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Speechify is the #1 Text-to-Speech reading tool in the world. Power through docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – by listening with our text-to-speech reader. Read more easily, remember more of what you read, multitask, and improve your reading speed. Used by 20M people. Try for Free cost is free but you can become a VIP. The monthly subscription fee is $14.95/month. Other subscription plans are also available.

Table of Contents Cost is an app you can use on most Android and iOS devices to stream or download audiobooks and podcasts. They have a monthly membership where you can have access to the book club selections. With their new updates, you can start listening on your phone, pick up where you left off to listen while you do your homework, and then finish on Your iPad while your family drives to dinner. In addition, library offers a free podcast service; you can choose from over one hundred million podcasts to stream anytime you like. 


The Cost of 

While you can use for free, you can become a VIP and be able to select from VIP books and VIP rewards and get one free every month. After the trial period, the monthly subscription fee is $14.95/month. There are other subscription plans available to choose from as well. When you sign up for the 30-day risk-free trial, you get access to everything and three free books. They have a mobile app, just search for the app in the app store.

If you buy a book on the free trial with the credit, they offer it’s yours to keep if you cancel during the trial period. members and can use it for different things. For example, you can use your credit to join an “Audiobook club.” Audiobooks offer various clubs for different genres, romance, thriller, sci-fi, health/wellness, and so many more. Make sure to check out the selection before you spend your credit on a club. You don’t have to pay per book, but it’s important to remember these are borrowed books; they aren’t yours to keep. You can buy additional credits to gain access to other clubs or books. There are Audible originals to choose from when you have access to the VIP audiobook services; some are bestsellers from authors has asked to join their platform. They do have a lot of sales that are not member-exclusive, so keep an eye out on the Audiobook sales page.

If you’re an everyday reader, then it’s worth taking a look; keep an eye for how much the individual books cost and look at titles in the catalogs available to you. You can sign up to without ever putting in your credit card information. Instead, they accept PayPal as a payment method. is very user-friendly; you can find reviews online and see if the membership plan would be a good fit for you.


Cons to the pricing of Audiobooks

As already mentioned, any book picked from a particular “Audiobook club” when you gain by monthly free credit is not yours to keep. You can purchase extra credits to join extra clubs or purchase new books. That means if you were to cancel a monthly subscription, you wouldn’t have anything lasting to keep from your subscription except the books in the My books section, these books you,ve purchased. You can use your credit to purchase one book a month to keep, but you can’t opt into an Audiobook club without purchasing additional credits. Furthermore, as an Audiobook member, you can only get unlimited listening if you spend your credit on an Audiobook club. In those regards, some other services or apps have annual subscriptions and more member benefits. 

You do not have a choice for your audio player; you must use their product The Audiobook audio player is the same as most others. Unless you already have a preferred audio player, this isn’t much of a setback. Unfortunately, does not have a refund policy. If you buy a book that doesn’t work out for you, have to contact customer service and ask if a refund is available to you. 


In conclusion, can become one of the more expensive platforms for reading audiobooks. This is because they have fewer options and member benefits. You will retain less for the money you spend when your membership ends when you use your benefits. It’s also harder to obtain a refund if a book you buy isn’t to your liking. 


Alternatives to Audiobooks

There are many alternatives to The Audible app is often compared, Audible has annual plans that give their member more credits each month, and they own more books at the end of their subscriptions. Kindle is another alternative you can consider, they have a lower monthly subscription, and their libraries are entirely unlimited! There are other ways you can go about reading as well. There are Amazon books, Scribd is a low-price alternative with not as many customizations.

Speechify – TTS reader

Speechify is an excellent option for text to speech reading. It’s actually the number one program for it. With Speechify, you can scan or take a photo of anything and have it read aloud to you. With the chrome extension, you can use Speechify on your web browser as well. You can get a monthly plan or sign up for a yearly plan for only $39.99. That’s eighty percent off the usual price. Speechify can read PDFs, articles, emails, and anything on your screen, be it phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It worlds with iPhone and both IOS products, Android, and Microsoft word. Speechify is an educational platform. It works wonders for children and adults who have reading disabilities like dyslexia. You can scan your favorite books and have them read aloud to you.

The TTS reader is a completely free option for reading aloud; you don’t need to make an account at all. It has automatic bookmarks for when you are taking a reading break and always remembers what the last thing you read was. Just get the app or the web page and get started right away. Both Speechify and the TTS reader have high-quality natural-sounding voices that you can choose from and customize for a great reading experience.



Are books free on audiobooks com?

What do I get with has an amazing free 30-day trial where you have unlimited access to all the premium features, and you get THREE free audiobooks when you sign up. The first book you can select from their entire catalog. The second two books you can pick from their VIP selection.

Is audiobooks com legit?

Yes, is a legitimate company with over a million people downloading and using the app. It is one of the best places to read audiobooks.

Is the same as Audible? and Audible are two different companies with different prices, member benefits, and book selections. All the information in the blog will help you decide if is worth it for you.

What is the audiobooks com customer service phone number?

The customer support phone number is 1-855-876-6195. The customer service team is available to call at 1-855-876-6195 between 9am – 8pm EST, Monday to Friday.

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