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Text to speech for leaders is a beneficial artificial intelligence tool that can help them inspire and work better with their teams. Learn all about it.

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Text to speech for leaders

Being a leader requires leveraging a number of tools and techniques to keep your audience engaged. Leaders rely on these assets to help inspire and work better with their teams. When it comes to reading, text to speech can be the one tool that makes reading any written text out loud a breeze.

What is a text to speech?

Text to speech (TTS) is an assistive technology tool that helps create computer-generated natural-sounding voices. Any text on a computer, including a PDF, article, e-mail, SMS message, or web page, can be transformed into an audio file using TTS.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and OCR technology, TTS software can also recognize words from printed texts like newspapers, physical documents, or study materials. The speech synthesis process takes place immediately after the user scans the image.

Text to speech has various use cases, including but not limited to:

Text to speech also comes with numerous benefits:

Makes content reading faster

Text to speech can create an audio file from any news article on the web or computer. Readers who lack time to keep up with the news can listen on the go.

Boosts productivity

TTS is multitasking-friendly. Users can listen to their e-mails while making breakfast, thus clearing their schedule for more important tasks later in the day. Moms can listen to work-related text documents while they go grocery shopping. Dads can listen to the news while fixing their child’s bicycle in the garage, and so on.

Helps with critical language skills development

Young readers and learners who still haven’t developed language skills can do so, thanks to TTS. As a human-like voice reads written words to them, the children listen to the pronunciation and notice the pauses, intonation, and other language elements.

Serves as a reading tool for people with disabilities

People with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, or visual impairments can use TTS providers to read faster. All it takes is to copy the text into the API, and they can enjoy listening without feeling overwhelmed.

How can leaders use text to speech

There are also multiple use cases for leaders when it comes to text to speech:

Making the workplace more inclusive

Assistive technology tools like TTS allow leaders to hire a more inclusive job force. People with learning disabilities, slow readers, and visually-impaired professionals can be just as productive at work as anyone else, given that they’re provided with proper tools like TTS software.

Practicing speeches

Leaders can hear their speeches as if they were said by another person using natural-sounding TTS voices. This gives them a fresh perspective on how the speech sounds and what kind of impression it leaves on the listeners.

Incorporating TTS into e-learning environments

One of the most frequent use cases for TTS is on e-learning platforms. Create voiceovers for presentations, create audio files, narrations, and podcasts, and boost learner retention by implementing simple TTS practices into your content.

Enhancing business presence

As a leader, your goal is to have your message reach different people. The TTS technology allows you to be more inclusive and share your message with a broader audience.

Good text to speech tools for leaders


NaturalReader is among the best cloud speech synthesis programs. It’s suitable for personal use and can convert any PDF, Docs, Word, or other text file into audio.

The cloud functionality means you can access your files from any device. The same goes for uploading and storing documents. Use your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive files and easily transform them into audio.


Murf is best known for its realistic voices, easy-to-use dashboard, and support for 20 languages. This text to speech reader uses voice synthesis technology to generate realistic audio files for various purposes.

The screen reader includes various tools like Voice Changer, Time Syncing, Voice Editing, and Grammar Assistant. Overall, Murf is a comprehensive program that can meet the needs of most modern-day leaders in the search for quality text to speech software.

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is Amazon’s AI tool that offers text to speech features. It’s most often used to develop apps and products requiring speech services.

Polly’s API easily integrates with all text files, including articles, documents, and similar media. Simply run the text through the API, and you’ll receive back the audio stream. The system supports various languages and hundreds of realistic voices.

Google Cloud text to speech

Google Cloud’s text to speech API is among the best fruits of Google AI tech. Best used for professional purposes, this software can help improve customer experience, engage users, and personalize business communication.

The high-fidelity speech is available in more than 220 voices and 40 languages. Users can also create custom voices to represent their brands, ideas, and organizations in a unique way.

The Google Cloud TTS charges are based on the number of characters you send to it each month.


Speechify is an all-around text to speech software that can read any text aloud. This tool is available as a mobile device app, desktop app, and browser extension. Known for its smooth user experience, Speechify can transform any digital or physical text document into an audio file.

All iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices can benefit from its services. There is a free and premium version, each packed with robust features. The premium plan offers advanced playback options, a range of natural-sounding human voice selections, note-taking tools, and more.

Speechify has helped millions of users, especially learners with reading disabilities, advance their studies and make their lives easier.

Speechify – The TTS app for leaders

Leaders can benefit from TTS software in numerous ways. Some of the perks are being more productive, multitasking, and reaching a broader audience. Programs like Speechify are incredibly simple to use and integrate with any leader’s daily activities.

Try Speechify for free today and see if it’s right for you.


What is the best text to speech?

Speechify is one of the best text to speech software. It has a free and premium version, a variety of natural-sounding voices, and plenty of other valuable features.

What is the most realistic text to speech?

Murf, Speechify, and NaturalReader are some of the most realistic text to speech readers, with Speechify providing the most lifelike voices.

Is IBM TTS free?

Users can use IBM’s TTS services for free for a limited amount of 10,000 characters per month.

Is Google TTS free?

The price for using Google’s TTS services depends on the number of characters you send monthly. There is no free character limit like with IBM and other services.

Is Microsoft TTS free?

Yes, a part of Microsoft’s TTS services are free. Users get 500,000 characters in the Neural voices for free every month.

What is the difference between text-to-speech and speech recognition?

Text to speech is an AI tool that transforms written text to speech. Speech recognition is the opposite. It converts spoken words into a text file.

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