13 Alternatives to Pixelied

Pixelied is one of top Social media Tool apps. But are there other alternatives?

Pixelied is one of the top products in Social media Tool among many other players. Most products in the Social media Tool category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Pixelied, we've curated a list of other Social media Tool products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to Pixelied

Merchant Centric

Get meaningful insights from your customer feedback and discover actionable insights that drive satisfaction and sales! Find out what tens of thousands of other businesses use to build their reputation, attract customers and grow their brand. The C-Suite will enjoy how this brings together Marketing, Operations, and Finance at all levels.

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Top pro

This company does great work and provides information that is necessary to carry on a successful business

Top Con

The only downside of this software is the lack of self service SEO/reputation management


Otterfish is an end to end branded content management tool. Built especially for brands, agencies and talent agencies Otterfish will be a one stop shop that will create efficiencies around the administrative side of briefing, approval of content, generating contracts, running and reporting on infleuncer campaigns.

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Top pro


Top Con

I'd like to be able to have some stock Images to play around with

Surefire Local

The all-in-one local marketing platform equips small businesses with the tools needed to effectively manage their digital marketing efforts to grow profit. Ensure your business is found everywhere by connecting to 70+ business listing sites. Easily generate and manage your online reviews in one place. Capture and manage leads. Generate, schedule and distribute content. View your site traffic, ad programs, call tracking, social monitoring, share of voice, competitor benchmarking and more.

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Top pro

We chat with her weekly and she's very understanding with all of our questions and we feel very comfortable with her

Top Con

Unfortunately, I seem to be on the must avoid and definitely don't let her log in category right now, so cancelling these recurring charges on my VISA is a whole different battle

Social Board

Instantly collect images and videos from Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Vimeo, Tumblr, and Youtube from any #hashtag Hide posts you don't like, block people, and search through all of the user generated content. Easily embed your feed into your website, or use our dedicated page to display the posts anywhere there is a browser on any device Our analytics rank the most influential people using your hashtag.

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Top pro

This is a very easy program to set up, monitor, and edit

Top Con

I wish it showed the captions and not just the pictures

Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike is the leading consumer engagement technology company helping 7,000+ businesses increase consumer response and conversions in digital and social media environments. A pioneer in digital lead response, social media technology, and online reputation management, Digital Air Strike deploys industry-specific software and managed service platforms to monitor, engage, improve, and manage consumer interactions for businesses in the U.S, Canada, and 33 additional countries.

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Top pro

It takes some of the pressure off of us to focus on figuring out Digital Marketing

Top Con

The packages, it's hard to know what we get and what is available


Strea.ma is an exciting real-time social media wall that gives event organisers, brand managers, and marketing professionals the ability to bring their event, hashtag campaign or brand to life without the need for expensive A/V hardware or software. It also offers a social hub that can be embedded in a customers website. The product has been purchased and used by thousands of brands in over 50 countries, including Google, Sony, Cricket South Africa, and GSMA's Mobile World Congress.

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Top pro

It looks great, very professional, and it's easy to use

Top Con

It's a small point, since we were moderating 100% of the content streamed we had to approve lots of posts

Palo Pro

PaloPro is a powerful tool for monitoring and analysing all Web and Social Media, collecting in real time mentions published on websites, forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Utilising state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning algorithms, PaloPro achieves up to 90% accuracy in Sentiment Analysis, delivering accurate analytics & alerts in real time, helping brands manage their online reputation, evaluate their communications strategy and deal with crisis on the ever-moving web.

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Top pro

User friendly experience

Top Con

The sentiment analysis could be enhanced.


Founded in 2009 and backed by Bebo founders Michael and Paul Birch, Onalytica is an award-winning influencer marketing software platform that connects brands with topical influencer communities and helps them to scale and structure influencer programs globally. Onalytica provides the software, professional services and consultancy to help clients run successful influencer marketing programs and integrate influencer marketing into their wider social advocacy strategy.

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Top pro

The insights this software gave us into our existing and potential market influencers was staggering

Top Con

Initially, the cost was a potential barrier as we were not used to spending such sums with external partners (historically our cost base/budget has been kept to a minimum)


IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF SOCIAL The no-fuss social job advertising solution You offer attractive work, but you cant find the perfect candidate? You offer all the right (job) conditions, and yet there's no match? Social media is key! Traditionally, advertising jobs on Facebook and Instagram took a lot of time, money, and expertise. The Booston recruitment platform automates and optimizes Facebook and Instagram campaigns, and we support you with seductive content.

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Top pro

Most importantly: It works and helps us reduce time to hire - Easy way of spreading job ads on a large amount of job portals, including Google, Facebook..

Top Con

Tracking overall is really good, for some channels though the conversion rates are not reliable

Khoros Care

Khoros Care enables clients to serve their customers on their digital channel of choice with unmatched operational insight & automation to boost customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Khoros Care offers Messaging to serve more customers with the convenience of messaging; In-App Messaging to securely message with customers in your brands mobile app or website; & Social Care to monitor & respond on social channels at any volume to protect your brand and build customer satisfaction.

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Top pro

It's intuitive

Top Con

I suppose the banality of social media in general, but that's not really a knock on the application.


Social media management is the other important factor of Rannkly's dashboard as the user can connect all the social media platforms at a single dashboard and manage all the activities there only. One can create social media posts with creative and theme-based templates. They can also be modified with images from the free stock library that have unlimited content. Such posts can be scheduled for any date and time through a calendar

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Top pro

Provides a platform to recognise the credibility of business, which enables our team to make bonds and tie up with them for example if our company want to select the advertisement agency rather searching the authentication-from different plate forms Rannkly has created an ease for us .

Top Con

Yes! There is always a room for betterment furthermore - all the businesses small as well as large must be included as well


Cortex enables companies to maximize ROI from their social media with an easy-to-use platform powered by Machine Learning. Cortex identifies what topics, photos, videos, and links perform best with your audience. For each customer, Cortex builds custom content calendars and content briefs for the coming week's content, then automatically creates posts your audience will love. Just approve posts and watch your results soar.

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Top pro

Cortex provides strategic recommendations for our hashtag usage and posting times that would take a human much longer to develop

Top Con

We're looking forward to any new features that will be released


SocialDog is all-In-One Twitter marketing service allowing businesses and individuals to manage their Twitter accounts smartly and efficiently ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ Features such as account operation management, follower management, engagement analytics and auto-tweet scheduling to help you to optimize your activity and grow your social media presence. SocialDog is Awarded "IT Review Grid Award Leader" for winning SaaS and and recognized as a smart and efficient Twitter management tool with over 800K + users.

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Top pro

The UI is super nice

Top Con

The price is a bit much for me since I am only at 6,000 followers

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