13 Alternatives to Textper

Textper is one of top Content Creation/ Writing Tools apps. But are there other alternatives?

Textper is one of the top products in Content Creation/ Writing Tools among many other players. Most products in the Content Creation/ Writing Tools category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Textper, we've curated a list of other Content Creation/ Writing Tools products for you to compare.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

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List of 13 Alternatives to Textper

Learn Content Writing

With the help of interactive video lectures and classes, this program is a great option for novices to learn content writing. This software is incredibly user-friendly and convenient to use because it doesn't involve any sort of sign-up process. Disclaimer: Unless specifically stated, the developer does not take credit for any videos that are featured in this app. This app contains videos that are respectfully owned by those who possess the copyright. Please email us if there is a video that belongs to you that is in our app but you do not want it to be there, and we will remove it right away.

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Novelist is already being used by over 90,000 authors to create their next great work. Writing your novels is made easier with the software Novelist. And there are no upfront costs, no ads, and no in-app purchases! Sounds arduous? Yes, it is. You aren't required to follow any particular guidelines or procedures by us. In order to help you plan, organize, and schedule your stories, we want to give you the greatest tools available. List all the components of your story in the plot, much like you would a board. Editing, moving, merging, splitting, reordering, and deleting of items are all possible. Additionally, you may add tags, metadata, and photographs to each object in addition to writing notes, messages, and setting a status. Metadata, statuses, and categories are all fully customisable. Write refers to the process of putting all the pieces of a scenario together. You can write directly in our app or annotate each scene, which is a component of your story. When you organize your scenes, you break them up into acts, parts, chapters, and other logical groups. The only restriction is what you can imagine. Your schedule is when you specify your objectives, such as word count or due date. Advanced features: Write on the web using any browser Generate and use templates when creating new books Backup and restore with Google Drive Book compilation in EPUB, ODT, or HTML format Complete book preview without leaving the application Rich text editor with format, counters, and autosave Insert and review comments in texts View and restore previous text versions Pleasant night mode Ahead are more developments, so check back!

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Pitaya is a potent artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant that aids in content creation and error-free writing! Pitaya wrote the following description. As you type and edit, Pitaya may generate articles, correct sentences, verify grammar, rewrite, and polish your work using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. It enables you to write the highest-quality blog posts, articles, and other types of material. It doesn't require much work and is quite simple to use. The same clever algorithm does each task. With support for additional languages coming soon, it currently works with English and Chinese. Who is Pitaya used for? Production of content Pitaya serves as your writing assistant and AI. Pitaya produces documents that look quite professional. While saving time and money, it produces stunning and distinctive text. Pitaya can automate your writing process and create many high-quality drafts suited for emails, website content, content marketing, academic writing, blog posts, social media, reports, and reviews depending on one to two sentences you enter in! Never again will there be traffic jams! With only one click and at a much lower price, Pitaya may create original, high-quality content. • Editing in Poland is painless! To make your work clear, genuine, and impactful, Pitaya can paraphrase and rephrase your sentences. Pitaya offers a variety of paraphrase versions, and it's excellent for academic writing, content marketing, blog posts, and advertising campaigns. • Proofreading Before submitting it to someone else, you don't need to spend hours making sure everything is flawless. Pitaya will instantly evaluate the document for typographical, grammatical, and formatting mistakes to ensure that it is clear and readable. It even discovers frequent errors that other software is unable to spot. The word flow, phrase structure, and spelling can all be improved with its aid. Pitaya is able to check for more than a hundred different sorts of punctuation, spelling, grammatical, and vocabulary errors. It does this for both Chinese and English as well, in addition. Pitaya provides assistance, enhances your writing, and transforms your messages, posts, articles, and reports in a matter of seconds. Access your files from anywhere at any time. Anywhere, anytime, one can write with AI. All devices are supported by Pitaya, which is cloud-based. Your writings across desktop, mobile, tablet, and tablet apps are all immediately synchronized while connected to the Internet. Your whole collection of files is both locally and remotely backed up using encryption.

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Textper is Simple to Use Depending on your needs, an AI writer tool can produce any form of material. It can produce original and plagiarism-free AI Essays, AI Articles, Stories, Sales Content, Amazon and Shopify Product Descriptions, Quora Answers, Youtube video Description, and many other text-processing tools. By going to https://textper.com, you can use Textper on a desktop or PC as well. You can use your mobile web browser to view TextPer as well. Textper is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant that can produce AI content. The following is a list of some of the text editor's writing tools: -AI Blog Writer -AI Content Writer -AI Essay Writer (This AI Essay Writer can produce high quality essays with no plagiarism and great quality content essays supporting different languages) -AI Novel and Stories Writer -AI Script Writer writer of video scripts Additionally, textper adds a large number of new AI features each month. You don't need any technical understanding to utilize this program because it is very simple to use. This application can also produce a broad variety of marketing material, such as AI Cold Emailing Copywriter, Sales Copywriter, Website Content Writer, and so forth. The following are some of Textper's standout characteristics: -Textper creates material with superior artificial intelligence that is invisible to Google. Which means you may use the content produced by Textper without worrying about Google penalizing you for duplicating content. After utilizing text-based content on your website or blog, your rankings will improve. Our blog and article writer is here to provide an excellent job for you. Textper might likewise be of use to you if you're looking for an excellent essay writing tool. Textper's essay writer tool allows users to easily create both short and long essays with a single click. You only need to include the topic or title of your essay and any relevant keywords. When you click the "Generate" button, an essay that is free of plagiarism will be instantly generated. You can then use it wherever. AI Story and Novel Writer Want to write a captivating narrative or novel? Without any additional work, our AI Engine can accomplish this. You can utilize the novels and stories that Textper generates without giving the company credit. What kind of novel and story you need to write might be specified. For instance, you may list humorous, romantic, terrifying, etc. More than 36 different languages are supported by Textper. So, if you require content produced in a language other than English, we can also write it for you. Our AI blog and article writers are capable of creating both short and lengthy SEO articles that Google would appreciate. If you use articles and blog posts created by Textper, you are completely fine to do so and Google cannot penalize your website or blog for it, according to Google's official declaration. Google has said that it cannot detect content generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Another highly effective method of utilizing AI in digital marketing is through marketing content written by Textper. This tool may also be used to create scripts for cold emailing, social media posts and comments, reviews, landing page content, sales page text, marketing videos, voice-over scripts, and more. Additionally, it is applicable to the fields of education and research. It is simple to locate content in your field of study and examine it for your research. Among the educational tools are: AI Research Writer, AI Report Writer, AI Topic Explainer, and more. Additionally, this tool can aid in the expansion of your online store and business. The following are some excellent tools for your business: Amazon Product Description Writer, Shopify Product Description Writer, Product Ads Content Writer, Product Sales Page Text Generator, and List Continue Continuous updates to Textper add new features.

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With the help of readers like you, our app was built. While none of the readers were authors, they nonetheless made the decision to compile a list and submit it. We'll pay you for each article you create, so here's the deal. Just a sense of humor, a background in humor, and an interest in unusual or amusing things are required. No longer are experience or certain credentials required, but you must have the following qualities: outstanding inventiveness, a sharp eye for detail, an enthusiasm for content production, and a willingness to keep up with trends. Every article that is published will bring in money for you.

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We are StoryBuddy, Asia's first AI-powered employer branding tool. Using successful storytelling approaches, we assist companies in better positioning their brands and establishing effective communication by developing interesting content. Storytelling, often known as spoken language, is one of the oldest forms of communication. Businesses that embrace storytelling in the current digital era are better equipped to connect with their customers, enable workers to identify more strongly with the organization, enhance employee performance, and even set themselves apart from rivals. By fusing AI with successful storytelling techniques, we at StoryBuddy work to position your brand in a way that is most advantageous to you. Social media and content rule the roost in the modern digital world. To increase brand awareness and loyalty, companies need to provide compelling, pertinent content that symbolizes their brand. An actual issue gave rise to the concept for StoryBuddy. Our founder Sam had a tiny staff at the time and few resources because he had founded multiple firms. So he was unable to use storytelling to deliver the volume of stuff he had hoped to. He considered how he could use AI and narrative together as a remedy for his issue in light of the expanding AI trend. Ineffective communication, a lack of creative inspiration, and a lack of language competency were the three key problems that StoryBuddy was designed to address. StoryBuddy, the first AI-powered employer branding tool in Asia, was created as a result. It uses effective storytelling strategies to assist businesses in better positioning their brands and establishing effective communication through the creation of engaging content. Our founder's favorite athlete, basketball player Kobe Bryant, is honored by StoryBuddy's mascot, Kob-i. When it comes to identifying their writing style, brand tone, and voice, businesses can use StoryBuddy, a service that was founded in 2021, as a mentor and writing partner. Kob-i, an AI-powered platform, is an expert at assisting businesses in scaling their content marketing swiftly by assisting in overcoming writers' block, creating both short-form and long-form material, and producing content two to three times faster — all selected for their target audience. The best component Businesses that use the platform over time and internalize the methods provided by Kob-i can create original content for themselves. By doing this, companies can discover the industry's top techniques for content production. Businesses that embrace storytelling in the current digital era are better equipped to connect with their customers, enable workers to identify more strongly with the organization, enhance employee performance, and even set themselves apart from rivals. With the aid of Kob-i, businesses may use the many character profiles provided by StoryBuddy to quickly produce content based on the tone, structure, and brand objectives. The persona mode is fantastic for a short story or introductory piece based on the user's chosen professional profile! If not, how about a catchy headline? Additionally, Kob-i aids in that. Businesses can easily create one-liners that may be used as headlines, captions, and taglines by using our quick generating tool, which only requires a keyword and some context. Want aid with your advanced writing? For intermediate and experienced writers who require content inspiration to draw on or who want to write in a systematic manner, the AI framework feature is informative and useful. Over 40 nations have used StoryBuddy so far, and more are joining daily. By combining AI with successful storytelling techniques, StoryBuddy aims to bring out the best in each brand by positioning it in a way that will be most beneficial to its target audience. Try StoryBuddy now!

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AI content creator that creates content for you! Create news, press releases, SEO articles, blog pieces, and more in a matter of seconds. Utilize AI technology to produce high-quality content quickly! On any subject, Qopywriter creates original, incredibly interesting essays. To generate totally automated and optimized SEO-friendly text, Qopywriter employs cutting-edge algorithms. Qopywriter can be of assistance if you're searching for a fresh and effective method to write excellent articles for your personal blog or website. How Article Creation Operates: Describe: To generate your article, provide the title and one to two sentences. Create: To create original content, our AI article generator employs cutting-edge language models. Editing and exporting: Editing and checking the outcomes of article generation. Export in many formats. Whom does Qopywriter serve? Copywriters Use AI-powered copywriting tools to create interesting content. Create and optimize high-quality content that search engines will adore with the aid of SEO Managers' SEO article writing services. Bloggers Regardless of your niche, creating the material you need is quick and simple with your own AI blog post generator. student athletes Use our service to quickly write college papers and excellent essays. Journalists Draw readers in while automatically producing the first draft of your novel. Your content marketing responsibilities can be automated using Marketing Specialists AI copywriting software, giving you more time to concentrate on other elements of your company. It takes effort to write an article. In order to help you produce high-quality articles in your field, we've developed an AI-powered content generator. Do you need more material for your blog entries, e-commerce product descriptions, or page optimization? We make things simple for you using Qopywriter!

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Text Explorer

Simple AI-powered tool that highlights pertinent information and keywords to improve the reading experience of optimized material. By emphasizing pertinent information and keywords, Text Explorer is an intuitive AI-powered tool that enhances the reading experience for optimal content. Reading articles will take less time if you first research the subject. * GET THE INFORMATION YOU NEED WITHOUT READING THE WHOLE TEXT WHAT TO USE: To get all important elements emphasized, just dial the extension when you are on a page you want to read. For custom settings and the word/sentence mode switcher, use the bar at the bottom of the page. To close the window, select the red X or the extension symbol in the Chrome toolbar (available in extension icon in lower-left corner of web page). Clicking the extension icon will launch the entire extension GUI and provide advanced options. Choose between the keywords and key sentences available here. - Turn named entities on (like organizations or places) emoji-based pointing - Modify the color of the highlight - Choose a specific text location - Alter the language of the website (may be 'en', 'de', 'ru', or 'auto'; useful for websites that aren't configured correctly). - Modify the quantity of key phrases and keywords (as fraction of the web page size) MAIN COMMANDMENTS: - Emphasize important phrases and terms Support for English, German, and Russian is available, and other languages are planned. ADVERTISED LIMITATIONS: - Extension is incompatible with various social networks, including Telegra.ph - The appearance and feel of the extension may differ slightly depending on the web page's aesthetics.

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Context Sense

takes information from a URL or piece of text and extracts sentiment, tags, topics, and categories. From websites, URLs, and text, Contextsense is an API that can extract and rank concepts, tags, and categories. discover the tone used on a website. Links from the web that are contextually relevant to the input are also fetched as an example of Wingify's contextual targeting technology.

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Talk & Write

a "TALK & WRITE" listening notepad for the Chrome browser. Use this speech recognition addon to speed up typing. You can type text using your voice with the aid of the Chrome addon "Talk & Write." Read a text, and it will be typed onto a notepad for you to edit as you see fit. The goal of "Talk & Write" is to digitize a text document by reading it using a straightforward interface. Use an external microphone or a headset for better results. powered by Google's Web Speech API.

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A Chrome Extension to Summarize Articles and Blog Posts Using AI Cruxe AI Summarization Extension gives you the ability to summarize your text in the required number of words so that you can decide early on whether to read the entire article or not and reclaim your time. Features of the Chrome Extension: 1) When you visit any online page, the text is automatically selected. 2) The ability to select the ideal number of words for the summary. 3) Summarizes any specific area of the page on selection. 4) Operates on all popular blogs, websites, Wikipedia, etc. 5) The option to switch between dark and light modes. Cruxe is an AI-based summarization platform for content creators, SEO specialists, lawyers, founders, and content teams. It uses the most cutting-edge AI algorithms, like GPT-3, and has editing tools built in, like Canva, so you can post right away without having to go through the hassle of manually filtering the cluster.

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ContentBot AI Writer

a new member of your AI team. Get your writing done by the most cutting-edge AI in the world. A lot of things, including advertisements, landing sites, and blog posts. New member of your content team and an AI writer. Get your writing done by the most cutting-edge AI in the world. A lot of things, including advertisements, landing sites, and blog posts. For a variety of creators Numerous types of authors in the digital realm receive assistance from our AI Writer. Founders Get your very own AI content assistant. 10x faster content production. Internet marketers With our selection of tools, you may significantly increase the output of your work. electronic marketers For your experiments on ads and landing pages, produce a ton of copy. Copywriters For your marketing materials and products, create more convincing copy. Experts in SEO We have a number of tools that might assist you in coming up with blog topic ideas and more convincing meta text. Bloggers You are protected by us. Boost the quantity of your blog posts Anywhere you are, write AI content: - Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Amazon, StackOverflow, Quora, and a plethora of other services. You may also utilize our AI Writer Web App at https://contentbot.ai/app. freshest updates (04 July 2022) - Added model selection to long-form tools; - Added new branding pictures; - Added new branding palette - Last placement storage and restoring were added. - A problem with the system preventing some WordPress pages from loading was resolved. - A problem with the system preventing Google Docs from working was resolved. Fix for the temporary issue where integration scripts occasionally loaded more than once by adding a rule that will always write to the end of the text. Making initialization flows incorrect - Fix for problem where, occasionally, background scripts would fail. Improvement in quality rather than usage was the issue.

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Easy Ways to Write Summarizing lengthy texts will save you time. You can sum up any webpage using Contentyze. Visit the webpage you wish to summarize, select "One-Line Summary" or "Longer Summary," and then wait a moment or two to get the text's summary.

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Generate a text from a headline

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

How can Speechify turn anything into an audiobook?

Speechify provides anyone with an audio play button that they can add on top of their content to turn it into an audiobook. With the Speechify app on iOS and Android, anyone can take this information on the go.

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