13 Alternatives to YesEvents

YesEvents is one of top Video Conference Tool apps. But are there other alternatives?

YesEvents is one of the top products in Video Conference Tool among many other players. Most products in the Video Conference Tool category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to YesEvents, we've curated a list of other Video Conference Tool products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to YesEvents


Simple software for teachers. Ubindi is an intuitive booking & admin system for independent instructors or small studios. An all-in-one solution, Ubindi handles all of the following: class bookings for online & in-person classes, payments, attendance, passes & memberships, on-demand videos, client management and emailing, website integration, waivers, referral program. Yes, that's lot. But it's still simple & easy to use!

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Top pro

This platform makes it easy for students to enroll in classes

Top Con

Sometimes it's confusing or cumbersome for students to go to a website rather than opening an app and everything is already in front of them

Apache OpenMeetings

Conference management solution that includes audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, collaborative document editing, and more.

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Cvent Event Management

Cvent delivers an all-in-one event platform for any event, and every event. Our platform simplifies the management of each stage of the event lifecycle while giving you the data and insights you need to maximize your value. Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, you'll have a single platform with everything you need to find suppliers, engage attendees, maximize sponsor value, and capture important event data.

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Top pro

While there are always needs that not all softwares can meet, CVENT is very responsive to helping us find solutions and workarounds

Top Con

I don't know if the issue was software-based, or due to admin error, however

Mux Video

Makes building live streaming into your web or native applications simple.

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Top pro

It just works

Top Con

It would be really nice if they have some WebRTC solutions also

Video sdk

videosdk.live serves Software development kits (SDK) that enables developers to integrate audio chat, video chat, live video streaming & hosting video in applications, polls & more.

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Top pro

Easy access to documentation and really fast tech support on WhatsAppGreat product

Top Con

Not being able to redesign the prebuilt SDKTheir invoice was so small that it triggered my bank's fraud alert system

Kaltura Video Platform

Kaltura drives communication, virtual events, learning, and TV experiences for millions of users daily, with live, real-time, and on-demand video products, as well as specialized industry solutions for Education and Media & Telecom. Other cloud platforms and companies also use our Media Services to power video experiences and workflows for their own products

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Top pro

I like what the software does, it just seems to be slow when posting videos

Top Con

I would switch browsers and enable Adobe Flash, but was unsuccessful


Join industry leaders such as Amazon and Hubspot in leveraging Webinatos state of the art platform to elevate your training and marketing webinars. Webinatos once exclusive system has been redefining webinar technology since 2004, and is now available to you to create more engaging and effective presentations in a fully branded, reliable and secure environment. AutoPilot, one of Webinatos many interactive features will let you record your events and replay them as if they were live.

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Top pro

Super easy to use and able to accomdate Mac and HP software/hardware

Top Con

I observed connection issues in webinato


Eventzilla offers a powerful registration, mobile app, webinar and live streaming platform for a complete suite of solutions that are ready for virtual, hybrid or live event formats. Works perfect for conferences, classes, webinars, virtual events, fundraisers, training, & sports events. Eventzilla has everything you need to create a beautiful on-brand event website, publish event agenda, accept registrations, process payments, Livestream content, manage attendees, and check-in easily.

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Top pro

Free access, seems to be working to improve each time I use it

Top Con

That I was charged and not refunded for a resolved issue


ProClass helps organizations with powerful yet easy to use systems to manage online registration, memberships, donors and fundraising, and student certification & CE tracking. ProClass clients include continuing education, afterschool programs and camps, arts organizations and non profits, business and religious associations, continuing education and training facilities, lifelong learning and adult recreational education, community organizations, and other non credit education providers.

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Top pro

It's great that you can copy past classes and edit them for future programs, as well

Top Con

Our request to give us control of this parameter has fallen on deaf ears, even though this would not be hard to implement


AWARD-WINNING PLATFORM. Flat, predictable pricing. All features all of the time. Unlimited events including VIRTUAL events. Unlimited users. No credit card fees. Modern and easy to use for event hosts and attendees. Website creation, customized registration, free web-based mobile app, session ratings, speaker ratings, payment processing, speaker/agenda management, space layout, CEU's, etc. Flexible configuration options serve virtually any event business model.

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Top pro

Hands down the best event registration software

Top Con

There have been a couple minor hiccups on a couple of individual registrations, but most of that was attributable to either user error or a mistake on my part


Castr is a professional live video streaming platform for both businesses and individual streamers. You can use Castr to stream, host, schedule and monetize your live videos in high-quality 4k resolution using Akamai CDN. Our 24/7 dedicated tech support makes sure your live event goes smoothly on its way in and out. With Castr you can stream buffer-free and lag-free not only to 30+ social platforms but also to your own website or app simultaneously.

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Top pro

It has been an amazing product and the ease of using it has been great

Top Con

They don't offer their Embed on website script as part of the lower packages which seems a shame when their competitors do and don't see why that would harm them to offer this in lower packages

CommuniCloud Video

Single communications suite for video conferencing, online meetings, events & more. CommuniCloud has you covered if you¿re looking to host one-on-one meetings, conference calls, and even webinars. You can stream CommuniCloud webinar on YouTube and Facebook. Want to reach a larger audience? Use CommuniCloud recording solution and share recorded materials with your entire team.

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Top pro

It allows our teams from our three different offices to communicate face to face and also allows our staff to share documents while discussing the documents.One platform, quick response, the system allows external parties to dial inAll consolidated features in one layout

Top Con

No longer glad with the fee that coult be a little bit beyond the market standard as properly its a few technical issues are traumátic


With Brandlive, anyone can host and stream elevated, customized virtual meetings that reflect their brand. Brandlive is purpose-built for engaging digital experiences like conferences, summits, gala fundraisers, and more. Along with the highest video production quality, the Brandlive platform optimizes audience engagement, provides audience analytics, and drives impressions.

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Top pro

The customized landing page was great, really liked the ability to register and the questions section

Top Con

This was disappointing because we were told this information after we had already rolled it out to the organization

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