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How To Scan A Book To Audio

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How to scan a book to audio? Finding the right app can make the process and the experience work for you. Look into these apps and see what works for you.

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How to scan a book to audio

There are many ways you can scan a book to audio. Any physical book in your home can be turned into an audiobook. You can scan your favorite books and be able to listen to them whenever you like. The easiest way is to download an app that gives you that option. Apps like Speechify, Audible or the new kindle convert. You would just open your app, allow it access to your camera, and scan. Walah! You have yourself an audiobook. It doesn’t just end there, though. Most Apps have customizable features. Features like choosing your narrator’s voice, accent, language, and even the playback speed. There is plenty more to be said about the different apps, what they offer and who they’re geared towards. You just have to find the perfect one to fit your needs.

What you need to scan a book to audio

Scanning a book to audio is easier than you may think. It’s not just books you can scan either. You can scan things like PDFs or magazine articles you want to be read aloud. All you need is the book or whatever it is you want to read and your phone or iPad that has a decent camera on it. Of course, you need your app or reading software too.

One thing you do need to be aware of is understanding the copyrights of the book. If this is solely for personal use, it’s not much to worry about, but if you’re sharing the recording then copyrights are something you need to be aware of.

How to scan a book to audio

There’s always a complicated way to things and a simple way. If you want to create your own audiobook with your own voice, then you have to think about getting a finished copy of the book you’re going to convert then you have to figure out the copyrights for the book. Next, you’ll have to buy audio equipment. At the least, you’ll a good microphone and a pair of headphones. You can do the actual scanning from your phone or an actual scanner. If you’re scanning a book and don’t want to take it out of the binding, a phone with a good camera is going to be your best bet.

Then you would send the recorded copy to an audio editor, which is understandably very expensive.

Or you can go the much more straightforward way with a text to speech app like Speechify. With Speechify you can take your favorite hardcopy book, scan the pages the app will read it out loud to you in a natural-sounding voice. You can get speechify in almost any program. It works with ios, android, Microsoft word, mac and many others retailer devices.

Tips for scanning a book to audio

There are a few things you need to know when scanning a book for audio. Firstly If you’re scanning a whole book, it’s going to be much easier to scan the pages if you take the book out of its binding. Make sure you line the pages up correctly on your scanner or carefully line your phone up with the book. This is going to make the whole process run smoothly.

Finding the right app for you can make the process and the experience work for you. Look into what these apps do and the customizable features that they offer. Some apps will highlight the words as you read. Some let you organize your books into collections. Take some time to find what works for you.

Use text to speech readers for chrome extensions

With the Speechify app and others like it, you can use a chrome extension so you can listen on your web browser or webpage. Any text in chrome can be read with Speechify, and it only takes minutes to install, then you’re on your way. With the Speechify text to speech chrome extension, you can control the playback speed, listen to any book in your library or listen to anything shown in your browser. You can choose a voice and language to listen to. The chrome extension work wonders for children learning online or doing homework online. Especially kids with reading disabilities like dyslexia, listening instead of reading takes away some of the stress and anxiety.

How to listen to a scanned book

Once you have the scanned images loaded into your app or software then the hard part is done. Depending on the app you’ve chosen you may be able to organize it into a collection or category. Now it’s time to grab headphones and listen, while you work, clean, workout, you’re free to move freely and listen to your favorite books, articles, newsletters and even your emails.


When you’re listening on the Speexhify app you can have the text highlighted as you read.  You control the playback speeds. Speechify is known for having amazing natural sounding voices that you can customize. You can use speechify on ios, Android, Windows and with the chrome extension. Turn any reading material into an interactive audiobook. You can find Speechify in th app store or the google play store.

TTS Reader

The tts reader is a great option as well. It always remembers its last text and text position and you can always select a new starting place before pressing play. It also has some of the best high-quality natural sounding reading voices. The tts reader is completely free you don’t even need to have a login to use it.

Benefits of scanning books to audio

Scanning books to audio is about so much more than just convenience. It can save your eyes the strain and fatigue of reading, especially if you’re always reading from screens. It lessons the strain on your neck and back from constantly looking down at a book or your phone or iPad. For people with reading issues like dyslexia these apps can minimize the stress and frustration of reading, especially for kids in school.


Can you turn a book into an audiobook?

Yes! With Speechify, you can turn your favorite books into ebooks you can listen to while moving freely. You can use this app on your iPhones, androids, and similar devices. You can customize the playback speed and the voice you hear. This is the most effective way to turn any book you want into an audiobook. 

How do you scan a book digitally?

If you have a phone with a good camera and can download Adobe scan or a similar app then you can start to create PDFs in google docs by scanning your books and putting the scanned documents into google drive folders. Using your phone makes the whole process fast and simple.

How do I make an audiobook from a book?

  1. You can record it yourself by buying audio equipment like a microphone, headphones, and the right software to record your audio files. Then have your audio edited once you’ve recorded it. Last you create the cover images for your audio.

  2. You can outsource the whole project to a company that does it for you.

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