13 Alternatives to Mailbutler

Mailbutler is one of top Email validation tool apps. But are there other alternatives?

Mailbutler is one of the top products in Email validation tool among many other players. Most products in the Email validation tool category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Mailbutler, we've curated a list of other Email validation tool products for you to compare.
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List of 13 Alternatives to Mailbutler


Emailgistics is a team inbox tool that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. We have 25 years of experience helping teams of all sizes in a variety of industries (Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial, Travel). Emailgistics organizes and streamlines team inboxes, with automated email assignment and clear email ownership. Never miss another email or duplicate a reply. Alerts and reports help track and manage email faster, so your team provides the best customer experience.

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The Emailgistics team listened intently and really focused on finding us the best solution with their product


I've noticed that some outlook add ins can cause it to lag


Woodpecker helps you save up to 8 hours a week on email outreach. It sends your emails, detects all responses from your prospects, and follows up with those who haven't replied. You focus on talking to the hot leads. The email addresses you upload as your contact list are validated in real time, to help you get high deliverability rates. You can also use the built-in automatic warm-up mode, personalize & A/B test messages, and build multiple-path campaigns with conditions & manual tasks.

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Everything is so easy to upload and track when it comes to sequencing emails


The major downside to Woodpecker is the lack of two very important features for email marketing


Unlimited sending. Phone, email, and chat support. iContact Email Marketing helps businesses of all stages and sizes get results. From the small business just getting started, to the professional marketers and agencies, to high-volume senders with 25k-500K+ subscribers, iContact offers a plan to meet every need. All customers get a Success Manager dedicated to getting you up and running quickly, unlimited access to award-winning technical support and a 98% deliverability rating.

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I liked being able to send out regular communications with our followers and interested parties


At the time I was using it I was not able to embed videos into the email campaigns which was frustrating


lemlist is an outreach platform that helps you start conversations that get replies from your prospects, thanks to 3 unique features: - ability to create tailor-made and unique sequences thanks to personalized images, custom landing pages, and video prospecting. - auto email warm-up tool called lemwarm to keep your emails out of spam forever. - ability to send multichannel sequences, combined with highly-personalized features (cold email, cold call, and social selling).

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I love all of the features that allow you to customize pictures and videos for the customers


The only thing about this software which was not to rate five stars was the design (UI)


Mailbird is a simple, yet powerful desktop email client that helps you manage multiple email accounts. It allows you to easily integrate Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, and other online services, like your social media, and favorite productivity applications all in one place. Whether you are a freelance managing multiple work accounts or a small business owner juggling campaign emails, social media, and customer inquiries. Mailbird helps you stay on top of your inbox without missing a beat.

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The interface is robust and powerful


A waste of many man hours, I am exhausted trying to debug, write mail bird tickets , running outlook so I have access to contacts and trying to keep up with my daily workflow


Shift is the desktop app for streamlining your accounts, apps, and workflows. Tired of switching between accounts, and logging in and out? Toggle between multiple Gmail, Outlook & Office 365 accounts without the hassle. Connect all of your favorite apps (1,200+ to choose from!) and create the perfect workflow for you and your team. Make your work collaborative with Workspaces. Create the perfect workflow for you and your team with mission-critical tabs, apps and bookmarks in one place.

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Overall we're very happy with Shift and I can't see myself not using it


I have already blocked from my mind how awful it was to log in and out of software all the time in a regular browser

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an integrated email suite for modern enterprises, complete with Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Contacts, and Bookmarks. With over 15 million satisfied users and a decade of experience as a business email provider, we're equipped to sail through any challenge unique to an enterprise-protection and privacy for large volumes of data, user accounts management, complex workflows, and scalability. Enjoy hassle-free implementation and quick migration from any other email service provider.

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I would recommend to anyone who doesn't want to use the standards out there and at a great value


I use a spam blocker application thats why now i dont have this problem but before i had trouble with spams


SpamTitan is a Leading Email Security for businesses and MSPs. SpamTitan helps control mail flow, clean it, and protect against unwanted email threats including phishing and malware. Compliant with Microsoft 365, G-Suite and Outlook. Blocks Phishing, spam, viruses, malware, malicious links, spyware and other email security threats. We provide sophisticated email security for your business without making it complicated. Try a free Trial of SpamTitan Email Security today, full support included.

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Very good, we came here after trying two other services for a couple years each


Pattern filtering desperately requires simplification


Spambrella protect thousands of end users and handle tens of millions of messages per day. Spambrella have a highly diversified customer base on a Global scale. Spambrella target large and mid-sized organizations across all major verticals including financial services, retail, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, healthcare, education and government. Spambrella also have success with the world's most recognised non-profits, retailers, aerospace & defense contractors, banks etc.

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We were able to monthly bill with Spambrella, we migrated from Exclusive networks which weren't able to do this


The service from Spambrella lacks at times and because they are a reseller, there is one tier of lost control on the prof point platform


Professional anti spam and threats server protection for ISP, SME, SMI & large companies. It offers the best protection against viruses, malware, phishing and other threats and eliminates up to 99% of spam.

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The mailcleaner is true a mail cleaner it really helps us in cleaning our email from spam mails that are very irritatiing and it is also very cheap


Sometimes it allows the sending of unwanted emails and this makes us doubt a bit about security

Email Validator

Accurate and Reliable Email Verification service. Email Validator is a market leader in CRM and Email Marketing Data Quality. Easily connect Email Validator with SAP, Salesforce, Oracle via no-code Plugins. Email Validator validates email addresses right at the point of entry with a real-time live check to find out if they really exist and accept mail. Stop Bouncing - Start Connecting!

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Just in 2 hours all is done and works just fine


Due to clunky design I accidently processed the same list multiple times

Email Hippo

Email Hippo provides fast, accurate and secure email verification software, accessed via web app or API. Check a list of up to 500,000 emails, or use our MORE API to screen emails in real time to prevent spam and service abuse. With our ASSESS product, anti-fraud teams can also detect fraud risks at the point of sign up - checking emails for common signs of compromise or malicious intent. Email Hippo has provided email verification since 2000 and became ISO27001 certified in 2017.

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This helps us make sure we don't get banned by email campaign software providers and saves us a lot of time trying to undo having the account flagged


Domain validation sometimes does not work in certain domains other than Gmail, Outlook, etc


KudosHub offers an Email Validation platform which is simple, 100% trustworthy, 99% Accurate and cost-effective. It also offers a Powerful Email Validation API. KudosHub performs AI-based checks to identify Disposable, Abusive, Role-Based and Catch-all Emails. It considerably enhances your email deliverability by eliminating the bounce rate. You can focus on real customers and save crucial time by getting rid of fake emails. Knock us for customized offers.

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And the service was exceptional


Having bad contacts slip through hurts our deliverability which is disastrous for us

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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