13 Alternatives to CodeTwo Email Signatures

CodeTwo Email Signatures is one of top Signature App apps. But are there other alternatives?

CodeTwo Email Signatures is one of the top products in Signature App among many other players. Most products in the Signature App category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to CodeTwo Email Signatures, we've curated a list of other Signature App products for you to compare.
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List of 13 Alternatives to CodeTwo Email Signatures


SigniFlow is an easy-to-use advanced eSign document workflow solution that offers a legally compliant PDF-based alternative to wet-ink signatures. It can be deployed on-premise, or you can use any of our 8 global data centres, for compliance with international privacy & eSignature laws, such as eIDAS & GDPR. SigniFlow is the only eSign solution with a document upload & storage portal that gives the user full control over user access. There's no need to pay what our competitors charge.

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I really like it and would highly recommend


Sometimes the system just freezes then kicks you out and all the work is lost when logging back in


HelloSign is the intuitive way to sign and request signatures securely online. Add legally valid signatures to any agreement, from new-hire offer letters to loans to sales contracts to NDAs. An award-winning user interface, robust admin controls, document tracking, and enterprise-grade security that's more secure than pen and paper methods all come default out-of-the-box.

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Great experience especially with the free trial when I first used it


This makes me fear that the entire electronic sign universe is a complete bamboozle to the unsuspecting who will blindly sign without reading


Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud makes managing professional email signatures quick and easy. Designed for Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Google Workspace (G Suite), and Microsoft Exchange, all email gets a dynamic and professional email signature when sent from any device. It also allows for easy management of other elements such as social media icons, promotional banners, and legal disclaimers from one intuitive web portal.

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It is very easy and straight forward setup of a new signature


Stability, it has happened a few times in the past that the service was degraded and outgoing e-mails were stuck


Create custom email signature generators for your organization. Create a branded signature template using our no-code visual drag and drop editor. Add fields, change colors, adjust spacing, and add icons. Then distribute the signature generator template out to your entire organization using our simple sharing link. You make the template, each staff member fills in their name and information. No IT involvement required.

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This email signature generator stood out immediately because the company offered a one-time payment option as opposed to a monthly membership


the intuitive interface makes it easy/speedy for me to recall how to use it.


Managing all your email signatures is a constant battle of updating links, images, and campaign taglines to stay current. Until today, because now you can use Signitic. Signitic is a tool that lets you create and customize an unlimited number of email signatures for more leads and better campaigns.

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Easy to set up


Requires somme light coding to create a versatile signature template


Save time managing your company signatures. Create, automate and deploy beautiful email signatures company-wide from one central dashboard. Works with Google Workspace and Office 365.

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It can help you create a beautiful and professional email signature that you can use in your email clients


Anytime we have had a tech support issue the experience was poor

SignEasy Alternative

Signeasy is an e-signature solution for all companies SMBs or enterprises from industries such as real-estate, transportation, legal and financial services. Over 110,000 professionals from 30,000 companies use Signeasy to close deals faster and cut costs by going paperless. Sign and send important documents like NDAs, sales contracts, offer letters from web, iOS or Android. Signeasy lets you get signatures offline and integrates with the most commonly used apps like Dropbox, Gmail, or Zoho CRM.

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SignEasy does exactly what its meant to do plus more


We had a couple of our customers take 30 minutes over the phone for just one signature and date on document


signNow is an award-winning e-signature solution used by millions of people to sign, send, & manage documents on any device. Enterprise users ranked signNow the #1 Enterprise software with an average satisfaction score of 9.56 out of 10. We leverage industry leading expertise in security and reliability. We've coupled that world-class security with the most advanced mobile and tablet experience, at a price that gets you to ROI immediately.

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I loved that I could sign documents on my phone and be able to send them where they needed to go with ease


But this is sometimes and inconvenience


Eversign helps both small and large businesses make the digital leap while guiding them every step of the way. While a great deal of companies hesitate when it comes to managing and processing sensitive data such as contracts and business agreements in the cloud, eversign dedicates itself to building a highly secure and well monitored e-Signature platform. This product offers easy-to-use functionality while remaining affordable for all businesses.

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I have found that it helps me be more efficient with my time


I felt what was missing is that it is unable to send the same document that needs more than two signatures from 2 different persons to the same email address


With millions of documents sent all around the world, SignRequest is the secure, legally binding and affordable e-signature solution.

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The layout is very simple to use


Sometimes, when more people need to sign a document, the signature blocks are placed in the wrong places


Signable is the UK's leading electronic signature software provider. Used by over 6,000 businesses within the UK, Europe and beyond to get documents signed quickly, securely and legally. With no hidden costs and simple & straightforward pricing Signable has a plan to suit every business, whether you need to send just a few documents or thousands we will have a plan perfect for you. Sign up for a free 14 day trial today and get started in under 60 seconds!

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I think this software is really good and very efficient at what it does


The only negative is that it can be hard to use on mobile phones and some tablets


Unlimited docs and templates, custom branding, signing links, and team features for $12/month. Focus on ease of use, speed, and affordability. Absolutely secure and compliant with all major e-signature laws (ESIGN, UETA, and European eIDAS). Works perfectly on laptops, iPhones, and Androids. Ideal for small businesses and individuals. Start your 14-day free trial now! No credit card is required.

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I just need to create documents about once or twice a year and it is nice to have this as a free option


Figuring out how to sign last if/when I was signing myself was a bit confusing


Outlook / O365 portal-based enterprise email signature service including signature design & coding, automated deployment tools, program maintenance & campaign management. Unique approach is non-reliant on Active Directory. We will transform your template specifications (no matter how complicated) into the finished result you are seeking. Or, if you are just getting started, we will take the lead and provide you with a best-practices based email signature program that exceeds your expectations.

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I cannot recommend Dynasend highly enough


The error generated isn't descriptive enough that users understand what's wrong, and it causes unnecessary dissatisfaction with the software

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