13 Alternatives to Yalla

Yalla is one of top Project Management Tool apps. But are there other alternatives?

Yalla is one of the top products in Project Management Tool among many other players. Most products in the Project Management Tool category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Yalla, we've curated a list of other Project Management Tool products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to Yalla


Over 150,000 users at the likes of GitHub, Shopify, and Asana use Geekbot to run asynchronous standups, retrospectives, surveys, and 1-on-1s. Helping them spend less time in meetings, save time on reporting, and still know who's working on what. Automatically flag issues and blockers, track team sentiment at a glance, and offload managerial overhead, all with the easy-to-use bot that works in Slack and MS Teams. Try Geekbot for free today at Geekbot.com.

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Top pro

Overall I enjoy using geekbot

Top Con

Its difficult to send multiple text


RoboHead is a project management solution for in-house marketing and creative groups to manage your people, deadlines, as well as the creative review and approval process. Manage your projects from start to finish with customizable job request forms, resource management, online feedback and approvals, asset management, and robust reporting. It's easy to learn and use, and has a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

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Top pro

I like that all tasks and comments can be kept together, as well as reviews and various versions of reviews

Top Con

Sometimes files are hard to find if not properly tagged

eXo Platform

eXo Platform is a digital workplace solution with a built-in project management system that you can use to manage a wide range of activities: estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems. eXo platform is an open-source project management and collaboration tool. It helps you manage projects, teams and tasks in one pla

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Top pro

Exo Platform is an outstanding software that provides an excellent platform for collaborating for our projects

Top Con

The open tool is limited

Priority Matrix

PRIORITY MATRIX is a powerful, intuitive, and easy to use software suite that helps MANAGERS become more effective at managing their priorities using proven time management methodologies. Priority Matrix provides a platform for TEAMS to prioritize tasks and projects to work more effectively, communicate team priorities, delegate work, track progress, and ultimately, provide more visibility and accountability.

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Top pro

I love the matrix style and the ability to always have it up on my screen

Top Con

However, the 'feature' that means that it loads on startup is annoying and wastes my time, and I have found that some tasks get lost when you are logged in on multiple devices


Project Management Software that keeps teams on the same page working toward a common goal: finishing a project together.

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Top pro

I had an opportunity to attend a demo of casecamp by its product lead and I was very impressed with its functionality

Top Con

It was not at all complicated to pickup and use

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an Agile project management tool from the agile software development experts. Easy to use, Tracker enables real time collaboration around a shared, prioritized backlog. When everyone shares the same view of what's going on, product owners know where things stand and developers know what to focus on. Simple, yet powerful and transformative, Tracker allows your company to bring the right products to market faster, and continue to deliver as the world evolves.

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Top pro

Pivotal tracker is very reliable and the features which they provide well thought

Top Con

The problem that I have with Pivotal is that its success in the coding side of the business led to its adoption across the board in all our business processes


5pm is a powerful project & task management tool with an intuitive interface everything within a click or two! Keep track of your projects and tasks, share notes and files with team and clients all in one secure location. Customizable interface, powerful Timeline view, Reports, integrations with other products you will find it easy to start using it, yet it packs much more under the hood. Available in 26 languages and helping clients around the world for over 11 years!

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Top pro

She puts my tasks in there and I am able to see them right away

Top Con

I have a hard time finding my tasks (completed or not) in the system


Cloud based solution for individuals and small to medium-sized teams. Features include time tracking and task management.

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Top pro

We really like Aiveo as it helps to gather requirements from our clients, also it is a great tool for managing developers and testers

Top Con

UI does not adjust properly to different screen resolutions

Sage 300cloud

Sage 300cloud helps business manage their finance and accounting needs.The product takes the complexity out of managing business finances across borders, in multiple currencies and locations.Sage 300cloud is especially sought after by companies with complex corporate structures such as multi-entities, franchisees, and companies with an international subsidiary as it has strong GL consolidation features and can easily account for intercompany transfers automatically. test

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Top pro

It is really good for a large scale company with over 20 employees

Top Con

The errors such as journal entries in locked period and batch numbers are too complicated to trace throughout the process

ITM Platform

ITM Platform is the only Project Management software that can be deployed within two weeks, aligning your portfolio to the business strategy. Team members will learn how to use the fully-featured project and work management tools within a day, providing portfolio managers with access to the metrics that matter.

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Top pro

It was the one that I liked the most and the managers too, so we started the free trial and it is awesome how this program shows the reality of the department

Top Con

The managers where looking for a solution to the inestability and disorder of the design department, so they wanted to start controlling the worked hours of the members of the design team


With integrated CRM, projects, billing, help desk, reporting and collaboration, WORK[etc] is the all-in-one cloud-based software solution to manage your growing business. WORKetc goes beyond what the average CRM can do by letting you manage and track all aspects of the entire customer lifecycle. WORK[etc] is there every step of the way -- from the initial sale through to quotes, projects, product delivery, invoicing, customer support, and that all-important follow up sale.

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Top pro

It helps with project management, and the things you can do to manage your projects are excellent

Top Con

At the time I was using it, it didn't integrate well with our email service and had a ton of bugs


Agantty is everything that most project management tools are not. Sexy, simple and effective. All those things were important to us and we missed them in most of the solutions we found out there. As we are usually a web agency, we were always looking for a really nice project management tool, which is low in cost to get some structure in our chaotic daily nerd business. We were looking for such a solution for so long, that we thought why not just built it and share it with the world?

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Top pro

It's amazing that this tool is free to use

Top Con

Some funktions are uneasy to realize ( for e


WorkflowMax, a cloud-based project/job management solution is loved by 10,000+ businesses. Creative agencies, architects, engineers, surveyors, lawyers, IT companies, construction firms, consultants and anyone who bills by time should try this software. Supercharge your profitability and sort out all your project/job/workflow management needs with our all-in-one system. Track leads/quotes/timesheets/job tracking/costing/invoicing/reporting plus Integrates with 30+ other systems. Try it now!

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Top pro

The ability to calculate and manage task time automatically without having people try to manually work out their hours is very helpful

Top Con

It can be difficult to use if you don't watch the tutorials first

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