13 Alternatives to Google Docs

Google Docs is one of top Note-taking tool apps. But are there other alternatives?

Google Docs is one of the top products in Note-taking tool among many other players. Most products in the Note-taking tool category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Google Docs, we've curated a list of other Note-taking tool products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to Google Docs


The straightforward and user-friendly notebook app FairNote helps you write notes, create to-do lists, and scribble down fast ideas with speed and efficiency. If your device supports biometric authentication, you can easily use that to conveniently encrypt/decrypt notes without having to enter your encryption password every time. Other useful features include the ability to organize notes using labels/tags and different colors, use reminders to better keep track of your tasks, and protect sensitive data using industry-standard encryption. Features • Create text and checklist notes • Assign labels, tags, and colors to notes • Protect notes with AES-256 encryption; encrypted notes remain encrypted in filesystem and backups; if title and content are both present, only the content of the note gets encrypted and the title remains plaintext • Encrypt/decrypt notes individually, or in batch • Backup/restore notes using Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk, WebDAV, or Device Storage • Directly add new notes from the notification area A convenient way to retrieve commonly used notes is to pin them to the status bar. Set a reminder for a note, even if it is pinned. List or grid-based note organization An effective text search that highlights complete and partial matches Sorting notes by color, date, or alphabetically Using labels to filter notes Obtain shared texts from other applications Widgets for sticky notes and note lists that can be configured for transparency Batch operations, Markdown preview, individual or batch text file import and export, undo/redo capability, auto or manual save preference, search and replace, archive notes, adding a shortcut to a single note's home screen, batch operations, individual or batch text file import and export. Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish translations are available. Pro features include using dark themes, recurring reminders, one-click note encryption, and biometric authentication for note encryption and decryption. If you utilize biometric authentication, kindly keep your encryption password safe. If you forget it, you could lose access to your encrypted notes.

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Top pro

Create text and checklist notes


You can take notes with ease on any device, whenever you choose, thanks to Justnote. All of your saved notes are secured and can only be unlocked by you in order to view their contents. This encryption is made possible using the Stacks technology. Simple yet capable, Justnote is a note-taking tool. We include bold, underlining, font color, and background color options in our WYSIWYG rich text editor. It is simple and quick to take notes. You can use Justnote as a rapid note-taking tool to record your thoughts, memos, shopping lists, to-do lists, and other types of information. The web, iOS, and Android all support Justnote. On any of your devices, Justnote is available. Every note you make is automatically synced across all of your devices. the technology behind Stacks 1. With your private key, you are the only one who has access to and control over your identity in the blockchain. Due to the fact that only your secret key may alter your identity in the blockchain, it cannot be locked, blocked, or destroyed by anyone. 2. Only you, with your secret key, have access to the storage location where your data is stored. Your access to your personal data cannot be blocked by anyone. Since you have total control over how your data is stored, you can always access it directly whenever you want. Furthermore, you have control over who has access to your data. 3. Everything is encrypted, and you are the only person who has access to the contents thanks to your secret key. There is no risk involved in the theft of your data, nor can it be used to create personalized advertisements for you. Justnote, powered by web 3.0 technology from Stacks to ensure that your privacy cannot be compromised, will help you regain control of your identity and your data one note at a time. Justnote cannot be wicked; it is not enough to say that they are not.

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A powerful but straightforward handwriting note application. In addition to local personal writing, you may also video call several individuals at once and share your ideas with them as you're doing so. Put the feel of paper on the screen and stop taking notes on paper going forward. Rich and thorough features, extensive user customization, unending notes, regular notes, PDF notes, hand accounts, etc. * Imitation writing is fluid and authentic. Offer a pen, highlighter, and brush effect Support items, such as images, text, and PDFs Support for opening a note twice in software, opening the same note twice * PenBox, a collection of your favorite pens and tools * Zoom writing feature Support for bookmarks and hyperlinks for any content Import PDF, annotate learning on PDF, support text-based PDF content searches, and choose text for translation Support for numerous third-party hand accounts, hyperlinks, and PDF templates There are no longer any restrictions on paper to the world of A4 paper, no matter where you write or where you think about it. Support for numerous paper sizes, as well as the ability to manually change the page size Support for recording placed into any note position * Collection of stickers * When the last point is typed, straight lines can be used to design a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional pictures that can be automatically recognized. * Any paper color can be selected, the paper can be configured to be horizontal, formatted with little dots for Cornell notes, and the background paper can be generated by the user. Screenshots may be added at any time, and switch entries may be added to the status bar shortcut switch. Block erasure or select erasure provide for more practical writing and erasure. You may share your ideas with others by sending notes to them in the form of images, PDFs, etc. Support WebDAV network disk, Dropbox, and synchronization of HUAWEI cloud disk

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You may take notes, communicate, study, and share information anywhere with the help of Remarq Lite, a free tool. The free browser add-on Remarq Lite is a component of RedLink's decentralized Remarq scholarly collaboration network. Take Remarq's essential features with you everywhere you go by downloading the extension! You can quickly: use Remarq Lite: Create a profile and connect with friends and colleagues. Highlight and take notes on articles and other documents you read online. Keep all of these notes in one place. Share links with friends and colleagues. Collaborate on research projects and teaching assignments.

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Fast Note

incredibly quick note storing No other note extension opens as quickly as a note pad. Write notes as you normally would, and this extension will keep them for you. For taking temporary notes, there is no longer a need to open TextEdit. Unlike other note extensions, the note window opens quickly, so you can start writing right away. Data is automatically saved; no button to save or delete is required. You no longer need to pull down on the right side of the window to resize it because this changes the window's size automatically. Stores information to your Chrome browser; we do not obtain your data.

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You may include notes on any website using this plugin! internet-savvy notes You can add sticky notes to any website with the Chrome plugin Note-it, and they will remain in the same place the next time you visit that website. You may easily resize or drag a note using the simple, intuitive UI. - There are numerous colors available.

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A unique, enjoyable tool for organizing, sharing, and emphasizing knowledge Students and anyone conducting any kind of research should use NotesAlong because it is completely free. Features: * Take detailed notes in addition to making highlights * Take notes on web pages and PDFs using a rich text editor * Organize your information using collections, tags, colors, and reactions * Share all highlights on a webpage with just one click * Highlight and annotate using six different colors * Highlight and annotate web pages and PDFs using six different colors * Advanced search features an alternative to popular note-taking software like Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, and Google Keep.

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Page Notes

Make notes about websites so you can quickly access them when you return to them. (Connects with Google Drive) Ever have to jot down information from a website, such as a login ID, frequent flyer number, membership number, tracking id, etc. When you revisit that page, something you should keep in mind. This and other things can be done efficiently with Page Notes. You can be free from the smartphone if your notes are stored in the cloud. You can encrypt your notes if you want an added layer of security. Data stays in your browser and on Google Drive. There's more. Full features are listed here. Users' opinions of it, as seen by user reviews: "Page Notes caught my eye while I was searching for a Push to Google Keep plugin. Note context mapping benefits considerably more from this. The finest things are straightforward: url + note Perfect! " "That which I want exactly. super-small extension" "Straightforward and fulfills its purpose! What I required, exactly." Features: With a simple click, take and access your notes. (New) Use an obscure passphrase to encrypt your note. Password storage is not used for unencrypted notes. * There is an option to add website-level page remarks. All pages of the website have notes at the website level available. To the cloud, sync your notes (Google Drive). If you lose your local data for some reason, there won't be any data loss. For ease of searching through your notes, all of them are accessible on a single page. Filter notes by tags on the page that lists all of your notes. By prefixing a term with "#," tags are added to notes. * If a "note" is provided for a website, the browser icon's color will change. The sync to cloud capability allows several PCs to remain in sync. There is nobody to rely on. Data is kept with the user; it may be saved on the browser or in the Google Account of the user.

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Note Anywhere

All of the extensions here that are connected to "notes" that I searched for can only publish in pop-up windows, not on web pages. thus I created this: 1) You can take notes on any page of the website, in any position. 2) Real-time note saving occurs. 3) The ability to drag and drop a bar to move any note using the mouse 4) The notes are loaded automatically when you visit that page again. 5) A badge displaying the note counts for that page is displayed on the logo. Options to alter the notes' style 7) A summary feature for the notes Resize the note, then use the context menu to create it. 10) Show, Hide, Iconize, Pin, Unpin Notes on Page list every note on a page (number 11) Create a note by right-clicking a web page in step 12 Based on version 0.9.0: Notes can be synced between various computers by using the following two steps: If you have any comments, let me know. William Change History Fixed options save bug in version 0.7 Improved settings page in version 0.7.1 Adjust note size and note bar position in version 0.7.2 0.7.3 - Context-sensitive note creation 0.7.4 fixes the select text in notes bug and allows you to slide the note around. 0.8: Notes regarding page visibility - iconize notes on a page - display all notes on a page in a pop-up window Performance enhancement for version 0.8.1 0.8.2: Pin or unpin the note and select your colors 0.8.3 - Remove every note from a page from the summary page. 0.8.4 - may show/hide Date and time are displayed in a bar on the settings page. Sync notes, version 0.9.

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In any section of any web page, Beanote enables you to highlight phrases and images. Anywhere on a website, you can make sticky notes, select a different highlight color, and add remarks to each highlight you make. Beanote has a dashboard where you can view and fast search through all of your notes, as well as automated note saving. Features: - To highlight a passage of text or an image, choose - Numerous available colors - Utilizing a rich-content editor, make notes or sticky notes. - A note management dashboard Exporting your notes as Word, HTML, or Evernote files is a good idea. - Free

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Access Note

AccessNote is the official iOS notetaker from the American Foundation for the Blind. AccessNote is the first notetaker for the iOS platform designed particularly for VoiceOver users looking for a highly efficient, feature-rich note taking experience. In addition to being a low cost alternative to traditional note takers, AccessNote will allow users to combine efficient note taking with the countless other features and functions of the iOS devices. This will allow blind and visually impaired people in classroom or business settings to use the same popular iOS devices that their sighted peers are using. Some of the valuable features in AccessNote include: – Keyboard commands customized for input with both QWERTY and refreshable braille display keyboards, not available in any other app. – Two powerful search features for finding text globally across all notes and within a note. – Cursor tracking that always keeps your place when you return to a note. – Keystroke efficiency – Less keystrokes to get the job done. – Fast and efficient navigation throughout a note by page, paragraph, line, word, character, and other elements.

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Top pro

Built-in spell check

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a communication app where a person with blindness or low vision connects to people with sight, or industry representatives, through a video call. The aim of the app is to provide immediate, easy-to-use support for people with blindness and low vision. For example, you point your smartphone camera at things and get help seeing what they are. The app rings, a droning ring, until both sides are connected. It is a free service and is currently available in 12 countries, including New Zealand. The technology matches people based on language and time zone, so volunteers are only contacted during daytime hours. App users can also get technology support from the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk.

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Top pro

Networking (connects visually impaired users with sighted volunteers)

Top Con

Occasionally, there is video delay when answering calls

Seeing AI

Seeing AI is a free app that narrates the world around you. Designed for the blind and low vision community, this ongoing research project harnesses the power of AI to open up the visual world and describe nearby people, text and objects. Optimized for use with VoiceOver, the app enables you to recognize: • Short Text - Speaks text as soon as it appears in front of the camera. • Documents - Provides audio guidance to capture a printed page, and recognizes the text, along with its original formatting. • Products - Scans barcodes, using audio beeps to guide you; hear the name, and package information when available. (works with iPhone 6 and later) • People - Saves people’s faces so you can recognize them, and get an estimate of their age, gender, and emotions. • Scenes (early preview) - Hear an overall description of the scene captured. • Currency - Recognizes currency notes. (Requires iOS 11) • Color - Identifies color. • Handwriting - Reads handwritten text like in greeting cards • Light - Generates an audible tone corresponding to the brightness in the surroundings. • Images in other apps - Just tap “Share” and “Recognize with Seeing AI” to describe images from Mail, Photos, Twitter, and more. • Photo browsing experience - Describes photos on your phone Seeing AI is built to help you achieve more by leveraging the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence. As the research progresses, more channels may be added. Check out tutorials with this YouTube playlist: http://aka.ms/SeeingAIPlaylist Visit http://SeeingAI.com for more details Recently honored by American Council of the Blind, American Foundation for the Blind's Helen Keller Achievement Award, CES Asia, Mobile World Congress, FCC Chairman's Awards for Advancements in Accessibility and AppleVis Hall of Fame. Available in 70 countries including Albania, Argentina, Australia, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, European Union, Ghana, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, USA, UK and Zimbabwe. Gradually coming to more countries. Supported on iPhone 5C, 5S and later; best performance with iPhone 6S, SE and later models.

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Top pro

With options that include bar code scanning

Top Con

Narration is a bit monotone

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

How can Speechify turn anything into an audiobook?

Speechify provides anyone with an audio play button that they can add on top of their content to turn it into an audiobook. With the Speechify app on iOS and Android, anyone can take this information on the go.

Learn more about text to speech online, for iOS, Mac, Android, and Chrome Extension.


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