13 Alternatives to Kunduz

Kunduz is one of top Homework Helper apps. But are there other alternatives?

Kunduz is one of the top products in Homework Helper among many other players. Most products in the Homework Helper category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Kunduz, we've curated a list of other Homework Helper products for you to compare.
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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything

you read – faster.

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Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

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List of 13 Alternatives to Kunduz


You can keep track of all your classes, chores, assignments, and tests using the My Study Life online student planner from any location and on any device. Your academic life will be organized for you by My Study Life, guaranteeing that you never forget a lesson or a piece of homework. You'll be a more productive student with better organization, which will give you more time to devote to the things that are most important to you. To make managing your study life simpler, My Study Life is a popular cross-platform planner for students, professors, and lecturers. Your lectures, homework, and examinations may all be stored in the cloud with the help of My Study Life, making them accessible from anywhere on any device.

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Best for: Keeping track of your schedule and deadlines

Fact Monster

For learners who require assistance with facts, information for homework assignments, or general learning, Fact MonsterTM is the go-to database. This app has a variety of features, including an encyclopedia, an almanac, games, quizzes, research tools, and holiday-related content. On search engine results, it is highly ranked. Children's educational technology website Fact Monster is designed for them. Similar to the Infoplease website, it is owned by Infoplease and gathers a number of reference sources under one roof, including the Columbia Encyclopedia, the Random House Dictionary, an atlas, and an almanac. Quizzes, flashcards, a homework center, and Flash-based activities are all included. Factmonster is a member of the family of educational and reference websites for parents, teachers, and students that make up Sandbox Learning.

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With Tutlance, a freelance tutoring and writing service, you may obtain answers to your questions right from the subject matter expert. You can purchase answers to inquiries on our platform and receive immediate answers to homework difficulties from professionals. neither commissions nor third parties! One of the top-rated online assignment services for college students is Tutlance. Additionally, our specialists offer a broad range of digital skills. You may find the top tutors online through the Tutlance marketplace. Whether you're seeking for essay writing services or help with your arithmetic homework. Consult our specialists. Not someone to do your schoolwork, but a tutor! You may easily discover a qualified instructor using Tutlance, work together, and get answers to your queries about your homework quickly.

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Professional Helpers

CameraMath – Homework Help

For kids, Camera Math is a crucial tool for learning and problem-solving. Simply take a picture of the assignment's question, and Camera Math will display a step-by-step solution with thorough explanations. Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and more are all covered by Camera Math. An application for math problem solvers called Camera Math is a straightforward and effective tool. To study more effectively for you, take a picture and search questions without any advertising. Your personal math homework assistant is Camera Math. With Camera Math, you can quickly take a picture of a math problem that you're having trouble with and receive the solution in a matter of seconds.

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Competitive reward mechanism

Slader-Homework Answers

Students can interact, share knowledge, and learn on Slader, an online platform and social network. By offering an online platform and student network for assignment cooperation, the organization hopes to assist students in learning, connecting, and succeeding. Slader delivers content that is totally user-generated, free, and designed for the social environment that students currently rely on to communicate with one another, in contrast to other academic platforms. Slader has enabled student contributors to solve more than 2 million questions from 90% of the most popular high school textbooks, helping millions of students in 200+ countries overcome dissatisfaction with their evening homework. Every student should have unrestricted access to the academic tools that will enable their achievement, according to Slader.

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iMath is a math-focused online learning community. Digital technology encourages good human relationships to be available at all time, assisting students in their pursuit of academic excellence. For any student or parent, anywhere, at any time, iMath Solutions was founded in order to provide quality education and compassionate coaching. As we provide assistance to kids and parents to improve their learning, we are technologically advanced but human-centric in our approach. We are devoted to offering on-demand assistance at a reasonable price and in a manner that is convenient for you. Imath is a simple, lightweight, and effective C++ representation of 2D and 3D matrices and vectors as well as other straightforward but important mathematical objects, functions, and data types ubiquitous in computer graphics applications, including the "half" 16-bit floating-point format.

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24/7 Study Support. Receive answers to your homework questions from approved teachers. Studypool exclusively collaborates with the best tutors. Our tutors have been thoroughly screened for topic knowledge and hold degrees including bachelor's, master's, and doctorate. Numerous of our educators are connected to prestigious academic institutions. Students can get tutoring assistance with the Studypool platform for all of their academic-based queries. A marketplace called Studypool links students with questions to tutors who can assist them. In essence, Studypool is like having tens of thousands of knowledgeable pals at your disposal at all times.

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Best for: Science and English homework help in one app


The downside to Studypool is that the pricing is not transparent


A powerful homework manager built by students for students. Made by award winning developers, Egenda brings you the best of homework management in a full featured, beautifully designed cross platform app. Egenda makes it simple to add multiple different types of assignments and manage day to day assignments.

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This app is useful, and i appreciate the simplicity of it


Since the most recent update, this app has had all sorts of problems

Snap Homework App/ Snapworks

Amazing instructors', students', and parents' app on Android and iOS that keeps them informed about the Hom. Our goal is to build a connection between instructors, students, and parents in order to travel beyond the classroom and improve student outcomes. We make it simple for the instructor to communicate without interfering with daily activities in the classroom. By expanding the classroom to the mobile environment, we make things simple for the parents. We make it simple for the students to stay on top of last-minute adjustments and to always have access to their assignments. Utilize your phone to stay up to date on your child's academic activities, assignments, and events. Instant notification of last-minute changes in tasks and in-class activities. Enjoy the images from the classroom of your child. or a school outing. Your phone is always at your disposal. Most importantly, it is FREE.

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SnapWorks is FREE to teachers, parents and students

The StudyBlue

Place an order to have a professional quickly complete your homework assignment. We have writers in practically every discipline who can finish even the most difficult paper as quickly as possible. Our expert essay writing service at TheStudyblue.com is dedicated to giving you original, high-quality writings. We can guarantee that your work will always be up to academic standards thanks to our team of authors, who are all PhD and Masters degree holders. To assist students in generating the ideal document, our expert essay writing service also provides editing services. When writing an essay for school or college, you want to make sure that it accurately reflects you, thus we recognize how overwhelming it can feel to get stuck.

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Quality Work AssuranceYou are guaranteed to get quality work done to your specifications, before the deadline you provide

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-based digital curriculum resources for K–12 classrooms worldwide. We are the home to award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia content, and the largest professional development community of its kind.

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Excellent assortment of supplemental teaching material


Textbooks or ebooks not included


The Google Socratic app is a free tool that enables users to ask questions regarding coursework at the high school or university level and receive in-depth explanations, links to videos, and curated search results from reliable websites. It is a platform and homework-help app that provides students with solutions and in-depth explanations for nearly any problem they may come up with. Due to the lack of support when you run into a wall while doing your schoolwork, it can be difficult. Thank goodness, there are educational apps like Socratic that can provide you an immediate solution to a homework question. All you have to do is take a photo of the issue for which you are looking for a solution.

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Works for all subjects

Powerschool Mobile

PowerSchool is a student information system that allows us to manage a wide range of information, including the following: grades, attendance, tests, demographics, activities, courses, and photos.

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My school district switched over to PowerSchool about a year and a half ago


The user experience has been a positive one for me

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

How can Speechify turn anything into an audiobook?

Speechify provides anyone with an audio play button that they can add on top of their content to turn it into an audiobook. With the Speechify app on iOS and Android, anyone can take this information on the go.

Learn more about text to speech online, for iOS, Mac, Android, and Chrome Extension.

Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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