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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Speech Synthesis on June 27, 2022
Text-to-speech apps allow you to choose custom voices with different accents to help provide you a different listening experience. Learn more.

    Text-to-speech tools and apps can offer so much. They are an excellent way to improve the accessibility of the app, and there are many different options and customizable voices you can choose from. 

    Of course, this mostly depends on the app you choose, but almost all of them offer multiple AI voices you can use. TTS software is a combination of deep learning, SSML, machine learning, and being able to get high-quality voices as a speech output is not an easy task. 

    This is why these high-performance AI speech solutions are so impressive. TTS software should not be confused with speech recognition or speech-to-text tools. 

    High quality text-to-speech voices that improve customer experiences

    Text-to-speech technology is just one of many ways of improving the accessibility of the device or web page. If you are a business owner, you should be aware of how the entire user experience can shape the future of your company. 

    As it turns out, over seventy percent of users will base their opinion on the experience with the specific brand or company. And if they had a good time, they are more likely to come back. 

    Once you add TTS tools to your page, customers will get a chance to listen to the messages on the website while multitasking. And it can be a game-changer. But this is only the beginning, and there are many other uses of TTS software. 

    You can also use IVR or interactive voice responses to create messages your customers will listen to, for outbound calls, voice-enabled chatbots, and so much more. It is also possible to find tools that offer natural-sounding voices, which will only improve the experience. 

    How to change the voice on your device

    You might be aware of the fact that the majority of devices you can find today have built-in text-to-speech software. And as a result, using the TTS tool will be different for each. At least when it comes to steps.

    The general idea is that you will open the application on your device, and start exploring what functionalities it offers. In the majority of cases, you will be able to optimize speech rate and pick something that will be comfortable for you. 

    But you can always simplify the process by downloading Speechify. Instead of worrying about how each API will work on various devices, Speechify is available on all of them. It is available on both Android and iOS. And once you download it, using it is more than simple. 

    To change TTS voices, all you need to do is open the mobile app, and click on the human voice icon (or silhouette) in the corner. This will open a new menu where you will get a chance to change the voice. 

    Of course, the best thing you can do is give every unique voice a chance and see which one suits you the best. Using Speechify is quite easy, and you can find your way around the app even without a tutorial. 

    Use a text to speech app with male and female voices

    To make apps like Speechify even more versatile, there are numerous settings and options you can check out. And this can make all the difference in the world. If you like the way one of the voices sounds, you will have a better experience. 

    The entire journey through the audiobook or podcast will be enjoyable, and you’ll keep wanting more. And this is one of the main reasons why users can choose between different synthetic voices. Everyone has their own unique taste and preferences. 

    Maybe you like hearing a female voice read the text to you. Or maybe, you would want to hear an older gentleman instead. And there are no right or wrong answers. It is completely up to you and what type of voice you enjoy listening to. 

    The only thing that matters is that Speechify has plenty of different options, and you can choose between several male and female voices. Naturally, this will only increase the chances that you will find one that you will adore. 

    It is one of the reasons why you should explore what settings have to offer. And picking the right voice can shape the way you feel about the book you are listening to, and you can continue using the same voice in the future. 

    Custom voices from different countries

    The next important thing on the list is the language. As you are probably aware, the English language has become one of the most common languages in the world. Many people use it, it is a common ground for travelers, and most importantly, it is the language of the internet. 

    So, it is only natural that you will get several options for the English language you can use. But at the same time, Speechify allows you to go for the American, British, or Australian accent, which will allow you to easily find the one you will like. 

    What is even better is that Speechify offers other languages as well. You can choose voices from fourteen different countries, including Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, German, Hebrew, and others. 

    If you are a bilingual person, this will give you a new specter of possibilities. You can practice different languages, hear the proper pronunciation, the rhythm of the language, and so much more. And there is no doubt that the number of languages will increase in the future. 

    Fun voices you can try out

    Naturally, the majority of people focus on accessibility and how useful these tools can be for e-learning, those battling with dyslexia, and other reading disabilities. The app can be used for a learning model. But Speechify can be a great source of fun as well.

    Since there are so many language options, you can enjoy trying out different scenarios, and switching voices each time you listen to a book will feel as if you were hearing it for the first time. 

    Some combinations can be hilarious and it would be quite funny to hear a child-like AI voice reading a horror story. One brilliant addition you can find on Speechify is the option to use celebrity voices. 

    Being able to pick any story or text you like and hear it read by Gwyneth Paltrow is more than impressive. And Speechify offers just that. You can choose this famous actress to be your preferred AI voice, and you will feel as if she was reading the lines. 

    The quality of artificial intelligence voices is astonishing, and it is one of many things that make Speechify the best text-to-speech app on the market. A natural-sounding speech you will hear with the app will feel as if a real person was reading the book. 


    What is the difference between text to speech and voice-over?

    Text-to-speech is a voice generator or speech synthesis software that you can use to turn any type of text into an audio file in real time. Thanks to this app, your device will be able to read the text to you. 

    VoiceOver is a different type of app that is designed to assist visually impaired people. It can read anything else that appears on the screen. VoiceOver is a way to improve accessibility, and you can find others by Microsoft, Amazon, and other popular brands. 

    What are the differences between voice-over and narration?

    Using apps such as VoiceOver is one of the ways to improve the accessibility of the app. Use cases include visually impaired users, those struggling with reading disorders, and so much more. Narration, on the other hand, is related to the story. 

    Yes, you will still hear a voice, but the voice will give you the settings of the movie or a TV show, and it is designed to enrich the story. 

    What are the benefits of text to speech?

    Text-to-speech API or TTS is designed to extend the reach of the app and improve accessibility. Whether a user is struggling with dyslexia or they are visually impaired, TTS tools can help them overcome this problem, and use the device without any issues. 

    TTS tools are also great for e-learning, especially for those who are learning a new language. It can also save time, multitask, improve workflow, and so much more. And with lifelike voices, you will enjoy every second of the audiobook. 

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