13 Alternatives to BigTime

BigTime is one of top Productivity Tool apps. But are there other alternatives?

BigTime is one of the top products in Productivity Tool among many other players. Most products in the Productivity Tool category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to BigTime, we've curated a list of other Productivity Tool products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to BigTime


Twine connects people, content and ideas together through one simple and secure portal. Enjoy all the tools you need: Knowledge Library, News & Blogs, Forums, Groups, People Directory, Polls and Surveys, File Manager, Calendar and Workflow Builder. Twine is designed for integration: pull data from Salesforce; sign-on using Google Apps, Microsoft or LinkedIn; and easily upload from OneDrive, Google and other major files services.

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Top pro

The accessibility I like how easy it is to use Twine

Top Con

It is a bit confusing as to what version you should learn to use


*Increase Employee Productivity Through Teamwork* Make communication easy and fun with internal social networking software that encourages collaboration. Workmates has features like a company directory, favorite coworkers, direct messaging and even group chat to get your teams talking. *Social Recognition & Rewards with Kudos* Accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes and when a digital thumbs-up just isn¿t enough, send a "Kudos" to your teammates to recognize their contributions.

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Top pro

The ease of the tool and how it brings people together

Top Con

The mobile app could be a little more customizabl


Cflow is a Cloud-based BPM & Workflow Management Software for Small and Medium businesses to manage and automate business processes to increase productivity. Cflow helps organizations transition from an email and spreadsheet-based management to using business applications that provide unique insights on process bottlenecks, employee productivity and operational efficiencies. Use cases include Capex Approvals, AR/AP Processing, Purchase Process Automation, Tender Process automation and more.

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Top pro

The best part is that we were able to manage all our business processes within Cflow

Top Con

Also it is hard for a new person to learn the logic of Cflow and takes time to explain how the whole process works


JustLogin is the HR Cloud that just does it all. We have platforms for Payroll, Leave, Time & Attendance, Claims and more! We believe that HR should be simple - you should spend less time fussing over administrative issues, and spend more time improving your employees welfare. Over the last 18 years, we have been working tirelessly to help HR professionals achieve that, with HR solutions that are not only comprehensive, but also easy to use, setup and maintain.

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Top pro

It is also good that the software is continuously being improved to the users' benefit at no additional cost

Top Con

Some of my employees have foreign addresses e.g


Timely is the easiest and most accurate way to track time across teams and projects. Timely's automatic time tracking software helps companies stay connected with their workforce and report accurately on their business from billing and project management to team management and resource planning. We're 100% committed to user-level privacy by design, and therefore making Timely a tracking tool that employees and businesses actually trust.

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Top pro

I think services like this is especially great for parents of children should use, because not only will they benefit from it, but it will help manage time as well

Top Con

The pricing models are not extensively flexible as it needs to have modules based pricing such that the needy ones buy only what they need


At HALF THE COST of other solutions, TimeSolv provides the robust time and billing needs your legal or accounting firm demands, without extra features you never use anyway. Store payment information with TimeSolvPay and run hundreds of payments in seconds on YOUR timeline, achieving ZERO Accounts Receivable! For over 20 years, our web-based solution has helped companies increase billable time and get paid faster, at home or in the office. Integrate with LawPay, QuickBooks, Office 365, and more.

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Top pro

I was really glad I did because I found TimeSolv and I've been very happy with it

Top Con

The only thing negative about the software is the invoice printing


Calamari is an HR management software that makes people management easier. It allows planning and tracking all types of absences. You can track attendance using QR codes and iBeacons. You can get notification about upcoming absences and time-off requests. Calamari supports companies with offices based in multiple countries and locations and supports role-based security. The app is integrated with project management tools like JIRA, Slack, Office265, GSuite, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp, and Asana.

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Top pro

The customer service is great and has a very personalized touch, which is nice

Top Con

It is a bit awkward that you have to be redirected to pay via paypal instead of t


Shiftboard's ScheduleFlex is purpose-built for dynamic operations that frequently adjust staffing levels to support ever-changing business needs. ScheduleFlex helps front-line operations maintain high shift coverage, reduce labor costs, and control the daily chaos of workforce scheduling. Organizations in dynamic scheduling industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, staffing, and public safety, depend on ScheduleFlex to keep their mission critical operations running smoothly, 24/7.

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Top pro

It is very useful creatively made software

Top Con

I was upset by the lack of willingness by the sales rep to return calls or try to make this right


Deputy is a multi-award winning workforce management tool. Complete staff schedules in minutes and publish them with a click. You can also easily manage Staff Leave, track Time & Attendance, and sync your timesheets to payroll seamlessly. Deputy integrates with the UK's leading POS and Payroll providers for end-to-end confidence. Free iOS and Android apps mean you can manage your business from anywhere. Start your free Trial today.

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Top pro

I also like having the ability to give up a shift and offer it to other employees

Top Con

I truly get frustrated when it automatically adds your 30 min break if you did not take one


Meet Timely: simple software to get your business running beautifully. With an easy-to-use booking system, customisable online forms, personalised messages and all your client info in your pocket, our customers love Timely - and their clients love it just as much. Join our community of 55,000 beauty professionals and get access to innovative business management software, award-winning customer support, and education from the biggest industry names. Start a free 14-day trial at gettimely.com.

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Top pro

I love the way that I was able to code my website with Timely links, managing the promotion of services

Top Con

Some of my customers get frustrated that they get both an email and a text reminder and it's too much


DeskTime is an employee attendance tracking and computer use monitoring software that helps you plan and manage human resources in the company more effectively. The main features DeskTime include are employee time clocking, detailed timesheets, automatic overtime pay calculation, and employee absence calendar that allows you to plan vacations, sick days, and other time offs.

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Top pro

Great solution for small and midsize businesses

Top Con

There's no lie, just facts: you will confront your time spent actually working and procrastinating


Our service provides everything you need in an online time tracking system whether you're tracking time for payroll, billing, or job costing. You can also enable overtime and mealtime notifications as well as GPS, IP, and other security options to gain more control and manage your employees. Expenses tracking and HR tools are included. We offer free, live support for a customer service experience that earned us the highest customer-reviewed rating available on Capterra. Try us free today!

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Top pro

Timesheets is a great fit for our small Foodservice Department

Top Con

Our prior time recording system was so difficult to use and had hard and fast restrictions about when time must be recorded that my employees were frequently not getting their time in


Simple, yet powerful compliant timesheets with unlimited customer support. Track time anywhere using a computer, tablet or phone with manual timesheet or clockin/clockout. Easily integrate with your payroll such as QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex and much more. Never fear a government audit again, our DCAA compliant timesheet system was built with government contractors in mind and has been battle-tested for compliance rules and regulations for over 2 decades. Start your 1 month free trial today!

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Top pro

This company is very easy to do business with

Top Con

I have trouble saving my hours template, so I have to re-enter times every week

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