13 Alternatives to Designs.ai

Designs.ai is one of top Text to Video apps. But are there other alternatives?

Designs.ai is one of the top products in Text to Video among many other players. Most products in the Text to Video category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Designs.ai, we've curated a list of other Text to Video products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to Designs.ai


With the Renderforest Video Maker, producing polished videos on your phone is always quick and simple! Create compelling and amazing videos in 3 easy steps for personal or professional use: - Decide on a video template. Find the video template that best meets your needs and tastes by perusing our selection of categories for video templates. - Personalize You can add your text and media files, choose a color scheme and font style, add a music track, and submit a voice-over all with a few simple mouse clicks. All of these will be combined by our video producer to create a professional video. - Save your video. Preview your creation, make any required modifications, and then download your video in the resolution you wish. Make any kind of video dazzling and spotless in a matter of minutes! Make advertising videos - Create attention-grabbing promotional videos using thousands of themes that are customisable. Make video marketing simple and enjoyable. - Use sector-specific promo templates to advertise your mobile app, food or hospitality business, healthcare facility, corporate event, and more. - Use our ad creator to create ads for online and offline marketing that are of broadcast quality. - For your independent film, make cinematic trailers and opening titles. - With the help of our invitation video creator, invite visitors to your conference, music concert, birthday, wedding, or other special event. maker of the intro and outro - Use our intro creator to animate your logo in a variety of ways. With attractive opening and outro designs, you can give your videos a modern, branded appearance. - For the ideal logo reveal for your brand, choose from minimal, dark, 3D, retro, footage-based, and many other types. - For your channel, make polished YouTube intros and outros. With our outro builder, you can add animated calls to action at the end of each video. Music Video Creator Utilize our intuitive music visualizer to see the most precise beats in your music track. - Gain access to hundreds of templates in every style, then choose the ones that best suit the tempo, music genre, and target audience you have in mind. - Create music videos that feature your company's logo or album cover. Use attractive visuals to promote your new song, album, or music channel. With the help of our audio visualizer templates, all of this is feasible. Slideshow Maker allows you to combine your photos and videos with the transitions of your choice to create the best-looking slideshows. - To create a slideshow, upload your media files, select a transition, and include a musical track. The remainder will be handled by our slideshow creator. - Create professional corporate slideshows for a presentation, event, business meeting, or company promotion. - Discover templates for business, vacations, birthdays, weddings, and more! Generator for text animation - Use dynamic typography to communicate a persuasive or educational message to the audience. - Utilize editable templates to create uplifting lyric videos, educational social media videos, and advertisements. - Choose from a variety of typographic styles, including wobbly, minimal, neon, abstract, glitchy, and colorful. - Find templates that are both fast-paced and slow. Create explainer videos and character animations with the help of our animation maker. Use demonstration movies to introduce and showcase your goods and services to your clients. - Use infographic videos to visualize data, study summaries to deliver research, and animated charts and figures to display statistical data. - Deliver corporate presentations to clients and investors to introduce your new or established firm. YouTube export The two accessible alternatives for exporting your videos in high quality are pay-per-product for a single export and subscription for numerous video exports. Features - Select from more than 130 songs or add your own. - Give your videos a voice-over. - Use the snapshot tool to preview any scenario before exporting. - You may always and everywhere access your photos and movies in the Media Library. - Export HD versions of your videos. - On your account, all of your projects are saved. Anytime you want, you can edit and export them again. - Constant support.

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Top pro

Ease of creation of videos with music or other audio

Top Con

Pay per Product" pricing is extremely high for a single video, effectively encouraging subscription only, which isn't a great way to promote growth.'

Hype Text

With 300+ Text Animation and a creative intro creator, you can create spectacular Text Animation on Photos or Video Stories. The finest intro creator is Hype Text, which will allow you to use animated text to create beautiful introductions and stories. It might include a text animation arrangement with a clean look that will make your movies and mojo tale art stand out. Uses for hype text include: Create original intros and outros for YouTube channels, presentations, business introductions, and more to grab viewers' attention right away. Your YT intros will appear amazing and professional if you use kinetic typography. Hype Text, an intro editor, also provides attractive intro themes, including those for gaming, technology, and minimal. - Tale Text Animation Maker: Add eye-catching text motion and effects to your video story, including glitch, renderforest, flixpress, and B&W. - Promo Video Maker: Make your marketing or informational message more engaging to attract more interest in your products. -WhatsApp Status maker: To create Whatsapp status movies, select an alight word motion. Disclosing them to your pals - Motion Graphics Creator: Create original motion graphic intros by fusing text animations with dynamic and geometric backgrounds! Backgrounds with a simple style can be used. - Brand video maker: Showcase what your clients can anticipate from you by using our animated texts. Text animations that repeat themselves will wow your audience. - Trailers Maker: With our after effects level text animations, make spectacular trailers for your movies. - Online Ad Maker: Use our breathtaking text movement effects to improve your YouTube advertisement. With hype text, the advertising's impression will be enhanced. All word animations can be exported as greenscreen or gif files, which can subsequently be used in video editors like Kinemaster and Alight Motion. -An animated short and lyric video You may add lyric animations to your films to create original lyric videos, video creator! With automatically designed and typographic text animations, hype up your stories and intros! It nicely complements Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Instagram. Key characteristics: - Hype Word, an animation producer, offers 500+ text animations created by eminent motion designers throughout the globe. In particular for intro makers. - You can create text animations similar to after effects using a variety of art alight text motion styles, including logo, social, callout, swipe up, subscribe button, Instagram follower reminder, 3D, flying text, hype, bubble text, typewriter, ripl, curved text, neon, quote, abstract, crello, and glitchy. - Customize the animation with your own logos using the intro logo editor. - In Canva, you may alter the text layout's color or use one of our offered presets. - Change the typorama's font and text size as desired. We provide vont types including flixpress, renderforest, adorable, crello, and ripl. Numerous options are available to enhance your videos. - Continue adding new text animations and layouts for story introductions. - A variety of backgrounds for the intro designer; in Flixpress, Canva, and Renderforest, you may even add texts. - The animation speed of the legend text. - Continue adding more animations, prologue templates, and text layouts. For making intros with animated texts on YouTube, Hype Text is a fantastic text animator and intro builder! Download this intro creator with professionally produced text animations if you want to improve your graphic design.

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Top pro

Simple and easy Interface

Top Con

Contains Ads


Legend - Animated Text is also used to create short intro videos and intro videos for social media platforms. There are numerous text animation makers in the Legends Intro Maker software. The text animation maker app Legends was created with a lot of vibrant animation. utilizing the text intro creator software Legend, create animated text. With Intro Maker, the potent end screen and pocket intro video maker for social applications, you can edit your vlogs! Use the animated text software to transform your text into beautiful animations. No experience necessary to quickly create word animation. Send it to friends or family as a customized message video. Create an awesome animated video with ease using animated text, text animation, and text to video. Utilizing various backgrounds and animations, the legend word intro maker software makes it simple to create amazing video intros for social media applications and more. Use the animated text app to overlay a vibrant background with animated text. The color wheel makes changing the backdrop color simple. Using the colorful wheel, you may quickly change the text's color as well. An application called Animated Text - Text Animation Maker Free gathers a variety of logos so you can pick the design you prefer. Features of Legend include animated text. 50+ fantastic text animation options, a backdrop photo, a new template, a new animation style for the intro maker, and the ability to save as a video. Save videos in many formats, such as 540MP, 720MP, and 1080MP Create a unique intro animation Post videos to social media platforms Enjoy this fantastic Legend app.

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Top pro

Save Video as Different Format like 540MP, 720MP and1080MP

Top Con

Problems with inserting images


Textro is a simple and elegant program that allows you to produce stunning text films or introduction videos for your videos. Make use of Textro to accomplish the following goals: 1. Increase the number of likes on your social media postings by animating your words 2. Draw attention to the artwork you've created for your stories by including animated text in them. 3. Add gorgeous prelude or intro videos for your Videos 4. Make even more impressive animated quotations so that you may blow away your friends on social media. Textro attributes include: 1. a variety of text animation styles to choose from when developing your animated video. 2. An Abundance of Color Combinations to Choose From, Which Will Make Your Story Video Appealing 3. An Abundance of Fonts to Choose From When Writing Your Own Motivating Animated Quotes 4. Either use your own music or music from our library, whatever you choose. 5. You can use your own photographs as the background for your animations. Textro is simple to operate. 1. Simply Add Some Text 2. Select Your Preferred Animation Style 3. Select Your Preferred Color Schemes 4. Select your fonts, and you're finished. In order to make Animated Quotes from your Text Quotes, add some flair to them. These Text animations will give your Animated Text Videos more flair, which will result in more likes for your videos. Construct awe-inspiring introduction movies pertaining to your video and combine them with your footage. Or just have some fun expressing your creative side!!! Do you still read? Great! Give it a shot now!!

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Top pro

User-friendly UI

Top Con

Limitations in the free version

Text Animation Maker

Construct a single narrative consisting of video, text, and animation, and then share it with everyone, anywhere, and at any time. *** DIFFERENT FEATURES OF THE TEXT ANIMATION MAKER *** Introducing a whole new story telling format featuring animated shapes and text. Animate Text in Video. - Twenty-five different forms of text animations - Full unicode fonts supported. - An animated word video with looping capabilities (suitable for Facebook, Instagram story telling) - You can export it as a video (MP4) or an animated GIF. - Embed GIF to gain more engagement (Thanks IMGUR). - Post the video (a gif) to Instagram, Twitter, or Vine, and then share it on Facebook... *** INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE *** TEXT ANIMATION MAKER 1. Develop a fresh editing interface. 2. Enter your text in the space provided. 3. Make your narrative unique (animation style, background, text color, FX adjustment, fonts). 4. Export as a video in MP4 format or as an autoplay GIF. 5. Post it on any social network you use or send it to them. *** DETAILS OF TEXT ANIMATION MAKER *** - No limit on the number of characters. typefaces chosen at random from the list - Alter the color of the typeface on a line-by-line basis. - The backdrop color and style are both identical to those of a post on Facebook. - A wide variety of pattern FX, including Animal, Loving, Tool, Emotion, and Heart... At long last, a robust introduction builder that allows for profound mobile interaction!

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Top pro

Full unicode fonts supported

Top Con

Takes a very long time to save your project


Making a beautiful YouTube intro video enhances viewer engagement and video views. Excellent intro movies or title animations can be helpful for animated social media posts, Instagram reels, and YouTube videos. For your YouTube channel, gaming streams, or social media platforms, you can quickly and easily make engaging and professional youtube intro videos, title animations, clips, or text on video animations using the PixelFlow app. Making animated YouTube intros, text animations, and animated video posts is a good solution. It has professionally created, high-quality intro templates that are simple to edit with any background, typeface, or music. Key Elements o 500+ Well-designed, ready-to-use intro templates for YouTube channels are available. Video Game Intro Maker Maker of Logo Animation Outro creator Maker of Technology Intro Maker of Cooking Intro Templates for Health & Fitness Intros 2D Intro creator Templates for Birthdays & Greetings Templates for Animated Text Simple Intro Formats Maker of Education & EdTech Intros Intro to Gaming Templates Adorable Intro Templates Maker of Sports & Gaming Intros Sample Business Introductions 200+ Awe-Inspiring Text Animations o Text Size, Color, and Position Customization 2000 or More Fantastic Fonts More Than 15 Dynamic Backgrounds This particular background type is known as Dynamic backgrounds. You can alter this type of background to match the color schemes you want for your company. Since all dynamic backgrounds are abstract, they are ideal for 2D text animation. Over a Thousand HD Video Backgrounds more than 5000 high-quality image backgrounds o More Than 350 Premade Gradient Backgrounds o Solid Color Custom Backgrounds How do I use this program to create intros? For YouTube videos, PixelFlow is typically used as an intro creator, an outro maker, a title builder, or a logo animation maker. To animate the text on video effects, PixelFlow adheres to the principles of Flat Design text animation, also known as 2D Animation and Motion graphics. You can make fluid Computer Class text animations, polished social media video posts, and caption videos using this program. Video content producers can use this tool to create animated social media posts and YouTube intros. An program that makes gaming intros quickly PixelFlow is a really straightforward application with a lovely and tidy user interface. The seamless user experience is also excellent. Simply adhere to these 5 instructions. 1) Decide either the Raw Text Animation or the Premade Intro Template. 2) Modify the text's typefaces, color, size, and location. 3) Decide on the background you choose. 4) Include your preferred music 5) Play the final Intro video to ensure it is correct, then export the video. This program for creating YouTube intros with music is constantly adding new templates and functionality. Please rate the app and provide comments so that we can make improvements. Thanks a lot!

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Top pro

Customization of Text Size, Color & Position

Top Con

No effects feature


Quickly make entertaining animated videos. Utilize our expertly crafted video templates to create intro videos, Instagram stories, social media videos, and animated text. Drag and drop animated text, photos, logos, stickers, and effects to quickly create original social media video content. With Pinreel, you can create animated videos with all the tools you need. Animation for videos has never been simpler! How to apply Choose a video template from among those we've already created, then customize it to fit your brand. To design something truly original, you can also start with a blank canvas. Adapt it to suit you - Animated stock pieces can be combined. To put your design in motion, combine dynamic text, pictures, logo animations, effects, and more. Share your design on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites by exporting it as a gif, video, or still picture. What distinguishes it? Pinreel is one of the most sophisticated yet user-friendly systems for creating animated videos, making them entertaining and available to everyone. To make it quick and easy for you, our designers spend hours producing video templates for any occasion. True simplicity in sophisticated animation! Features that are simple to use and intuitive include: 200+ animated video templates; live editing of video elements; the ability to move, rotate, scale, and combine various elements; and animated text with editable fonts, colors, text styles, and text effects. Resize - bespoke or ready to use contemporary sizes (Instagram story, square video posts, full hd...) Recolor - select from a lovely Color Palette Animated stickers; picture cutouts and transitions; and photo animation Pinreel uses Excellent suggestions for maximizing animated tales on Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinreel Animated text typography, Full HD Youtube intro maker, Quote & GIF maker, Photo Collage Maker, Social media video post maker for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Animated invites & party invitations, Animated video maker, promo & ad maker, and Instagram video text editor Countless Stock Photos Due to our collaboration with Unsplash, you now have access to millions of stock images that you can easily incorporate into animated social media videos. Invigorate your Instagram stories & stylish animated movies on social media with content that supports your brand. Nowadays, it is simple and quick to create animated videos. We put in tens of thousands of hours so you could produce something amazing in a matter of minutes. With Pinreel, anyone can create animated videos!

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Top pro

Custom or ready to use trendy sizes

Top Con

Limited free version

Text Animation App Physique

You may make some fantastic animations using your words and photos, apply some color filters to them, and then share them with your loved ones. You can even post them on other social networking apps. How to Complete: 1. Type in your text here. 2. You have the ability to select your favorite pictures from the gallery. 3. Select a text animation style from the options offered by the program. 4. You also have the option of applying several color filters to your pictures. 5. At this point, all that's left to do is either save it to your gallery or share it with the people you care about on social media. Features: 1. Stunning approaches to the motion of words. 2. Incorporate a photo of yourself into the background of your animation. 3. Apply several color filters to the animation that serves as your background. 4. Be sure to save your work in both GIF and Video format. 5. You have the ability to share it on social media platforms.

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Top pro

Various colour filters

Top Con

Contains ads

Synthesys Studio

When it comes to creating text-to-voice and commercially-useable video algorithms, Synthesys is at the forefront of the field.

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Top pro

40 pre-made avatars

Top Con

Needs more diversity


An easy-to-use internet application called Videomaker turns your script into a polished, professional video by combining artificial intelligence with millions of pieces of premium content. Features: - Voiceovers in more than 10 languages; - Millions of films, photos, and audio clips; - Simple editor; - Export in various sizes

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Top pro

Super easy to use

Top Con

There could be more features to be used

Mango Animate TM

A technology company called Mango Animate is dedicated to creating user-friendly but potent tools, such as animation makers, whiteboard animation makers, character animation makers, and business video makers. No programming skills are necessary; anyone can use Mango Animate software to make great films for a variety of industries, including business, technology, education, and others. It's important to note that all Mango Animate software has a lifetime free edition, allowing customers to begin creating videos with no cost.

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Top pro

Good selection of ready-made temapltes

Top Con

Works only on Windows


Elai.io is a cutting-edge new SaaS platform that lets you make artificial intelligence (AI) videos with a presenter from scratch using only text. It only lets you choose a presenter and doesn't let you make a video until you add slides and content. Elai.io gives you the tools to make customizable and adaptable layouts from scratch. Inserting or linking to videos is a great way to inject some originality into your presentation. A voice-operated function allows for hands-free work. Software designed to automatically fix or maintain your vehicle can be used with voice commands. You can use the various slideshow tools, and even add background music to your video, that the platform provides. You should also cut out any unnecessary background footage. With access to more than forty translations, you can make a movie in any language you like and share it with people all over the world. By including media like sound bites, videos, and images, your survey will be more engaging for respondents.

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Top pro

Easy to use

Top Con

Slow rendering for long videos


Without the need for human actors, cameras, or microphones, Synthesia can generate high-quality videos from text in more than 50 languages using its sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. It's ideal for individuals who want to make videos for personal use, as well as small businesses that need more content but can't afford to hire professionals. Based on the text in your blog posts, news articles, and webpages, this AI-powered text-to-video generator can create high-quality videos for you to share. After signing up, you can choose from more than 40 premade AI avatars or make your own, then type or paste in your script and, after a few minutes, download your AI-generated videos.

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Top pro

Simple web-based app with diverse AI Avatars

Top Con

Cannot make folders and archive your past made movies

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

How can Speechify turn anything into an audiobook?

Speechify provides anyone with an audio play button that they can add on top of their content to turn it into an audiobook. With the Speechify app on iOS and Android, anyone can take this information on the go.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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