12 Alternatives to SummarizeBot

SummarizeBot is one of top Summarizing Tools apps. But are there other alternatives?

SummarizeBot is one of the top products in Summarizing Tools among many other players. Most products in the Summarizing Tools category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to SummarizeBot, we've curated a list of other Summarizing Tools products for you to compare.

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List of 12 Alternatives to SummarizeBot


Text summarization provided by SumIt! This app's about section. SumIt! is a text summarizer that works automatically. If you find that reading lengthy news stories, research documents, or any other lengthy piece of text is a chore for you, SumIt! can summarize the entire thing for you in the number of sentences that you specify or fewer sentences, depending on the length of the content. In order to generate a summary in the form of bullet points, it employs an algorithm that is not overly complicated but is quite efficient. This algorithm takes key lines and phrases from the text and pulls them out. This is a text summarizer app; please use it appropriately before rating it or writing negative reviews that entirely misunderstand the point of what the app is trying to accomplish. Its usage is for news stories and any huge piece of text that is public. • No cost to use • A straightforward and uncomplicated method for summarizing material • The ability to distribute summaries through a variety of channels (E-mail, twitter, facebook, whatsapp, text message, etc.) • If you discover that pasting the URL does not work, all you need to do is copy the entire text and then paste it to summarize. • Due to the necessity of using a particular authentication method, this software does NOT summarize Google Drive Doc URLs.

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Top pro

Comes out in easy bulletpoints

Top Con

Links to PDFs do not work


Better education Do more. Gain more productivity! All of this is possible using SemanTer Pro, a powerful tool for creating summaries. Have you ever attempted to create an article summary, even for a brief one? It might have taken many hours to complete. Get the overview from experts to cut this time down to a few seconds. You can choose the summary size with SemanTer Pro while the meaning of the source text is completely preserved. What's new: Added Help button to Summary page; New appearance Save time by using the following features: Summarization of Google Drive and local files (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, XLS, XLSX, and PPTX) With SemanTer Pro, you can condense any size of webpage as well as files from Google Drive and your Android smartphone. Pictures and scanned documents are not supported; only files with text inside them are. Files with password protection are not processed for security reasons. File access is made possible for Android Q smartphones using internal storage. Texts of unlimited size You can condense very lengthy papers. Any number of summaries possible Ad-free and extremely accurate algorithms Our innovative and exclusive algorithms ensure that each summary is highly precise. Different Summary Size Need a succinct summary or additional information? The screen's bottom slider is all you need to use. Condense URLs and connections from other apps Select SemanTer Pro by pressing the app's share button. 16 language multilingual summaries are available, including English, German, French, Russian, Chinese (restricted), Dutch, Danish, Czech, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Norwegian, Hungarian, and Japanese (limited). Share summaries by email, Skype, social media, etc. Interactive History of recent website summaries An embedded browser for searching and summarizing content It's as simple as ABC: Find the page you want to summarize, click the Summary button, and you're done! Text block summarization; scalable summary typeface for easy reading; quick and lightweight Queries If you have any questions or problems, please use the app's help section or, if you still can't find the answer, write us an email. Do not submit negative reviews before contacting our help team, please. Thanks! Your viewpoint SemanTer Pro was created with the intention of helping our clients save important time. Please provide us with favorable Google Play reviews if you believe this app has promise. Please email us with any proposals you may have. It will enable the continued development of SemanTer Pro and enable others to take advantage of it. Your feedback is valuable to us! SemanTer is continually being developed, and you can help out by purchasing the Pro-version.

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Top pro

Stability improvements

Top Con

No free version


- Book Summaries - Retell What this app does Improve your life to become your own hero! Our nonfiction summaries will teach you something new every day, enabling you to make wise decisions in both your professional and personal lives. Our summaries stand out for their depth and significance since we present all the major concepts and inspirational elements from the text while also saving significant instances and situations that help the reader comprehend the author's thoughts. BESTSELLER BOOKS CAN BE READ AND HEARD IN 15 MINUTES. While commuting, engaging in physical activity, or working, read summaries on your phone or listen to their audio versions. The Retell staff chooses the top books for you! IMPROVE THE SKILLS YOU WANT TO LEARN By using important lessons from best-selling nonfiction books, you can improve your skill learning and avoid countless hours of practice and frustration. PERSONAL SUGGESTIONS & GURU READING LISTS FOR PROFIT A good viewpoint can change things! Read the books that great brains recommend and take away the life-hacking insights from them. READ A BOOK EVERY DAY. They claim that reading is the best brain fuel there is. Feed at least one of yours by reading or hearing its summary on Retell! STARTING DAILY SELF-IMPROVEMENT WORK To attain your full potential with Retell, evaluate your life goals while developing your skills and attributes. Start your path to becoming a better version of yourself! Why Tell Again "I was able to read even more before night because to retell. The variety of books and categories surprises me!" - Kara "I struggle to stay up with new, essential ideas and knowledge since I'm constantly in a hurry. Retell, in my opinion, is the greatest method." - Mike "Reading used to make me tired, which I detested! But with this app, I can listen and learn about the best books without having to spend a month on just one book. This really brightens my day." - Alex Join the group of committed individuals who read and listen to the essential takeaways from nonfiction best sellers by Retell to further their personal growth.

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Top pro

The Retell – Books Key Insights app is secure to use

Top Con

The Retell – Books Key Insights have to add more privacy


What exactly is the Mentorist? The best-selling books in the fields of business, leadership, and personal development are broken down and summarized by Mentorist. But perhaps most significantly, it walks you through the actions necessary to put that knowledge into practice in the areas in which you have the greatest need for it. You'll notice results if you work with Mentorist, whether your goal is to conquer obstacles in your business by asking yourself the correct questions or to improve your focus via the use of effective mindfulness exercises. You do not need to read the full book in order to understand what it has to offer. You may immediately implement the techniques, ideas, habits, and routines of the world's most creative brains and top achievers with the help of Mentorist. In addition, you can begin taking action in a matter of minutes. Only take lessons from the very best. Utilize the expertise of the world's most accomplished people without having to read all of their books, go to dozens of seminars, or complete time-consuming courses. We took the time to compile a list of life- and business-changing acts that have been suggested in the works of popular writers and world-class experts such as Steve R. Covey, Elon Musk, Angela Duckworth, David Allen, Carol S. Dweck, and Tony Robbins, among a large number of others. Time is the most important resource you have. We give you the tools to make intelligent use of it.

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Top pro

Practical & powerful

Top Con

Can’t add actions to my daily focus feature


Scholarcy is the answer to the pile of papers on your virtual desk - research simplified! This Extension summarizes any article, research paper, report, or book chapter. It generates a background reading list and a referenced summary for those new to a field. Do you want to know how a paper builds on previous research? This is highlighted for you by our new 'Comparative Analysis' engine. Scholarcy can save you up to 70% of the time it takes to extract key information from an article to aid in your research and literature review. The article's significant contributions are automatically highlighted by our unique Robo-Highlighter. Scholarcy searches Google Scholar, arXiv, and other databases for open-access PDFs for each reference and can be configured to extract figures and tables. Finally, you can save everything to your Scholarcy Library or export it to your favorite networked thought tools.

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Top pro

Creates a summary flashcard of any article, report or document in Word or PDF format


The mission of SMMRY is to provide an efficient method of understanding text, which is accomplished primarily by condensing the text to only the most important sentences. SMMRY achieves its mission by: ranking sentences by importance using the core algorithm; reorganizing the summary to focus on a topic; choosing a keyword; removing transition phrases; removing unnecessary clauses; and removing excessive examples.

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Top pro

Simple interface

Top Con

No file import/export

Summarizing Tool

The online Text Summarizer assists in summarizing content for educational purposes or official use. It is created by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to provide accuracy and efficiency in creating an overview of the article. The meaning of the original content is not altered by this summary generator. The online summarizing tool has several useful features, including: free use; unlimited text summarization; AI Summarizer Generator; and the ability to upload or paste content.

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Top pro

Free to use

Top Con



The online Text Summarizer aids in the summarization of text for educational or official purposes. It is created by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to provide accuracy and efficiency in creating a material summary. This summary generator does not change the meaning of the original material.

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Top pro

Unlimited text summarization


TLDR: This is text summarization software that can convert long texts into five key bullet points with a single click. The software is very efficient at extracting and storing metadata related to any article or blog post, such as the author's name, date, title, and reading time. TLDR This carefully goes through the entire article's text and selects the relevant sentences from it. This allows users to get a quick gist of what is said in the article or blog without having to read through long paragraphs. It effectively filters out the text's weak arguments, flashy phrases, and baseless speculations. Users no longer have to waste time reading repetitive and boring sentences. They can now devote their time to more important and valuable tasks. TLDR This also ensures that users have a completely focused reading experience by removing all types of popup ads and graphics.

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Top pro

Article Metadata Extraction

Top Con

No support for free & starter plan


Our summarizing tool employs an AI-based algorithm that first detects and understands the best sentences in the paragraph before proceeding to summarize the content. Algorithm assigns a score to each selected line based on its accuracy, structure, optimization, quality, length, and other technical factors after selecting the best lines from the text. The Text Summarizer understands the significance of each line and compares it to the rest of the text based on the score. This tool summarizes the text based on its main concept using the important and other algorithms. The user receives a completely error-free final result that makes the same sense as the original text.

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Top pro

Set summarization length


The IntelliPPT.com summarizer tool can summarize any type of text. Our summary tool also makes it simple to compress longer texts. When it comes to character compression, our tool can compress up to 10.000 characters.

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Top pro

Takes Docx andPDF as input

Top Con

Limited to 3000 characters for free


PREPOSTSEO is a highly rated website that offers free online tools for writers, students, and SEO professionals. We provide webmasters with the best SEO solutions. Our most popular tools are the Online Ping Website tool and the Plagiarism Checker. There are over 20 tools on our website. These tools are completely free. Premium Packages are also available. Visitors can only conduct 30 searches per month, whereas free users can conduct 500 searches per year. By checking the SEO score before publishing a post, the PrePost SEO plugin helps improve Web page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Duplicate content can harm a website's SEO and search engine ranking. Check that the article you publish is unique and free of plagiarism. You can check for duplicates and plagiarism with a single click. Checking each sentence individually. Show the outcomes for each sentence. You can disregard your blog's current URL. Reports can also be generated from your website.

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Top pro

Acceptable limitations

Top Con

Vague database

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

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Speechify provides anyone with an audio play button that they can add on top of their content to turn it into an audiobook. With the Speechify app on iOS and Android, anyone can take this information on the go.

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