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Best radio advertising tools

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Interested in how radio advertising works? Here’s radio advertising explained so you can spice up your digital marketing with style.

Best radio advertising tools

Radio advertising has been one of the most commonly used marketing techniques for generations and is still relevant today. Business owners can use radio stations to target specific demographics, promote their products, and enhance their marketing strategy. Best of all, you can boost your brand awareness with the use of modern tools that require minimal human labor and no input from advertising agencies. Here’s all that you need to know.

Setting up your radio ad campaign

Small businesses can benefit from radio campaigns in a similar way as they do from social media. Reaching the target audience, promoting your brand, and inserting a call to action to motivate consumers to make a purchase can all be done through a radio commercial.

Why use radio advertising

Radio advertising comes with numerous perks. Radio listeners enjoy their radio shows and listen to them daily when going to work, doing chores, or traveling. As a result, they create a trusting bond with their local radio host. You can benefit from this sacred bond by choosing the perfect time of day to target an audience that may be interested in your product. Similarly to TV advertising, you can choose a specific time slot during radio show airtime when you know your perfect buyer will be listening. Doing so increases your chances of making a sale, further increasing the return on investment. Here’s a brief overview of the advantages of radio advertising:

  • Repeated playing of the radio ad for days or weeks helps the listener remember your brand.
  • Creates a personality for your business. Make your script descriptive so the listeners can clearly picture your message in their heads.
  • It’s a reliable advertising medium to target demographics and age groups of your interest.
  • You can choose between sponsorships, jingles, testimonials, live reads, personified radio ads, and straight reads to create the perfect ad to match your needs.
  • Much cheaper to find a radio spot compared to a TV ad spot.
  • A plethora of online tools are available that can help create authentic, selling, and highly effective ads in the radio format.

How to create a radio ad

Follow the steps below to create your first radio ad:

  1. Determine your target audience.
  2. Research your target audience’s preferred music style, demographics, and active time of the day.
  3. Pick the best radio station you know your audience listens to.
  4. Determine the radio advertising cost you’re ready to pay.
  5. Choose an ad type.
  6. Write the copy for the ad.
  7. Create the ad using online tools.
  8. Contact radio stations to make the deal.

Modern apps for radio advertising

Let’s now look at some of the best apps to help make your radio advertising campaign successful.


This multi-purpose tool helps you create and manage apps for air on music streaming platforms. Reach your audience anywhere there are podcasts, news, and music. The tool is budget-friendly, as you can set your own budget while signing up. Also, you can upload pre-recorded voice overs to your library and distribute them across channels. A great feature allows you to target customers by age group, language, gender, demographics, podcast genre, music, and more. There are more than 200 different filters at your disposal. This platform is excellent if your target audience resides in the U.S. or Canada and speaks English or Spanish.


Terminus is one of the best audio ad software for multi-channel campaigns. You can target your audience wherever they are, send them personalized messages, and contact them through multiple communication options. Use dynamic account targeting to further valuable prospects further down the sales funnel, all with minimal risk of CPMs and ad frauds. Integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, and similar marketing hubs make it easy to combine this tool with your marketing suite.


Use this tool to bring solutions to your marketing challenges. You can also enhance your relationship with the customers. MediaMath allows you to partner up with the largest networks and publishers in the world, which is one of its greatest perks. You can integrate MediaMath with Adobe, IBM Watson, Pandora, Google, and numerous other services for a smooth upgrade of your marketing suite. Creating an account is free, and you can send a request on the official website to get price information for your specific needs.


This marketing platform is driven by Google’s algorithms and can help you analyze your audience. The platform works with numerous ad networks and can publish your ads using different technologies. You can use a clear and intuitive dashboard to manage multiple campaigns and read reports. You can also use its numerous integrations with trading desks and ad exchanges.

Create effective radio ad voice overs with Speechify Voice Over Studio

Speechify Voice Over Studio is your go-to voice over service that makes natural-sounding ad narrations. The voice over technology combines the best of deep learning, machine learning, and speech synthesis algorithms to create a lifelike AI voiceover. Choose the preferred voice type (male, female), intonation, and pitch, and create a fully personalized ad to match your audience’s needs, preferences, and expectations. Speechify eliminates the need to hire a voice actor for your ad. Create voice overs for podcast-style ads across social media platforms. The tool is available as a desktop and mobile app and can create voice overs in multiple languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, among others, with over 200 voices to choose from. Try the service for free by signing up for Speechify Voice Over Studio today.


Is radio advertising still effective?

Yes, radio advertising is still effective as long as your target audience listens to the radio. With the right marketing campaign plan and the use of online tools, you can create a highly effective radio ad that can boost your sales.

What are some examples of radio advertising?

Advertising products, services, and facilities of any kind. Restaurants, theatres, music studios, and hospitality-related places can benefit from ads in the radio format.

How much does it cost to do a traditional radio ad?

The cost of a radio ad differs from country to country. Expect to pay from $200 to $5000 per week. You can also find cheaper options, like $10 per week, depending on location.

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