12 Alternatives to Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace is one of top Task Management apps. But are there other alternatives?

Zoho Workplace is one of the top products in Task Management among many other players. Most products in the Task Management category offer similar features and competitive pricing. However, if you are looking for alteratives to Zoho Workplace, we've curated a list of other Task Management products for you to compare.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

Sir Richard Branson

List of 12 Alternatives to Zoho Workplace


Spark offers professionals and their teams a fantastic email experience. It is a simple, lovely, and cooperative mail program. GET ACCESS TO YOUR INBOX Spark is the best email at your disposal since it has noise reduction, intelligent message prioritization, and the most cutting-edge email capabilities. First time reaching Inbox Zero. SUBSCRIBE TO ANY EMAIL Multiple email accounts can be used with Spark, including Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, Exchange, iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, mail.ru, IMAP, and others. "It works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook," one user said. The Verge Focus on crucial emails View critical messages from actual individuals first. Reply to some, pin them, then batch archive the rest. Spark's user interface divides email categories considerably more clearly than Gmail does, according to SMH. USE YOUR EMAIL SUPERPOWERS Make quick work of your inbox using modern email tools: Email snooze Later email sending Mail follow-ups and reminders Pinning emails Intelligent mail search Undo the email SLIM DOWN ON EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS By only alerting you to emails from individuals you know, Spark Mail lowers the noise. Additionally, you can personalize the mail vibrations and sounds for each account. BELOVED DARK MODE Come to the dark side of email by using Dark Mode. PRESS RELATED TO SPARK According to TechCrunch, "You can design an email experience that works for you." Spark is a quick and clever method to manage your email, according to The Verge The most recent Spark improvements have me giving up Microsoft Outlook, according to The Sweet Setup HOME SCREEN APPLIANCES To monitor how many emails you have left unopened or to start a new message, add a Spark widget to your home screen. SWIPE EMAILS IN BATCH You can view, delete, or move all of the emails in any email card or folder by swiping up from the bottom. NEVER HAS EMAIL LOOKED THIS GOOD Change your mail inbox's horrible mess for a lovely threaded message layout. PRESENT MAIL Emails can be printed directly from Spark or saved as PDF documents for later use. PRIVACY EMAIL DISCUSSION Connect your work Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook account so we may assemble a group of your coworkers. Invite them to manage threads and emails. Email templates for both you and your team. An email that you send frequently can now be prewritten, with placeholders for names and numbers, and used anytime you need it. BUILD EMAILS TOGETHER For the first time ever, work together with your peers using our live Google Docs editor to create emails that are professional-caliber. ADD A LINK TO AN EMAIL Make mail references to particular discussions. Slack, Skype, CRM, or any other platform can be used to share the link. DELEGATE YOUR EMAIL Give a deadline to your assistant or a team member to complete the mail, and get informed when it is finished. Sharing Inboxes Spark enables you to manage an inbox with many users, assign emails as tasks, establish due dates, and monitor progress. There will be no missed emails! For small teams like info@, sales@, or support@, this feature is essential. Beautiful and smart email app We are creating the collaborative, quick, secure, and intuitive email of the future. It's a totally personal mail experience that you will adore thanks to seeing what's important, automation, and current style. This is the main goal of Spark. Your love for email will return.

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An app for measuring habits and motivation is called Serene. Join us to use our guided trackers and mood journals to experience greater productivity, less worry, and a more relaxed existence. The ideal mindfulness software for beginners, Serene also offers hundreds of alternatives for more experienced users. Real-time reminders are provided during guided tracking sessions to keep you connected. Features consist of: The following features are included: mood journal, daily journal, inspirational stories, inspirational quotations, habit tracking, weekly reports, reminders, all-in-one quick access for all habits, progress tracking, intuitive graphs, habit tracking, daily, weekly, and monthly progress tracking. Soon, there will be more features... Follow your development by: * Daily streaks * Tracking of time spent. There are no adverts and Serene is free to download and use. The programs and features of the app and all of their content are always free. We sincerely appreciate you utilizing Serene and our other products, and we welcome your feedback.

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Premium subscription required for features like password-protected files


Create your own productive morning using Alarmy for nothing! Successful mornings begin with a full awakening and the reduction of unnecessary time spent in bed, which can be accomplished with Alarmy's potent characteristics listed below. Successfully leaving the bed in the morning Take a picture of the location that has been registered to turn off your alarm. For instance, register the shower stall so that you can immediately take a shower after turning off the alarm. Barcode Mission: To silence the alert, scan the barcode or QR code you registered. ex. Register the book so that you can pick it up and start reading as soon as the alarm goes off. Squat Mission: Perform 10–20 sets of squats to silence the alert. Ex: Right after turning off the alarm, begin your morning workouts, such as pushups or sit-ups. Step Mission - Take 30 to 50 steps to silence the alarm, e.g., start getting ready to leave for work after the alarm has been silenced. Shake your phone up to 999 times to turn off the alarm, according to the Shake Mission app. An effective morning involves waking up your brain. Math Mission: Turn off the alarm and activate your brain by resolving basic or complex mathematical problems. Clear the simple or difficult memorizing game in Memory Mission to silence the alarm and reactivate your brain. To silence the alarm and jump-start your brain, type inspiring quotes or your own personalized phrases. OTHER POWERFUL COMPONENTS If you're concerned that you could fall asleep again, stop worrying. Wake Up Check will keep an eye on you until you can demonstrate that you are completely awake. Backup Sound - There are instances when your alarm simply won't wake you up. However, if you wait too long, a second, VERY LOUD alert sounds. Quick Alarm, with only a few settings, for quick chores when you don't have time. Snooze, gradually turn up the volume, and use the vibrate functions to gently wake you up. Officially available for free, Alarmy offers a ton of appealing waking-up options! A 7-day Free Trial is offered only to individuals who want to benefit from an endless successful morning experience with premium features. Of course, you can just use Alarmy's free features, which are still powerful & effective! The picture mission in this app requires users to take a photo, hence it needs the permission "INFO CAMERA." This application requires the WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE permission to load external ringtones. This application requires the authorization to read external storage in order to save photos shot by users when utilizing the photo mission. This app requires the ACCESS COARSE LOCATION permission in order to display weather data in the Today's panel. If you want to utilize this app and prevent yourself from uninstalling it, you must grant it the BIND DEVICE ADMIN permission. - It makes use of the permission DEVICE MANAGER SYSTEM ALERT WINDOW - On Android 10 or higher versions, this app needs this permission to display the dismiss screen.

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With the help of retro RPG components, the free habit-building and productivity tool Habitica will make your duties and objectives more enjoyable. Use Habitica to support your ADHD, self-care, New Year's resolutions, housework, job, creative endeavors, fitness objectives, back-to-school routines, and more! How it functions Make an avatar, then add any jobs, projects, or objectives you want to work on. Check off your real-world accomplishments in the app to earn gold, experience, and usable in-game stuff! Features: Tasks that repeat themselves automatically and are scheduled for your daily, weekly, or monthly routines Flexible habit tracker for actions you want to perform frequently or infrequently For things that only need to be completed once, use the traditional to-do list You can quickly assess your progress thanks to activities that are color coded with streak counters. Lots of collectible stuff and pets to suit your particular style; leveling system to show your overall success • Avatars can be fully customized, including wheelchairs, skin tones, hairstyles, and more. • Regular content updates and seasonal activities to keep things interesting Parties let you collaborate with friends for added accountability and take on formidable enemies by completing tasks Challenges offer shared task lists you can add to your personal tasks Guilds let you connect with people who share your interests and goals Widgets and reminders to help you stay on track Customizable color themes with dark and light mode Syncing across devices Version 4.0 of the brand-new WearOS watch app is now available! — A tiny team of volunteers improve Habitica, an open-source application, by adding pixel art, translating it, fixing bugs, and other things. Reach out if you want to contribute! We value transparency, privacy, and community. We don't sell your personal information to any parties, and your assignments are confidential. Please feel free to contact [email protected] with any inquiries. Additionally, if you like our software, please consider leaving a review for us.

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Offers less features for to do lists than some of the more traditional time management apps


We are working diligently to update the app and address any issues you may be experiencing. We are just dropping in to let you know that we have heard your concerns. Please get in touch with our Support Team if you need assistance using the app. They can assist you in resolving any problems you might encounter: https://help.doodle.com/hc/en-us Hello, we're here. Not another Adele joke, please. new Doodle application. It feels like 84 years have passed. And even though some of us might still be under lockdown, we're launching this app and opening up a completely new experience. It's more svelte and simpler to operate. Additionally, it is compatible with our newest product, which enables scheduling of anything. while also saving time. Therefore, even though we must apologize for the lengthy intervals between upgrades, we do hope you will take the time to download the updated app. Hello there in the app. One app, incredibly simple scheduling for any kind of event. Simply choose the type of event you want to book, organize it, invite attendees, and let Doodle take care of the rest. Leave the back-and-forth and no-shows behind. You can share your rolling availability and send timings for team meetings and appointments using the Doodle app. View who has reacted or reserved a time, and have us email the event information immediately following a booking. Doodle facilitates scheduling without much difficulty. A VARIETY OF SCHEDULING METHODS Booking Page: Link to your availability page Group poll: Discuss times with several people and determine the time that works best for everyone. 1:1 - suggest times to meet and let the other person choose what works best. WHAT IT DOES Create your event and select from 1:1s, group polls, and Booking Pages. Include the specifics, the venue, and video conferencing if applicable. Set your availability or add times for 1:1 meetings and group polling. Create your event, then invite participants via your Booking Page. They choose a time or times that work for them. THE BEST CHARACTERS - Group polls: The fastest way to find the right time for a meeting without having access to people’s calendars. - 1:1s: Meet on your terms: select multiple times and let participants book what fits their schedule. - Scheduling pages: Allow customers, coworkers, and others to immediately schedule time with you. You specify when you're available. - No ads: Keep it professional for your participants with ad-free scheduling. Custom branding: Delight your marketing team by putting your branding on every invite or booking page. - Deadlines and reminders: Get the most responses or make your invites time-limited. - Video conferencing links: Automatically add video conferencing to every booked remote meeting. - Automatic calendar syncing: Avoid double bookings and keep your invites and booking pages always current. HOW TO GET STARTED - Download the app and create an account. We’ll take you to our website to do this. You can also start a trial. - Take Doodle for a spin: Hit the create button (the + button) in the top right to create your first invite or booking page. - Add the times or availability and details. Create then send the link to your participants. - Is it a group poll? Make sure to close the poll after everyone has responded and we’ll email them all the details. LOVING THE APP? Make sure you leave a review. We’d love to hear your feedback so we can make it even better. NEED HELP?

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No-brainer way to pick a time to meet that works for everyone

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Offered more options in backgrounds

Connect Team-

Connecteam: The Complete App What this app does The easiest, most effective, and most reasonably priced way to manage non-desk employees is through Connecteam's employee app! Customers love Connecteam's employee app for many reasons, including its attractive user interface and limitless potential: - "In a single day, we were able to use this software! I wholeheartedly suggest this fantastic tool to everyone." Sarah C. (Dentist clinic owner, 10 employees) - "It is simple to use and interact with! On the app, everybody adores it!" - Jenna A. (Administration Manager, 35 employees) "Connecteam's employee app has resolved every issue I've had since beginning my business, which other programs that I paid almost two times as much for couldn't handle," - Nyla C. (Founder & Owner, 50 employees) - "The most scalable platform of its type! I've only discovered one software that lets me tweak pretty much anything, and that's it!" Meghan H (Chief Operating Officer, 75 employees) Make internal communication easier: Make internal communication at your business easier than ever! To improve your company's culture and employee connection, communicate the appropriate information to each and every employee at the appropriate moment using fantastic tools for employee engagement. We provide a range of communication solutions to improve staff engagement and daily operations: • Group talks in real time • A list of all business contacts • Updates and posts, with or without remarks and responses • Feedback forms for workers Box of suggestions • And a whole lot more! Tasks, lists, and documents: Create a fully automated, edge-to-edge process that can be used from anywhere at any time for any procedure that now uses pen and paper, a spreadsheet, text messages, or phone calls. Our employee app has a variety of tools to help you manage daily activities, replace paper forms with digital ones, and improve on-the-job compliance. • Auto-reminder daily checklists • Options to read and sign online forms • Enable users to post photos and submit GEO location reports • Stop using paper and automate routine tasks • Completely adaptable and simple to use, with real-time mobile preview Staff Time Clock: With Connecteam's time clock, you can monitor and manage employees' work hours on jobs, projects, clients, or whatever else you require. Our time clock for employees is simple to use for efficient implementation: • Display of maps and Geofence-enabled GPS location tracking • Employment and shift assignments • Automated lunches, double time, and overtime • Reminders and push notifications that are automated • Employee timesheets are simple to use and administer. Working hours: With the only scheduling app that allows complete shift collaboration, you can quickly and efficiently arrange shifts and dispatch jobs. Our work calendar is user-friendly and filled with time-saving features. • Create individual, group, or team shifts • GPS status updates for job progress visualization • Job details, including location, shift responsibilities, free-text notes, and file attachments • Custom posts and graphics with the shift collaborative feed Improved professional abilities: Your employees can access information, policies, and training materials directly from their employee apps without having to be in the office or carry about any paperwork: • Simple access to all media formats and files • Accessible online archives • Courses for professionals • Tests

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Employee Time Clock

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Pricing is currently cost prohibiting for a small business


Ravetree is a work management software platform that has won multiple awards. It enables teams to deliver work more quickly, to be more informed, and to spend less time seeking for information. All of a company's projects, resources, and creative workflows may be managed in one location with Ravetree, which is used by businesses. Ravetree reduces the need to switch between numerous apps to retrieve critical information, rely on unwieldy spreadsheets, and enter the same data in multiple places, all of which are painstaking and time-consuming tasks. Utilizing Ravetree makes it simple to get stuff done!

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Occasional bugginess


Utilizing the Mint budgeting app will introduce you to a novel method of handling your financial matters. You can achieve your monetary objectives with the help of tailored insights and individualized budgets. Make use of Mint's free subscription management features in addition to its cost-free expense tracking capabilities. View your monthly expenses, make budgets, increase your savings, and strengthen your habits about money management. Download the number one app for managing personal finances and saving money today*. Mint is a free program that helps you manage your money, keep track of your finances, and create a budget. It also acts as a financial tracker. Prepare in advance! All aspects of your financial management, such as account balances and budget planners, as well as the monitoring of expenses and the settlement of debt, are now consolidated into a single location. ALL YOUR MONEY IN ONE APP Keep an eye on your transactions as well as your account balances. Be sure to keep track of your monthly costs. Take command of your finances with the help of our spending tracker. Receive bill reminders With only one tap, you may connect your cash, credit cards, loans, and investments, among other things! KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON YOUR CASH FLOW. You can use Mint to manage your personal finances and keep track of your bills, transactions, monthly budgets, account balances, subscriptions, and taxes. Mint serves as a personal money manager and bill tracker. We will determine your net worth, analyze your spending patterns, and assist you in developing a budget. We will assist in the management of subscriptions and will keep you informed of any price increases. SPEND SMARTER AND SAVE MONEY WITH PERSONALIZED MINTSIGHTS™ Explore your accounts in great detail and find innovative ways to use this savings tool to bring you closer to achieving your financial objectives. Your habits of budgeting and spending might be improved with the help of alerts. Make use of our money tracker to gain an instantaneous overview of your personal finances, including account balances, credit score, and a variety of other financial obligations. BETTER BUDGETING, MONEY MANAGEMENT & EXPENSE MONITORING Utilizing our cost-free budgeting program, you may ensure that every penny counts. Create a reasonable budget for your expenses depending on what you spent on the first day. You can save more money and achieve your financial goals with the help of the budgeting ideas and guidance provided by Mint. In addition, our budget tracker makes it easy to monitor your account balances. Keeping track of your expenses will be a breeze with our help. MANAGE BILLS LIKE NEVER BEFORE Alongside your account balances, you should keep track of your monetary obligations and your long-term financial goals. To avoid paying late fees on your bills, set up monthly reminders. In addition, you will be able to monitor your expenditures, which will speed up the process of achieving your monetary objectives. STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS Utilizing our budgeting app, you are able to define your own unique monetary objectives and receive advice that is specifically catered to your situation. You'll be able to track and appreciate your success with the help of our budget calculator and suggestions on how to better manage your finances. When you file your taxes using TurboTax, your return status will be checked by Mint, which is your refund tracker. MINT IS NOW ABLE TO SUPPORT CRYPTOCURRENCY TRANSACTIONS Connecting your account in Mint enables you to view your complete financial portfolio, which is useful if cryptocurrency investment is part of your overall financial strategy. Binance, Blockfi, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, GEMINI, Kraken, Paypal, and Robinhood are among the platforms that offer support for this cryptocurrency. HOME LOANS, ROCKET MORTGAGE, AND MANY OTHER OPTIONS Use our partner, Rocket Mortgage, to submit an application for a house loan. To make it easier for you to apply for a new mortgage or refinance an existing one, we will pre-fill your application with data from Mint. Additionally, you can take advantage of money-saving offers provided by our partners. This covers things like credit cards, savings accounts, investments, loans, and even more. STAY SECURE We take the safety of your account very seriously and are continually working to enhance the protections we have in place. For further information, please see the following link: https://www.mint.com/how-mint-works/security#toc

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Connectivity issues with financial accounts


Rize is an app designed to help you feel better about yourself. It can help you relieve mental tension, manage anxiety, and feel better. It's now your turn to thrive and Rize! It's enjoyable to improve your mental health and wellbeing now! For the first time, you have a tool in your hands that not only aids in mood improvement but is also straightforward to grasp, simple to use, and most importantly, pleasurable to use. This allows you to incorporate a healthy habit into your life without feeling like it is a chore. Rize incorporates therapeutic ideas into user-friendly, interactive tutorials and exercise routines to maximize your capacity to comprehend, monitor, and enhance your mental health and wellbeing, emotional stability, and total physical and mental fitness. At first, managing stress and anxiety may seem like a daunting task. Work-related stress, a quarrel with your partner, or simply feeling down or dissatisfied with yourself can all cause stress. Rize provides a collection of tools and training to improve your mental state of being and make you feel better every day in an effort to assist you in coping with these problems. Finding accurate information about mental health that also covers a variety of interesting ideas and is enjoyable to use has proven to be difficult. Because of this, we developed Rize, a unique software that guides you through the process of managing stress, rage, and anxiety all at once. We aim to demonstrate to you that when it comes to mental health, there is no one size fits all. What functions for one individual may not function for you. Because of this, we provide you a complete toolkit that includes: ---------------------- s- There is no need to broadcast in learn mode. Your journey through a curriculum created expressly to improve your mental health and state of mind will be guided by 36 separate 3-5 minute audios. - Workout: Discover which of our entertaining, engaging workouts and training plans are most effective for you and include them into your regular fitness regimen. - Tracker: We give you access to a graph and a diary log that you can use to keep tabs on your fitness, stress levels, and mood. ——————————— We provide simple and enjoyable mental exercise in - - Managing mental stress: All of our activities are designed to help you feel less stressed and more resilient to emotional adversity. - Mood tracking: Describe your mood each day and keep track of it to find trends in your moods and patterns over time. - Mindfulness: An excellent approach to clear our minds, lessen tension, and gain some mental space to handle stress, worry, and rage. - Negative thought patterns: Recognize and control these thought patterns. Develop a more realistic, upbeat, and balanced outlook on life in your ideas and interpretations. - Activity planning: Make a straightforward, engaging activity schedule and a strategy to enhance your mental wellbeing that you can sync with your calendar and notifications. - Social well-being: Discover the many advantages of social well-being and discover ways to start socializing and connecting with others more. - Emotional health: Gain a deeper understanding of your feelings and thoughts. Find your goals in order to achieve them. Learn how to get there without getting discouraged or overwhelmed. This is merely a sample of the data and exercises we provide. Without any difficulty, have a look for yourself. We give you a free, personalized training plan that includes four of our fifteen exercises for life. You are then free to view the remainder if you so choose! What are you still holding out for? Get Rize right away! Please feel free to provide feedback or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions; we'd love to know what you think.

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Paid application


Insatiable scrolling a lack of restraint? To stay focused and increase productivity, try Forest, which features the cutest focus timer! Editors' Choice Top Productivity App on Google Play for 2018 The top self-improvement app on Google Play in nine nations, including Canada, France, Japan, Korea, and more, is available there. Nomination for the Best Social Impact App on Google Play for 2018 Google Play's Best Apps of the Year for 2015-2016 When you need to put your phone away and concentrate to finish your to-do list, plant a seed in Forest. This seed will eventually develop into a tree if you maintain your focus. Your tree will wither, though, if you give in to the need to use your phone and quit the app. You are inspired to cut back on procrastination and develop effective time management skills when you witness a blossoming forest with each tree standing in for your commitment. Gamification and Inspiration Grow your own own forest, with each tree symbolizing your labor, and unlock charming trees to earn rewards! Various Focusing Modes - Timer mode: Establish a focused period and get into the zone of work or study, or use the Pomodoro technique. – Stopwatch mode: Start and stop whenever you like. A count-up timer is excellent for tracking habits. Experience that is tailored - Planting Reminder: Remind yourself to put your phone away when planting! Motivate yourself with your favorite quotes and uplifting remarks with custom phrases! Forest Superior - Statistics: More illuminating data on your concentrated time can help you customize your focus practices. - Plant Together: Maintain concentration whenever and wherever you are with your friends and family. - Plant Actual Trees: Help the environment by planting actual trees on Earth. Enjoy a variety of special events that are tailored for various servers and areas. Exclusive Events on Different Servers. To develop yourself and concentrate on your life goals, DOWNLOAD Forest FREE RIGHT NOW! on social media Join the conversation with us on Facebook (@Forest), Twitter (@forestapp cc), and Instagram (@forest app). Watch this space for updates and special occasions! Another Chrome extension is available. Visit [www.forestapp.cc] (http://www.forestapp.cc/) to learn more! NOTICE - Forest can be accessed on all of your Android devices while using the Pro version. - Forest is available for download on non-Android devices only after a separate purchase. - By checking in with the same account, your data can be synchronized between all platforms. - Each user is only permitted to plant five actual trees due to financial restrictions.

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Limited tree varieties

Smarter Time-

For users of our open software, we have now included a Linux client in addition to our Windows and Mac computer clients. Become more time-conscious. Maintain a healthy work-life balance. Limit your phone use to increase productivity and focus. The best method to regain your productivity, attention, and happiness is through effective time tracking. Smarter Time continuously monitors your time and adjusts to your unique objectives and requirements. We are all time poor. Understanding oneself is difficult, and we don't naturally have good time management skills. Stress, burnout, and a poor work-life balance are all caused by poor time management. For all of your time management requirements, use Smarter Time, an automatic time tracker. A productivity app, that is. It is a tool for managing your phone's focus and time. It is a tool for personal growth. Your new personal assistant is here. How it functions 1. Your location and occupation are conjectured by our learning brain. 2. It compiles a thorough record of all your actions, including reading, sleeping, taking showers, and watching TV. 3. You receive accurate time use insights and have access to a thorough, automatic time tracker. Use Smarter Time in the following ways, for example: An outline of your daily plan in time. A time management app for your phone to help you stay focused. Big picture analytics to fully comprehend how you use your time. A productivity program to monitor the diversions that sap your concentration. A person who sets goals to create healthier habits. a means of self-improvement for achieving healthy work-life balance. A scheduler for both your personal and work projects. A sleep monitor to ensure that you consistently get the rest you require. A timer to help you reconnect with yourself. It's more intelligent time management and time tracking for a more intelligent life! We guarantee your privacy Our top priority is maintaining your privacy. If you don't enable the save/restore feature, your data will never leave your device because it is maintained on your phone by default rather than on our servers. The most private resource you have is your time, and we want it to stay that way. — Features of the Lite version - Time tracking for all actions that is automatic - A minute-by-minute time log that is thorough - Extensive habit formation - Locating locations - Recording of motions and physical activities - Integration of Google Calendar Phone time management - Online computer time - Extensive analytics Daily reports - Goals View of a map — Features of the Plus version All the features of the Lite edition plus: - Extensive computer use - Recognizing rooms - Customized categorisation of categories and activities - Data backup and recovery - Unlimited use of assistants — Known problems - Some LG and Samsung Android 5.0 smartphones do not provide access to app usage statistics - Some phones (namely Samsung, Huawei, and Honor, as well as Xiaomi) may regularly stop the app. To keep the automated time tracking running in the background, you can add Smarter Time to a list of protected apps. - Aid in our improvement We are always willing to consider user input and are extremely interested in hearing from them. Please send us an email at [email protected] if you have any comments or questions concerning time management, automatic time monitoring, or work-life balance in general.

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Sync option not working well


Lineup is a volunteer management software that is hosted in the cloud and designed to assist small and medium-sized businesses in the tracking of employee and subject matter expert (SME) data, the creation of a team database, and the collection and compilation of information through the use of surveys and forms. Lineup was developed to help these businesses. The platform enables teams to mass upload data as well as spreadsheets, which can then be modified, filtered, and sorted according to the specific requirements of each user. Application forms, team survey templates, custom profile fields, tracked fields, tags, bulk upload, document upload, team member evaluations, and customized mailings are some of the key features of Lineup. It gives managers the ability to generate high-value data points on team involvement based on individual attendance, stipends, and pre-travel checklists. The evaluation functionality gives managers the ability to acquire insights into the talent available inside the firm by employing a 5-star rating system. Lineup is a tool that assists organizations in gathering fundamental demographic information, such as the amount of time spent volunteering, previous career history, and applicable certificates, in order to decide which volunteers are best suited for particular duties.

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Initial Platform Configuration

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Functionalitites can be a bit hard to learn

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

How can Speechify turn anything into an audiobook?

Speechify provides anyone with an audio play button that they can add on top of their content to turn it into an audiobook. With the Speechify app on iOS and Android, anyone can take this information on the go.

Learn more about text to speech online, for iOS, Mac, Android, and Chrome Extension.


Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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