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With the 8×8 Work Mobile app for phone, video conferencing, and chat, you may use the 8×8 Work service anywhere you go. Organizations all over the world utilize the 8×8 Work Mobile app, an all-in-one cloud-based collaboration solution, to deploy their workforce. 8×8 Work Mobile can be a crucial component of your company’s remote workforce and work-from-home strategy, regardless of whether you are employed by a small firm or a huge multinational.
A Cloud phone, HD video conferencing, chat, directory services, and more are all included in 8×8 Work Mobile. It effortlessly interacts with 8×8 Work Desktop to give users the capabilities and advantages they would have in their workplace when working from home.
Key Advantages
With calls, video conferencing, and chat available in one app, you can stay productive with 8×8 Work Mobile’s all-in-one collaboration solution.
Using your personal phone and your company phone line, stay reachable to all of your contacts.
Utilize direct-to-YouTube live streaming and video meetings to exchange timely business-critical information
Public and private chat rooms can help you replace email and keep your discussions structured around tasks.
Quickly onboard new remote employees or staff members based in new office locations
The admin portal gives IT administrators the same administrative tools whether their staff members are based remotely or in the office.
Key Elements
Call individuals on your personal or business contact list with HD audio.
Organize meetings using video and audio on your phone, record them, and chat with attendees. You can also exchange messages, share files, and @mentione colleagues in 1:1, private, or public chat rooms.
Establish working hours and block incoming calls and notifications either permanently or just during those times.
For a consistent calling experience, select Wi-Fi or cellular data.

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Lots of Channels, One PlatformDoesn't tell you when you need to upgrade your software
Protection of Customer DataSMS sometimes doesn't work and no one knows why
Easy to ImplementThe Admin Portal moves very slow.

8×8 Meet reviews

This app is terrible. No way to prevent ring through to cell phone even while in the office. Even when I answered my desk phone, the app is still ringing my cell phone during the call. I have disabled all notifications in the app settings, app ignores settings. This is so frustrating. I just need the app to be able to make work calls while away from my desk. I don't want work calls to ever ring my phone. Choose another VOIP provider if you can.

- Bret Blackburn

Garbage! Unreliable, randomly rings or doesn't, missed calls I didn't even know I had, and when I do make a call out there's a delay - the call recipient is like, hello? hello? And I've spent literally hours with tech - changing settings, reinstalling, on and on and on. Unfortunately this is what the firm I work for uses

- Don Farnsworth

The app worked fine for a short period. Now it gives the splash screen when call comes in but about 80% of the time it doesnt show the number. The other 20% it shows for about 2 seconds before maximum number of rings accurs. Sometimes the app doesn't even display but that is rare. At this point the app is useless for calls but can at least check VM an get notifications of missed calls so when not in the office I know about it

- Mr Sinister

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