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Alternatives to Peech TTS app

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Discover top alternatives to the Peech TTS app and which text to speech alternatives better suit your leisure, learning, multitasking, or accessibility needs.

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Peech TTS app alternatives

Text to speech, or TTS, is a type of technology that turns written text into human-like audible speech you can listen to—and Peech TTS is among the most popular text to speech apps to use speech synthesis technology. However, it isn’t without its fair share of flaws. Users who want something new have a long list of AI voice alternatives to explore for all their narration needs.

Let’s check out some of the best Peech TTS app alternatives.

Simple TTS Reader

Users switching between iOS and Android devices can use the Simple TTS Reader app. It can read written content in multiple languages and supports male and female voices.

Simple TTS Reader doesn’t have as many exciting features as a free TTS tool, although it does allow caching, speed adjustments, and bookmarking locations. It also makes file sharing easy and has no trouble reading from plain text files, Microsoft Word documents, web pages, HTML files, and more.

The performance surprises given the open source nature of the software.

Read Aloud

The Read Aloud text to speech service works with web pages, eBooks, custom plain text content, PDF files, docX, etc. It can narrate textbooks, news articles, and other content to help multitaskers accomplish more each day.

Windows users can download the software for free. Interestingly, it’s even available on Xbox, making it a somewhat unique option.


The NaturalReader app is another solid Peech TTS mobile app alternative that caters to Android and iOS users. In addition, the cloud-based program is available to Windows users as a Chrome web browser extension, making it even more versatile.

NaturalReader is a study aid with natural-sounding voices, OCR technology, and web page reading capabilities. It’s even possible to use it as a toolbar in MS Office or download narrations in an MP3 format. The number of available voices and languages depends on the subscription plan, which can be expensive.


Murf.Ai is interesting high-quality text-to-speech software. It leverages AI technology to convert text to speech and offers cross-platform support for desktop and mobile devices.

The grammar assistant feature is a nice touch and helps the narration sound better and easier to follow, whether in English or Japanese. Aside from a reading aid, Murf.AI has a lot of potential in commercial applications involving audio and video content creation like voiceover work.

But it isn’t the most affordable option for users who won’t use it for creative purposes.

Speech Central

The Speech Central voice narration software is available on macOS, Windows, and mobile devices. It enables users to import TXT files, online articles, and more to create an MP3 playlist. Of course, on-the-go narration is available for users who prefer to listen during commutes or while driving to work.

Speech Central has built-in support for Amazon eBooks and DAISY books, it works with keyboard shortcuts, and it can handle dyslexia-friendly fonts without missing a beat.

Text to Speech!

You can use Text to Speech! on an iPhone or iPad. It comes with 96 natural-sounding voices, it can narrate written text in 38 different languages, and it’s able to generate multiple accents. Moreover, Text to Speech! allows voice parameter adjustments to change the vocal pitch and reading rate to create more realistic sounds.

One of its most exciting features is its offline functionality. Text to Speech! isn’t dependent on an internet connection but demands at least an iOS 13 or newer OS version, as it is only available on Apple devices.

Google Text to Speech app

The Google Text to Speech app is arguably among the most popular text-to-speech options. It offers Google Translate integration, meaning it can translate over 100 languages. In addition, it’s free to use and works with various other platforms like Google Play Books.

The app is exclusive to Android devices. Therefore, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows users must find other alternatives. Additionally, you only get a limited number of free characters to use with the program per month, after which you will need to pay to use the service.

Voice Aloud Reader TTS Reader

Users who need to convert a wide range of files like Amazon eBooks, HTML files, documents, webpages, and others can use Voice Aloud Reader TTS Reader. This Peech TTS app alternative does a good job of filtering out menus, buttons, and other website elements to focus entirely on the text.

It has a light learning curve and a good tutorial, making it a beginner-friendly option for people with reading disabilities, visual impairment, and multitaskers. The downside is that it’s an Android-exclusive app.


The Balabolka text to voice software is available on Android and Windows devices and comes with free and paid plans. It enables users to convert text files into MP3, MP4, and WAV audio files.

While it doesn’t have the most realistic voices, it can produce authentic narration and help users assimilate information faster.

Narrator’s Voice

The Narrator’s Voice text to speech reader has a free and premium version and goes a step above some of its competitors. Aside from standard TTS narration, this app enables users to add echo, chorus, and produce other vocal effects.

Users can convert and download text to speech files as MP3and MP4 and can even use the app offline. Its standout feature is perhaps the ability to record the user’s own voice.

Voice Dream Reader

Apple and Android users can buy Voice Dream Reader dictation software as an all-in-one solution with text to speech functionality. It has well over 100 voices and supports 30 languages.

The app has Evernote, Google Cloud, and Dropbox integrations, can produce nuanced voices when you need it to read aloud, and will work on a Mac. Furthermore, users can configure the app to highlight specific chunks of text or take notes during playback.

However, features differ significantly between the free and premium versions of the app.


Finally, we have our best Peech TTS alternative—Speechify. Speechify works on all major devices (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac), in all major web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and is highly customizable. This powerful text to speech app helps visually impaired users and those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, as well as anyone who wants to multitask by listening to audio content.

The reading speech output, accurate pronunciation, and realistic speech voices make Speechify a reliable solution for education, leisure, and professional applications. The lifelike-sounding voices and vast file compatibility make it one of the most reliable alternatives to Peech TTS.

Speechify additionally has outputs in dozens of languages, and it can be used both online and offline. Accurate OCR technology gives Speechify an upper hand on other TTS alternatives, giving users the ability to take a picture of any text and instantly hear it read out loud.

Use the free version of Speechify or take advantage of the free trial of Speechify Premium. Either way, you will experience an excellent text to speech experience, turning any digital or print text into an audiobook or playlist.


What is the most realistic text to speech app?

With many accents, languages, and pitch adjustments, Speechify offers the most realistic approach to reading text aloud with very natural-sounding voices.

Is there an app that speaks what I type?

Speechify lets users find their voices by reading out loud in real-time or creating audio files for later downloads. Whether you need to proofread your writing by listening to it with Speechify or simply want to communicate with others by turning what you type into audio, the app can easily handle it for you.

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