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What is an AI video generator?

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What is an AI video generator? In this article, you'll learn all about artificial intelligence video generators and how they work.

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years. Many AI tools are becoming increasingly helpful in creating engaging content for various purposes.

AI video generation tools, also known as text to video software can also offer content creators a convenient way to customize their videos through video templates and fast video creation. This can prove a valid alternative or addition to other video editing tools. It allows creators to make a wide range of personalized videos including explainer videos, tutorials, animations, and training videos.

Let’s learn what an Ai video is and how it works.

The basics of how an AI video maker works

An AI video maker can essentially be used to create videos from text that you input into the software. It uses templates, advanced machine learning, and AI technology to create professional-looking videos. There are multiple use cases for this type of software, from making  YouTube videos to making posts for social media. A text to video generator creates videos automatically using computer algorithms.

The system analyzes a script or text-based description and selects pre-existing templates, stock footage, or 3D models, as well as special effects to create video clips.

Why might you use AI to create video content?

There are multiple benefits and reasons why you may want to use AI to create video content, or even use it alongside other types of AI tools such as ChatGPT and ai art generators.

More affordable than making videos yourself

AI-generated videos can be more cost-effective than hiring a team or buying the traditional expensive video editor for content creation.

Ideal for generating video ideas

The software can help creatives with ideas for video generation with resources like stock footage, templates, and visual effects.

Convenience for the video creator

AI video generation technology can save time and effort for the video creator as it automates the process.

Accessible to beginners

AI generators are made with user experience in mind, making them perfect for helping beginners create high-quality video productions.

The best AI video generators


Synthesia logo

Synthesia videos look professional and engaging. The generative AI allows you to make videos with AI avatars in over 50 languages. It’s a great choice for businesses that need to create content but can’t afford a professional for their videos. It also analyzes content previously made by your business found on social media platforms, websites, and blogs to create relevant content. It has additional features to choose from such as a media library and extensive templates.


Invideo Logo

InVideo is a great choice because of its easy user experience. It creates professional videos in minutes with its templates. Simply input your text, choose a template, and then download it when finished. InVideo also allows you to directly share your video on social media. The customizations are good for many video types including promos, slideshows, and presentations.


Lumen5 Logo

Lumen5 is an AI video generator that specializes in creating aesthetic content for your business marketing and brand. It focuses on making engaging stories with subtitles and background music narrated by a naturally sounding AI voice. Simply feed the tool a script and text prompts while it selects the perfect layouts, ideal backgrounds, and fonts to create captivating content for your brand.

Designs AI Logo

This is an AI-powered graphic design and video creation tool that uses advanced algorithms to generate customized designs and video content. It offers a range of templates, stock footage, and audio tracks, and allows users to create high-quality videos and graphics without prior experience or expertise. You input the text, choose the language, select the industry, and also the voice.


Pictory Logo

Pictory specializes in taking longer videos and shortening them so that they can fit different social media websites. This way, you don’t have to waste time editing your larger videos so that they can fit social media formats. It makes them bite-sized, engaging, and readily sharable.

Add voiceovers to your videos with text to speech technology

Video productions are made from many elements. A good voiceover generator such as Speechify is essential to make your videos engaging and attractive. Speechify uses text to speech ai technology to produce naturally sounding voiceovers for any project you’re working on. It shortens the time-consuming task of creating one yourself. Simply put in the words and Speechify will give you a naturally sounding voiceover. You can adjust the reading speed and choose from a variety of accents and voices. Give Speechify a try for voiceovers that will help you make high-quality videos for any project.


Is there a free AI video generator?

Yes, there are some free AI video generators available online, but the features and quality may be limited compared to paid versions.

How is AI used in the video?

AI is used in video to automate tasks such as video editing, captioning, and scene recognition. It can also be used to generate video content, analyze user engagement, and improve the overall viewing experience.

How does AI video technology work?

AI video technology works by using machine learning algorithms to analyze video content and extract relevant features such as objects, people, and scenes. This data is then used to create new videos or enhance existing ones.

What is the difference between AI and machine learning?

AI is a broad term that refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines, while machine learning is a subset of AI that focuses on enabling machines to learn and improve from data without being explicitly programmed.

How are AI generators different from human-created videos?

AI generators are different from human-created videos in that they are automated and rely on algorithms to generate content. Human-created videos, on the other hand, require creative input, editing, and decision-making from a human creator.

Will AI video generators replace human content creators?

While AI video generators can be useful in certain contexts, such as creating simple marketing videos or automating repetitive tasks, they are unlikely to completely replace human content creators. Human creativity, intuition, and emotional intelligence are still essential for producing high-quality and engaging video content.

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