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Create your own productive morning using Alarmy for nothing!
Successful mornings begin with a full awakening and the reduction of unnecessary time spent in bed, which can be accomplished with Alarmy’s potent characteristics listed below.

Successfully leaving the bed in the morning

Take a picture of the location that has been registered to turn off your alarm.
For instance, register the shower stall so that you can immediately take a shower after turning off the alarm.

Barcode Mission: To silence the alert, scan the barcode or QR code you registered.
Register the book so that you can pick it up and start reading as soon as the alarm goes off.

Squat Mission: Perform 10–20 sets of squats to silence the alert.
Ex: Right after turning off the alarm, begin your morning workouts, such as pushups or sit-ups.

Step Mission – Take 30 to 50 steps to silence the alarm, e.g., start getting ready to leave for work after the alarm has been silenced.

Shake your phone up to 999 times to turn off the alarm, according to the Shake Mission app.

An effective morning involves waking up your brain.

Math Mission: Turn off the alarm and activate your brain by resolving basic or complex mathematical problems.

Clear the simple or difficult memorizing game in Memory Mission to silence the alarm and reactivate your brain.

To silence the alarm and jump-start your brain, type inspiring quotes or your own personalized phrases.


If you’re concerned that you could fall asleep again, stop worrying. Wake Up Check will keep an eye on you until you can demonstrate that you are completely awake.

Backup Sound – There are instances when your alarm simply won’t wake you up. However, if you wait too long, a second, VERY LOUD alert sounds.

Quick Alarm, with only a few settings, for quick chores when you don’t have time.

Snooze, gradually turn up the volume, and use the vibrate functions to gently wake you up.

Officially available for free, Alarmy offers a ton of appealing waking-up options!

A 7-day Free Trial is offered only to individuals who want to benefit from an endless successful morning experience with premium features. Of course, you can just use Alarmy’s free features, which are still powerful & effective!

The picture mission in this app requires users to take a photo, hence it needs the permission “INFO CAMERA.”
This application requires the WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE permission to load external ringtones.
This application requires the authorization to read external storage in order to save photos shot by users when utilizing the photo mission.
This app requires the ACCESS COARSE LOCATION permission in order to display weather data in the Today’s panel.
If you want to utilize this app and prevent yourself from uninstalling it, you must grant it the BIND DEVICE ADMIN permission.
– It makes use of the permission DEVICE MANAGER SYSTEM ALERT WINDOW
– On Android 10 or higher versions, this app needs this permission to display the dismiss screen.

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Extreme Alarm Features 2021_0
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Extreme Alarm Features 2020_1
The app is completely freeCan't force close
It offers the innovative way to be woken up as it won't stop until you have taken an imageLimited free version
Easy to use interface.Limited alarm tone choices


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Alarmy reviews

Love the app, last time I tried it it went off randomly even though it wasn't set for that time, so I deleted it, but I think it was my phones problem. I'm mostly making this review to give an idea for one of the challenges. I doubt this will actually happen but I have been wanting a alarm that makes you solve a rubik's cube. No apps have it so my last hope is to just give the idea to somebody incase they like it. Thanks!

- Corvix

Alarm suddenly didn't go off and claimed that I had force closed the app. Doesn't even give me an option to force close the app so I don't know what it's talking about but it made me late for work. Also no option to actually dismiss alarms or pause them for when you're driving or otherwise in a very unsafe situation to be doing the required tasks to turn off an alarm.

- Madison McMillan

Subscription for premium features is a great idea. I would definitely be willing to pay the subscription if it wasn't so expensive for the content it unlocks (i.e. step, squat, or typing "mission," the "alarm power-ups" to include: backup sound, time pressure, and label reminder, and "wake-up check"). All excellent features. I would particularly like to use the wake-up check, but not enough to spend $5/month!! I would be okay spending $1 or $2 per month but $5 seems overpriced.

- Nick Berg

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