13 Alternatives to pCloud Business

pCloud Business is one of top File Sharing Tool apps. But are there other alternatives?

pCloud Business is one of the top products in File Sharing Tool among many other players. Most products in the File Sharing Tool category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to pCloud Business, we've curated a list of other File Sharing Tool products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to pCloud Business


With the NetExplorer electronic signature, you can sign contracts, quotes, mandates and any other document digitally. Forget about paper ! Sign or have documents signed from NetExplorer, all with a legal signature in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

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Top pro

Additionally, activities may be sped up while sensitive data are kept safe, thanks to a user-friendly layout that works well across all platforms

Top Con

It's a pain to input even the most basic information, and when I need to make a change later on, there's no mechanism to go about it

Diplomat Managed File Transfer

Diplomat MFT is a secure file transfer and PGP automation solution, compatible with any OS or container, either on-premises or in the Cloud. Diplomat supports most standard file transfer protocols and Cloud Storage providers. An enterprise-class scheduler combines with alerting, auditing, and visibility to smoothly and reliably automate your file transfer workflows. A simple user interface incorporates over 15 years experience in delivering solutions to happy and loyal customers worldwide.

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Top pro

Liked that Coviant was there every step of the way to answer questions

Top Con

No features that we need are missing at this time

Digital Pigeon

A large file delivery service for advertising & marketing agencies, digital media producers, and creative studios. Never miss a deadline with our incredibly fast and reliable service for sending and receiving massive files. We use enterprise-grade Amazon servers to make sure your files are secure and delivered incredibly quickly. We have primary file servers in four continents and edge servers in over 50 major cities around the world. Proud to be ISO-27001 certified

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Top pro

It's a nice, easy way to send files and to have an understanding of what has gone where

Top Con

The search functionality on your sent items does not work well


Pigeon allows business professionals to share files with clients and partners quickly and securely.

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Top pro

You can put your logo and color scheme on every document request and send

Top Con

I'll have an older client who wants to bring the physical documents into my office, or mail them, but this platform works for every other client.


Files.com is a SaaS file transfer platform that enables organizations to securely transfer or share files between users, teams, organizations (B2B), and customers (B2C). Files.com has been providing businesses with secure, cloud native file transfers for 10+ years, servicing over 6000+ customers across key industries like healthcare, finance, media, technology, and more.

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Top pro

I like the ability to share files with a secure link with people who don't have a files.com account and then set an expiry time for the link - which is a basic feature but also very important.feature I like most is that people can drop files anonymously

Top Con

I am from a country where USD $ is expensive so files.com is a little expensive for us


Filestack is the #1 File Handling Service for Developers. Upload files into your app with 100x more reliability. Take those uploads and transform images at any URL by adding a few parameters and automatically generating a fully transformed image. Filestack provides responsive, reliable and secure delivery so that your files are delivered with unparalleled speed and control.

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Top pro

We are excited to experiment more with that FileStack has to offer

Top Con

The bad thing about this product is that this product is mainly for developers and a developer will eventually figure out how to store images for free online

Content Snare

Easily gather information, files and documents from your clients and stakeholders. Content Snare's customers include digital agencies, higher education, internal marketing teams, event planners, law firms, mortgage, accounting and more. The secret sauce is an interface that makes things extremely easy for your clients, so that they send you what you need in record time. Ditch those endless email trails and hacked together systems to get what you need. Collect everything in one place.

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Top pro

Content Snare have been excellent to deal with and responsive, even given the time difference of dealing with Australia

Top Con

In the past, clients would send content via email, which is cumbersome because some of the messages go to spam or its not in the right format or they forget to attach a file and on and on


Smartsheet, an online work execution platform, empowers organizations to plan, track, automate, and report on work. Over 80,000 brands rely on Smartsheet for project and work management because of its easy-to-use interface, real-time gantt charts and dashboards, and work automation features. *2018 Awards: Named a Leader in Enterprise Collaborative Work Management by Forrester Research, Selected to Deloittes Fast 500 List, Recognized for Technology Innovation & Vision by 451 Research

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Top pro

The ability to create robust communication plans was probably the most impactful feature

Top Con

I can't say there is anything I dislike about Smartsheet


Take a screenshot or drop a file. Share it via email, IM, Twitter, Facebook, whatever. Share the stuff you're working on with clients and colleagues in seconds. Collaborate faster, smarter, and better with Droplr. Also available in native applications for Mac, Windows and iPhone.

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Top pro

Droplr is a great tool to share screenshots, screen recordings and files almost instantly

Top Con

I don't like saying that, but there is no other accurate way to describe it


TitanFile is an award-winning secure file sharing and client collaboration platform. TitanFile is as easy to use as email, resulting in increased efficiency, cost savings and higher customer satisfaction while improving security and compliance. The TitanFile platform is comprehensive and supports diverse use cases and workflows such as secure file sharing, group collaboration, customer-initiated workflows, and shared mailboxes.

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Top pro

TitanFile is the solution

Top Con

No Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Contacts


JSCAPE MFT Server is a platform-independent managed file transfer server that centralizes all of your file transfer processes into a single easy-to-use application. JSCAPE secure MFT Server supports all major file transfer protocols including AS2, FTP/S, SFTP, SCP, HTTP/S, WebDAV and AFTP (Accelerated File Transfer Protocol).

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Top pro

Very good experience with it, thrilled for some of the features

Top Con

It doesn't scale well when resizing the console window


MASV is the fastest and most reliable way for video and creative professionals to securely send large files. MASV makes it easy to securely transfer truly massive files. MASV has no file size limits, no software or plugins to install, it is much faster than the competition, and is super easy to use. Every transfer is encrypted and secure. Pricing is totally pay-as-you-go, making it an easy choice.

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Top pro

I don't want to FPT directly to slow client computers and I don't have edit software to edit or compress files

Top Con

It's no possible to retain a partial upload and download


Filecamp is a cloud-based Brand Asset Management (BAM) software solution that helps companies organize and share their brand assets such as images, logos, colors and brand guidelines. Unlimited users in all plans, each user configured with their own set of user-, and folder permissions. Unique custom branding options will make sure everything is in sync with your brand guide. More than 1500 brands from all over the world trust Filecamp with their digital assets and brand guidelines.

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Top pro

I like that I have much more control over the user's experience than something like Dropbox

Top Con

Now that this feature is no longer available, you must rely on each administrator to enable the proper permissions to each individual user

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