13 Alternatives to VoiceFiller Speech To Text for Website Forms

VoiceFiller Speech To Text for Website Forms is one of top Speech to Text apps. But are there other alternatives?

VoiceFiller Speech To Text for Website Forms is one of the top products in Speech to Text among many other players. Most products in the Speech to Text category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to VoiceFiller Speech To Text for Website Forms, we've curated a list of other Speech to Text products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to VoiceFiller Speech To Text for Website Forms

voice finger

You can use your computer using Voice Finger without ever touching the keyboard or mouse. This makes it an excellent option for those who have limitations or injuries. This hands-free method also makes it perfect for players who need to use their hands to control the game but want to use their computer for another work. The left, middle, and right mouse buttons can all be controlled via voice commands. This isn't a transcription service, so you'll need to find other software to avoid typing papers like essays, school assignments, meeting minutes, and more. Despite being excellent at controlling the computer with voice commands, it isn't one. Features complete remote control of the mouse One-step instructions

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Top pro

Useful for computer control for people with repetitive strain injury sufferers or physical disabilities

Top Con

Windows only

Cmu SPphinx

A big vocabulary continuous speech recognizer with speaker independence, CMUSphinx was made available under a BSD-style license. Additionally, it is a collection of free and open-source materials and tools that help academics and developers create voice recognition systems. The collective name for the series of voice recognition systems created at Carnegie Mellon University is CMU Sphinx, sometimes known as Sphinx for short. These contain an acoustic model trainer and a group of speech recognizers (Sphinx 2–4). (SphinxTrain). Sphinx 2 and Sphinx 3 were two speech recognizer components that the Sphinx group at Carnegie Mellon promised to making available as open source in 2000. (in 2001). Sample applications and acoustic models are included with the speech decoders. Software for acoustic model training, language model compilation, and other resources are also available.

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Top pro


Top Con

The program can't start because MSVCR110.dll is missing" Despite the fact I DO have it installed

Simon Speech Recognition

Open source speech recognition software called Simon can take the role of your keyboard and mouse. Any language or dialect can be used with the system because it is made to be as adaptable as possible. Running on both Windows and Linux, Simon makes use of the KDE libraries, CMU SPHINX, and/or Julius combined with the HTK. What Siri is to iOS, Simon is to Linux. Well, it's probably not, but they both listen to what you have to say in addition to having names that begin with a "S." The distinction is that Simon is much easier to manage. It is fully trainable to understand voice commands, which can be a helpful tool for users with disabilities or even those who prefer to use their voices to operate their devices.

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Top pro

An open-source speech recognition program and replaces the mouse and keyboard

Top Con



Become a better, quicker, and more informed blogger. With Dictandu, you can dictate up to 10,000 words in an hour. Being a blogger makes you quicker, healthier, and more inventive. Improve your writing skills. You can adopt a better workflow and stick to it with Dictandu's help. The majority of writers' workflows can be divided into four stages: IDEA GENERATION & STRUCTURE WRITING EDITING ADVANCEMENT AND PUBLICATION Every item begins with a fresh notion. After that, you conduct research on the subject and organize your ideas. After that, you move on to writing and editing; this is where Dictandu is useful. Dictandu helps you get better at the writing and editing processes. It aids in separating the two for you. You can concentrate and get your thoughts out while dictating. Many of us modify our writing as we go along. This is a serious error. You should concentrate on producing content and getting your work on paper. With Dictandu, this is simple. When you're speaking, it's harder to think of ways to make the previous phrase stronger than when you're typing. You can write up to 10,000 words per hour and publish material quickly. After finishing, you enter editing mode and move on to step 4. Your goal throughout the editing stage is to make your text better. You check your grammar and see if your writing style fits the context of the essay. Dictandu assists you throughout this stage with a built-in writing helper that flags potential errors and stylistic problems. You repeat the writing and editing processes until your essay is complete and prepared for publication. Your peace is published and promoted at the final stage. Dictandu makes it simple.

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Top pro

Produce More ContentWith dictation you can produce more text in a shorter time


By transcribing your video, RaeNotes makes your team's oral knowledge accessible, searchable, and arranged for assessments. With just one platform, RaeNotes for Mentor Coaches makes it easy to record and evaluate coaching sessions, tag competencies and markers, and share feedback. RaeNotes for Meetings aids in creating an archive of recordings and thoughts from meetings that are searchable.

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Multilingual Connections

A translation company in the Chicago region called Multilingual Connections offers services in over 75 languages for translation, transcription, subtitles, voiceover, support for qualitative research, and interpretation. proudly owned by women.

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Top pro

Translation and design were excellent

Top Con

Translating takes a lot of time


A professional software as a service (SaaS) called Rythmex offers audio to text conversion, enabling any customer to transcribe any audio file and edit it in.txt format. Rythmex offers the option to upload any audio file, convert it to text, and edit it with an advanced text editor. This advanced text editor includes the following features: - Change the speech rate - Find & Replace - Edit each speaker separately - Share Transcription - Hotkeys - Audio player - Export in.docx or.txt Rythmex automatic audio to text converter offers a 7-day trial of 30 minutes for free.

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For a fraction of the effort and money of conventional services, Ebby can instantly convert your audio to text. With the help of our speech recognition software, you may create time stamps and recognize speakers. For increased accuracy, more than 100 languages and dialects are supported. For quick and simple editing, our online editor will play your media file as the transcript is being read aloud. Your transcript can be downloaded and exported as MS Word, PDF, Text, HTML, WebVTT, or SubRip.

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Top pro

100+ languages and dialects

Top Con

Odd in-app advice


You can acquire excellent transcripts of your meetings, podcasts, videos, webinars, and other audio/video content at Scribie.com. In order to produce high-quality transcripts with the least amount of effort, Scribie has re-envisioned and reinvented the transcription process for the internet era. They use a four-step process in which their certified freelancers complete the first work, which is subsequently quality-assured by their in-house team. They can guarantee a minimum accuracy level of 98% for the transcripts thanks to their thorough approach.

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Top pro

Excellent accuracy

Top Con

Confusing web interface


A free transcription tool that runs straight in your web browser is called oTranscribe. You can control the text editor and music player from the same window thanks to the straightforward interface, which eliminates the need to go between tabs to pause and resume the audio. The text editor is compatible with a number of document types, including.txt and.md.

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Top pro

Can be inexpensive

Top Con

No live transcription


a transcription and editing application that combines a text editor and media player to assist researchers in online audio transcription.

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Top pro

Quality of transcription

Top Con

It might be slow working with large-sized files or with videos

Wordly AI-Powered Interpretation

At live, online, and hybrid meetings and events, Wordly offers AI-powered interpretation and translation. Without using any specialized tools or human interpreters, you can translate speakers into audio and captions for more than 20 different languages. Additionally, Wordly offers document translation, audio transcription, video translation, and video subtitles. Participants utilize their phone, tablet, or computer to access the live translation after choosing their chosen language. It is 24/7 on-demand, compatible with all significant virtual and video conferencing systems, and doesn't need any IT support to set up. Inclusion, engagement, and learning can all be increased quickly, easily, and affordably with Wordly.

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Top pro

Cost effective solution that provides added value

Top Con

Costing structure was a bit unclear


Quen is a transcription tool that may be used on-premises or in the cloud to assist businesses record and monitor audio or video conversations during online meetings. Managers can exchange links to notes, files, slideshows, and other materials with team members from a central repository. For archiving and future use, Quen enables companies to download and export transcripts in a variety of formats. The ability for staff members to listen to shared meeting recordings in different languages, including Spanish, French, English, German, or Korean, can be configured by administrators. Managers can use the video to text converter with artificial intelligence (AI) to extract speech from uploaded videos in the form of text documents, and they can change the playback speed of recordings for a quick summary of concepts covered during meetings. Quen makes it easier to integrate Zoom so that meeting records may be automatically imported onto a single platform. To get feedback and clarifications from team members, managers can also send links to particular sections of sessions.

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