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ADP Workforce Now is presented as an all-in-one, adaptable, cloud-based HR . Built on a single database, ADP Workforce Now features Human Resource Management, Payroll, Benefits, Talent Management, Time & Labor Management, Learning and Analytics, and Return to Office capabilities.

ADP Workforce Now equips users with the tools not just to track HR information, but to help manage a workforce and make data-driven decisions. And, the user can add the functionality as needed with tools and capabilities designed specifically to provide an engaging experience for business leaders, managers, and workers.

•All-in-one: A configurable HR platform to efficiently manage all people management functions — payroll, HR, time, talent, and benefits — within a single database.

•Confident Compliance: Security features to keep data safe, while deep compliance expertise and solutions help protect a business.

•Ease of use: Features at the user’s fingertips, making it easy to work in ways that fit the user’s needs while also providing a better experience for the workforce

•Insights in the flow of work: Make decisions with confidence, informed by insights from a robust workforce database .

•Integrated and connected ecosystem: Broaden people management capabilities with the largest HR ecosystem that integrates with leading third-party solutions. Connect with vital partners such as accountants, brokers and financial providers.

PAYROLL. Built to help operate a business and meet compliance needs. With anytime, anywhere access, process payroll and gain insights into pay and earnings trends. Improve accuracy and increase confidence by reviewing and correcting errors before running payroll. Manage and pay employees across different jurisdictions and borders. ADP Workforce Now is also engineered to help support tax & compliance obligations and scales as the user’s needs grow. Manage payroll for a global workforce with a single solution.

HUMAN RESOURCES. Designed to transform HR management from an administrative function to a vital, strategic part of the business. With configurable workflows and online document storage, reduce the time spent with paperwork and increase the time managing and transforming your people. Automate and streamline key needs including new hire onboarding and employee acknowledgment. Reduce employee and manager questions by equipping them with anytime, anywhere access so they can take action at their convenience.

TALENT. Recruitment, performance management, compensation, learning. Attract top talent with intelligent and easy-to-use tools. Advertise open positions across 25,000+ Job Sites with JobTarget. Take a proactive approach to hiring with embedded ZipRecruiter Job Slots that helps you identify and match active job seekers with best fit jobs. Intelligently analyze which applicants best match your job description with Profile Relevancy. Define job requisitions with confidence using industry and geographic Compensation Benchmarks. Streamline the performance review process to better assess and develop high-performing teams. Align performance to corporate goals with the help of cascading and weighted goals and view team priorities and goal progress in one place with an organized Performance dashboard. Provide flexibility outside of the traditional annual review process with continuous and non-common date reviews. Develop a defined pay-for-performance compensation strategy to help retain top talent.

BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION. Benefits administration with an actionable dashboard that brings notifications and tasks to the user’s attention. Administer benefit plans, execute a smooth open enrollment process, and collect the data required to be compliant with the ACA. Utilize electronic carrier connections to ensure that enrolled employees and their dependents match the organization’s records. Open Enrollment, with OE Center and its service team, help reduce administrative burden.

TIME & ATTENDANCE. TIme tracking for both employees and managers. Manage labor costs, boost productivity and simplify compliance by automating timekeeping, attendance tracking and scheduling. Time-saving automation, payroll integration, real-time visibility into attendance, time off, and overtime as well as real-time analytics.

ADP DATACLOUD. To support data-driven decision-making. With Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits, Time and Talent information in one system, the user can gain real, data-driven insight. ADP Benchmarks lets users see how they compare to similar companies, industries, and locations, to confidently make strategic decisions based on the industry’s largest data set.

MOBILE. Equip employees and managers with anytime, anywhere access to view pay and tax information, complete benefits enrollment, clock in or out, and manage payment options. Business leaders can gain actionable workforce insights on their mobile device — when and how they need them with Executive and manager insights.

ADP MARKETPLACE. Broaden the capabilities of the HR suite with solutions ready to securely share data with ADP Workforce Now.

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Pricing starts at $59 per month plus $4 per employee. Businesses can request a price quote on the company's website, and introductory rates are sometimes offered. Yes.
ADP's industry reputation as well as the duration ADP has been in business allows the decision-makers to feel confident in tax filingsThe implementation process was very broken and had much room for improvementThe Service Center Support is very hit and miss, mostly miss
resource availabilityFor example, I can be on the phone with support for an urgent issue with an inexperienced employee that can take well over an hour, or I could have a lucky day and a very experienced employee will answer my call and walk me through the issue in 5-10 minutes.Service Connect in theory is a great idea to log your cases and see the follow up and updates but it is poorly managed
and virtual classroom training of the productI will start a case with one employee, sometimes it will transfer to another employee, then there will be radio silence
The new WFN platform is very much improved from previous versions and has many ways to get to where you're going in the platform without having to remember just one wayI have to call in to ask for an update and that will create a new case
ADP offers SmartCompliance with WFN as an add-on that provide a resource document for companies in a multi-state environmentSo very frustrating.


Roseland, New Jersey, United States

ADP reviews

Our organization uses Workforce Now for HR, Benefits and Payroll processing. The HR and Benefits capacities are recent additions as we are streamlining processes and looking for accuracy and efficiency. The ability to manage the benefits (enrollment and deductions) through WFN have eliminated human error and saved time in the long run. Next, we will convert the HSA employee and employer contributions to the benefit module. Having employees in many states and overseas demands a provider that can handle the complex taxation. ADP representatives have been helpful and knowledgeable in supporting our employee base.

- Melissa Rauch

I use ADP Workforce Now to process payroll on a weekly basis. During the pandemic, ADP Workforce Now was so helpful in creating reports and Time off policies to keep us in compliance. We also use the platform as a way to communicate and spotlight things to our employees. The staff has been super helpful, from the purchasing to setup to continued support.

- Brenda Haynes

I have worked with ADP Workforcenow since 2015. ADP's evolution has been outstanding and it has provided different sources to all ADP users. The Benefit Portal, Talent portal and the Cloud have really assisted all HR Professionals in time-saving. Our company uses ADP across the whole organization and within the last years we have implemented both the Benefit Portal and Cloud.

- Maria Eugenia Tourn

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