader and pick up where you left off with the audiobook version of the same title.

It’s also worth mentioning that not all devices that feature Whispersync for Voice support immersion reading.

Second, only specific titles will be available for reading and listening at the same time. If you have a particular audiobook you want to follow with the text, it might be impossible to use immersion reading for that title.

Third, immersion reading is possible only on iOS and Android apps and select devices – 2nd-gen or higher Kindle Fire tablets. You won’t be able to use the feature, for instance, on Kindle Paperwhite.

Use Audible Narration for Kindle books

Audible Narration works similarly to immersion reading but functions the other way around. This feature downloads the Audible audiobook of the same title you’re reading on Kindle. You won’t need the Audible app to use Audible Narration.

As with immersion reading, Audible Narration isn’t available for every title. Instead, you’ll see whether a particular ebook has an accompanying audiobook while browsing the Kindle library. If a companion audiobook exists, it will be indicated by a headphones icon.

When you choose to purchase the audiobook, you’ll have the option to pay cash instead of using Audible credits. These offers can often be a better value than buying an ebook and audiobook separately.

If you already have ebooks without Audible Narration, you can check if audiobooks for the titles you own have become available. To do so, use the Scan My Library option on your Amazon account.

The benefits of reading and listening at the same time

Reading while listening is considered beneficial and may be more advantageous than doing either activity on its own.

Whether reading from an ebook or a physical book, listening to the same title can enhance the reading experience and boost your focus. These benefits are most apparent in students and learners with reading disabilities.

Combining text with audio provides better reading comprehension and may improve retention. Simply put, reading and listening help you remember more of the text than reading books without the recordings.

For book lovers, simultaneous reading and listening can provide a distraction-free experience and immerse them in the story.

Want to read and listen to other texts? Try Speechify

So far, we’ve discussed listening and reading specific titles that exist as published works. But what if you could listen to other texts while reading them – for example, valuable notes from class or a story you’re currently writing?

In that case, you can’t rely on audiobooks. However, Speechify can help you listen to every custom text.

Speechify is a powerful text to speech engine capable of reading aloud written pages, PDFs, imported documents, web pages, and even text from photos. This last function is possible due to AI-driven OCR technology.

If you want to listen along to a website, news articles, or perhaps your diary, all you need to do is activate the corresponding Speechify option. A handy Chrome extension for web pages and an app for iOS and Android devices gives you access to various features.

Better yet, Speechify comes with extensive customization options. You may choose from a variety of narrator voices and languages, as well as adjust the playback speed to fit your needs. Do you wish to go over a page faster? Ramp up the reading speed. Want to savor every word? Slow down the narration.

You can try out all these advanced features right now by uploading a sample text for free. Visit Speechify and hear the impressive text to speech engine in action.


Can you read along with Audible on iPhone?

You can read along with Audible on your iPhone if you have the Kindle app. In that case, you can use the immersion reading option to follow the ebook in question, although this feature may require subscribing to an ebook service like Kindle Unlimited.

Can you multitask while listening to audiobooks?

Multitasking is one of the advantages of listening to audiobooks. Since you have your hands free and don’t need to follow the text, you can do various tasks like house chores while listening to an audiobook. Of course, this will prevent you from listening and reading at the same time.

Can you read while listening to a different audiobook?

While reading one book and listening to another is technically possible, you likely won’t be able to devote enough attention to either title. At best, it will be possible to focus on both books for a limited period. This practice isn’t recommended as it will be counterproductive and probably end up wasting your time.

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