6 Alternatives to Fireflies.ai

Fireflies.ai is one of top Note Taking/Speech to Text apps. But are there other alternatives?

Fireflies.ai is one of the top products in Note Taking/Speech to Text among many other players. Most products in the Note Taking/Speech to Text category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Fireflies.ai, we've curated a list of other Note Taking/Speech to Text products for you to compare.

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List of 6 Alternatives to Fireflies.ai

Marsview Notes

To handle calls and video chats, record meetings, and take notes while attending meetings, utilize the AI-powered program Marsview Notes. The program smoothly and automatically gathers information from phone and web conferences. Through a phone or a web app, the software connects to Zoom and records audio and video chats. It quickly transcripts the conversations and phone calls. These transcripts and notes can be saved by users for later use and in-depth comprehension. Effective meetings can be held by individuals, small businesses, industry experts, large teams, and organizations using the program. The software's user-friendly Meetingspace allows users to start meetings, manage all client relationships, get interactive transcripts, and get analytics all in one place. The automatic transcribing technology records meetings in real-time and provides users with accurate, punctuated transcripts, speaker assignments, etc. for a thorough experience. The AI engine routinely captures insights such as thoughts, reactions, inquiries, call quality, etc.

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With the help of the free Zoom app Fathom, you can concentrate on the conversation rather than taking notes by having the important parts of your Zoom calls recorded, transcribed, and highlighted. With the use of this data, Fathom creates call notes automatically and syncs them with your Salesforce and Hubspot CRM. Additionally, it creates shareable video snippets of those moments that you can send to coworkers. So that your team may get answers without you even being on the call, Fathom can even be configured to transmit snippets from your calls, such a customer's technical inquiry, to a Slack channel in real-time!

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Top pro

Quick and easy note-taking

Top Con

Maybe one thing they can improve on is adding a feature where in another person on the call


For virtual meetings, Colibri.ai is a live transcription and note-taking tool. The Colibri app syncs with the user's video-conferencing program, records online conferences, transcripts them in real time, and creates brief, searchable meeting notes that are simple to distribute to coworkers. It makes it possible for individuals and teams to work together using video conferencing tools in an efficient and high-performing manner.

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Top pro

Automatic transcription is pretty good

Top Con

Transcription is not 100% accurate


Noota creates meeting minutes and automatically transcribes audio and video files. With the help of our AI system, you can record, transcribe, and generate minutes for meetings, interviews, classes, and phone calls. With Noota, you can focus on the crucial and have discussions while saving hours of repetitive work every week.

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Top pro

Has a real-time transcription tool

Top Con

Perhaps creating a separate copy for subtitles can help here or a warning before converting to subtitles.


You may record, transcript, classify, and share all of your spoken conversations using the free Spoke app. - Spoke seamlessly interacts with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, allowing you to record and transcript any meeting simply adding a new participant. The Spoke program also allows you to add your face to a little camera bubble and record and transcribe any information on your computer. - While recording, you can highlight important passages and quickly annotate talks (e.g., "Pain point"). - You can modify your video talks by simply underlining the text and sharing only the information that matters. - After that, you can distribute explorable films that include the video, your labels, and the transcription. Share only the highlights instead.

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Top pro

Extremely easy to use and set up

Top Con

Pricing is a little too high


To ensure that nothing is ever lost or forgotten, Jog.ai automatically records and transcribes calls. Want your calls to be perfectly remembered? Since Jog audio is retained until you decide to remove it and is synchronised with the transcript text, you'll have it. Long after a call has ended, users can easily access critical moments thanks to advanced capabilities.

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Top pro

It has improved my sales calls

Top Con

Transcription isn't 100% but I don't really expect it to be

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