13 Alternatives to zapptales

zapptales is one of top Communication Tools apps. But are there other alternatives?

zapptales is one of the top products in Communication Tools among many other players. Most products in the Communication Tools category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to zapptales, we've curated a list of other Communication Tools products for you to compare.

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List of 13 Alternatives to zapptales


We would like to welcome you to the development of social media. Take advantage of free voice and video calling, as well as voicemail and videomail, text messaging, and a calendar that is automatically synced. Share images and movies, screencast with a friend, or go live to broadcast your activity for all the world to see. It doesn't matter if you're a mobile gamer who wants to stream from your mobile device or if you want to watch anything with a friend while video calling both of you at the same time... You are in good hands with PM. Take pleasure in all of this inside a single setting: a protected and encrypted environment in which neither your data nor your opinions will be compromised in any way. PM App and the development of social media

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The following are some of the things that users of Pumble, a free application for group communication, are able to do: You have unrestricted access to your entire conversation history; You are able to communicate with other members of the team; You can debate a variety of subjects by posting messages on public and private channels; You have unrestricted access to your entire conversation history; You can allow an unlimited number of users to join you. - The ability to upload files and share them with other people in the team. - Compatibility with a variety of different kinds of electronic equipment (Android, iPhone, Web) The superior and totally cost-free alternative to Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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Top pro

Pumble is completely FREE

Top Con

Lack of integration to external systems


Get a simple app that combines phone, video, and messaging. You have the freedom to expand and manage your business from any device thanks to RingCentral. Start using RingCentral VideoTM for nothing, or join up for RingCentral MVPTM to upgrade your modern PBX business phone to the voice technology of today. Your first time using RingCentral Video? To access your all-in-one communications platform for smart video meetings and integrated team chat, sign up for a free account. How RingCentral facilitates communication and collaboration for you: - 200 individuals can be hosted in video meetings if you upgrade from the free version's limit of 100 participants. - 24 hour length, which means your video call can go on indefinitely and is also cost-free! - Built-in team messaging for quick business communication to talk with colleagues before, during, and after the meeting - Free; no credit card is necessary. Upgrade to RingCentral MVP whenever you want. On RingCentral MVP already? See what resources the app gives you access to: - Smart video meetings with screen sharing, chat, and markup tools for real-time collaboration - Superior team messaging with file sharing, task management, and a shared calendar - Cloud-based phone with carrier-grade reliability to take and manage calls, voicemails, faxes, and business SMS on any device - Easily switch between your desktop and mobile apps to send messages while on the go. - Auto-attendant and sophisticated call management capabilities for optimizing workflows. - Straightforward app integrations to increase productivity - Comprehensive, detailed analytics data and dashboards, as well as centralized, portal-based access to your system Certain aspects of the product require a RingCentral MVPTM (formerly known as RingCentral Office®) or RingCentral VideoTM subscription. By product and plan, features will differ. There is a free subscription option with constrained features. Today, download RingCentral and welcome possibilities.

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Top pro

They collect their payment from us timely

Top Con

Call quality isn't the greatest

Bro Six

All of these benefits in one convenient package: improved team communication and productivity, lower operating costs, and assured confidentiality of user data. Brosix is an instant messaging service for teams, groups, firms, and corporations that works across several platforms and was developed exclusively for these types of organizations. With the Brosix app installed on your mobile device, you are able to maintain a secure connection with your team at all times, even while you are on the move. The application provides you with a comprehensive set of capabilities that enable you to interact and cooperate in a risk-free manner with your team from any location. Utilize Brosix so that you can: - Maintain communication with your team no matter where you are by using the text chat and chat rooms - Offline messages and push notifications ensure that you will never miss a message. - Pictures and photos can be sent and received in a secure manner. - You can organize the members of your team into custom groups. - You can send and receive geolocations with your contacts. - You can keep track of your communication with a local chat history. - You may simply add or remove contacts from the app. - You can access your messages on various devices. - You can begin a chat on your phone and conclude it on your laptop or tablet.

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Top pro

Brosix allows each office to communicate, especially if someone is with a client or on the phone

Top Con

The price is a bit high for a company with few employees

Rocket Chat

Rocket. Chat is a customisable open source messaging system for businesses who place a high value on data security. Real-time communications are made possible amongst coworkers, with other businesses, or with your consumers using any device—web, desktop, or mobile. Productivity and customer satisfaction rates rise as a result. Tens of millions of customers trust Rocket every day in more than 150 countries and at companies including Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bahn, and the US Navy. Chat to ensure that all of their communications are secure and private. Users who choose Rocket.Chat also get unlimited users, guests, channels, messages, searches, and files in addition to free audio and video conferencing, guest access, screen and file sharing, LiveChat, LDAP Group Sync, two-factor authentication (2FA), E2E encryption, SSO, and dozens of OAuth providers. Users have the option of setting up Rocket.Chat in the cloud or on-premises using their own servers. In the open source communication space, Rocket.Chat boasts the largest chat developer community in the world, with thousands of contributors and stars on Github. With Rocket.Chat, you become a part of a passionate community that is always expanding and working to make our platform better. KEY COMPONENTS: * Multiple Rooms * Direct Messages * Private & Public Channels/Groups * Desktop and Mobile Notifications * Hassle-free MIT license * BYOS (bring your own server) * 100+ Available Integrations Choose from three themes: Light, Dark, or Black. Edit and delete sent messages. Mentions. Avatars. Markdown. Emojis. Sort chats alphabetically or group by activity, unread messages, or favorites. Transcripts and history. File upload and sharing. I18n [Internationalization with Lingohub]. The Hubot Integration Project's Hubot Friendly feature. Remote locations video monitoring * LDAP authentication * REST-full APIs * Media Embeds * Link Previews * Native Cross-Platform Desktop Application

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Top pro

Free version for public chat

Top Con

Confusing interface and install process

Google Chat

Google Chat is a communication and collaboration tool designed specifically for teams that is both intelligent and safe to use. Chat makes it easy to do work wherever a conversation is taking place by facilitating everything from ad hoc messaging to cooperation on topic-based workstreams. • Group collaboration that enables for the development of Google Workspace content and its distribution (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) without the need to worry about assigning access to individual users. • It is much simpler to get work done thanks to features such as shared documents, tasks, and events; side-by-side editors; and one-click scheduling, meetings, and document production. • Functionality similar to that of Google Search, with additional choices to narrow your results to discussions and information that you've already shared; Ready for Enterprise use, with all of the security and access controls offered by Google Workspace, such as Data Loss Prevention, Compliance, Admin Settings, Vault Retention, Holds, Search, and Export.

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Top pro

Create internal/operational efficiencies

Top Con

Text boxes have an aggravating way of resizing itself


The official Flowdock Android app Through organized chat and a shared integration inbox, Flowdock is the hub for team communication and enables teams turn their routine work into a byproduct of collaboration. It eliminates automated emails from your mailbox and takes the place of IM or IRC chat in your team's workflow. You will always be aware of what your team is doing thanks to integrations with more than 80 tools. You may communicate with your teams using Flows, and you can categorize your talks using threads, thanks to Flowdock. - Stay informed of updates across flows and 1-1s with in-app notifications and modify the notifications as needed - Express yourself with emojis across flows and 1-1s - Have private talks with your team members as necessary - Share files with your team members during 1-1s and flows to collaborate. Build your own ongoing knowledge base using the power of hash tags. Effortlessly find the content you need using hash tags you manage. View all of your integrations in one place with a shared integration inbox. Communicate with your teams about the items in the inbox. Get noticed by the right people using @@subgroups. Trello, Git & GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Zendesk, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Capistrano, Heroku, Redmine, FogBugz, Basecamp, BitBucket, Kiln, Mercurial, Nagios, Pingdom, Hudson / Jenkins, and numerous other project management, issue tracking, wiki, version control, monitoring, deployment & continuous integration systems and services are just a few of the tools that Flowd You must have a Flowdock account, which you may create at http://www.flowdock.com, in order to use the Flowdock app.

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Top pro

Possibility to integrate with external services

Top Con

A lot of links to others Flowdock sections


Discover why Twist was dubbed a "World Changing Idea" by Fast Company! Work is evolving. Communication at work needs to adapt as well. Twist combines all team communications to facilitate cooperation from any location. No more exhausting Slack chats, emails, and meetings for the team. Best remote team communication app, according to PC Mag "I experienced continual FOMO on Slack. On Twist, I am confident that I am always in control. SparkLoop's Manuel F. The threads in Twist make sure that crucial information doesn't get buried. • Unlike a continuous stream of idle conversation that obfuscates crucial communications, Twist treats each topic as its own thread (like Slack). • With ultra-specific labeling, only the appropriate teams will view your messages. Make a history that your team can reference. • Look closely at any thread to remember the circumstances around a choice that was made, whether it was last week or a year ago. • Share pertinent threads to facilitate and speed up the onboarding of new staff. Focus your staff on the tasks that are important. • Reduce noise and distractions by using fewer notifications so your team can focus on its work. • Encourage more serenity and less anxiousness in your team's communication at work. Utilize organized routes to bust through team silos. • Establish a systematized, single location to oversee all team communications. • Use specific channels to invite people, such as external clients, to discuss project specifics. Plus: • It is simple to import all Slack discussions from your team. • Schedule remote team meetings using the integrations for Jitsi Meet, Zoom, and Skype. • Use business applications like Google Drive, Asana, and Calendly (and have a little fun with Giphy). • Forget receipt read-alouds, typing dots, and presence indicators. • To expedite your job, use keyboard shortcuts. Developed by Doist, a world authority on remote and asynchronous working. Ultimately, Twist may be closed at any time. When you return, the job will already be organized. Become a part of the workplace of the future. Join right now.

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Top pro

No more need for back-to-back meetings

Top Con

No audio or video calls, screen sharing, or keyword alerts


Freshchat is a cutting-edge messaging application designed specifically for use by sales and customer engagement teams. It is a significant improvement over traditional live-chat systems since it offers the continuity and experience of consumer messaging apps to businesses, thereby assisting those organizations in converting site visitors into customers and satisfying those customers' needs. Teams are able to do the following with the Android app: Ace Conversations enables users to view, respond to, assign, and manage conversations at any time and from any location. Be aware of the person you are conversing with - Gain access to the visitor profile, which includes information such as their contact data, event timeline, and usage history, so that you may have interactions that are relevant. You will never miss a message again thanks to push notifications, which will alert you whenever a person proactively reaches out to you or if you receive a reply to a chat. Maintain an awareness of the messages sent to you even when you are not using the app. Sharing frequently asked questions articles with users and visitors enables a faster response time and optimizes the productivity of the team even while they are on the move.

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Top pro

Access all customer messages in one place

Top Con

They do not check for spelling mistakes

Skred Messenger

Skred Messenger Information on this app The first secure peer-to-peer instant messaging app is called Skred, and using it doesn't require a phone number or email address. Skred is free, doesn't require a subscription, a provider, a SIM card, or any other kind of tracking device. Skred has the greatest levels of authorisation encryption and is designed with privacy in mind. With each of your contacts, Skred offers an anonymous, one-of-a-kind, and secure connection. The only people who can communicate during a call are the two participants. Skred makes it simple to communicate messages, photographs, movies, voice calls, and video calls with a user-friendly UI that doesn't interfere with learning. The SkredBoard, which can be accessed by just swiping down, enables the creation of numerous identities that are kept apart for complete confidentiality. You can exchange with multiple pals at once by using groups. When you remove a message on Skred, the caller's phone likewise gets the message deleted. From beginning to end, from mobile to mobile, all communications are encrypted. No server is used to store them. The open source encryption technologies were developed by Guardian Project hackers and hacktivists. The Skyrock Group, which in turn derived from the French free radio movement, was where Skred first appeared. It supports the right to free speech on the radio and the internet. You have freedom using Skred!

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Top pro

Great privacy & security app

Top Con

Sending audio could be simpler


JivoChat is an enterprise omnichannel messenger designed to let teams communicate with customers wherever they are. Engage with visitors through live chat, Facebook, voice services, email, and mobile with JivoChat, and you'll never miss another website conversion. You can receive all of your clients' messages in a single Agent App thanks to JivoChat's omnichannel architecture, which keeps you organized. Website conversion rates also improve as a result of proactive invitations that draw in site users and allow you to offer the greatest customer service while continually generating new leads. Interested? To start boosting your internet sales right away, follow these steps: 1. Create an account on Jivochat by visiting https://www.jivochat.com. 2. Add the script code for JivoChat to your website. 3. After downloading the app, decide whether you or your entire team will be available to communicate with clients. 4. Integrate other channels of communication that you'd like to employ to speak with your clients using Jivo (Facebook, Viber, Telegram, mobile, etc.) 5. Obtain crucial data about your visitors in real-time (names, social media profiles, the duration of their visit, the page they are currently on, etc.). *NEW* JivoChat is portable. Take a look at these innovative smartphone features: JivoChat signup; Multi-agent conversations, where users may now invite other coworkers to chat; Common shorthand; File transfer; Visitor monitoring; Message archive; Colleague chat; Reminders; Visitor monitoring; More than 270k online businesses use JivoChat to enhance customer communication. A FREE Live Chat, yes, but there's more. An all-inclusive communication solution that will make your online store a sales machine! Visit https://www.jivochat.com to begin turning visitors into customers.

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Top pro

You get a 14 day free trail

Top Con

You can only assign chats to online users

Zendesk Chat

The live chat software that everyone from large corporations to small businesses all over the world loves and trusts is called Zendesk Chat. The mobile app incorporates a significant number of the useful features that are accessible via the web dashboard. Advantages of using the app include being able to manage, monitor, and respond to interactions with visitors regardless of where you are. • Encourage better agent collaboration on the go with agent-to-agent chats • Improve agent response time and accuracy • View who is online on your website in real time and engage with new leads on your website • Never miss a chat message from a customer and be notified when a visitor is on your website with full push notification support • Provide better live customer support with the ability to see the recent pages visited on your website and the past chat history of the visitor • See who is online on your website in real time and provide better live customer When you engage in conversation with a customer, they are three times more likely to make a buy. Join the over 200,000 websites that are already utilizing Zendesk Chat as a means of providing improved customer assistance via the live chat application.

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Top pro

Enable costumers to contact us faster

Top Con

Linking with a telephone, so the agent is only working on 1 channel at a time

8×8 Meet

With the 8x8 Work Mobile app for phone, video conferencing, and chat, you may use the 8x8 Work service anywhere you go. Organizations all over the world utilize the 8x8 Work Mobile app, an all-in-one cloud-based collaboration solution, to deploy their workforce. 8x8 Work Mobile can be a crucial component of your company's remote workforce and work-from-home strategy, regardless of whether you are employed by a small firm or a huge multinational. A Cloud phone, HD video conferencing, chat, directory services, and more are all included in 8x8 Work Mobile. It effortlessly interacts with 8x8 Work Desktop to give users the capabilities and advantages they would have in their workplace when working from home. Key Advantages With calls, video conferencing, and chat available in one app, you can stay productive with 8x8 Work Mobile's all-in-one collaboration solution. Using your personal phone and your company phone line, stay reachable to all of your contacts. Utilize direct-to-YouTube live streaming and video meetings to exchange timely business-critical information Public and private chat rooms can help you replace email and keep your discussions structured around tasks. Quickly onboard new remote employees or staff members based in new office locations The admin portal gives IT administrators the same administrative tools whether their staff members are based remotely or in the office. Key Elements Call individuals on your personal or business contact list with HD audio. Organize meetings using video and audio on your phone, record them, and chat with attendees. You can also exchange messages, share files, and @mentione colleagues in 1:1, private, or public chat rooms. Establish working hours and block incoming calls and notifications either permanently or just during those times. For a consistent calling experience, select Wi-Fi or cellular data.

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Top pro

Lots of Channels, One Platform

Top Con

Doesn't tell you when you need to upgrade your software

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

How can Speechify turn anything into an audiobook?

Speechify provides anyone with an audio play button that they can add on top of their content to turn it into an audiobook. With the Speechify app on iOS and Android, anyone can take this information on the go.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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