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Do you wish to begin reading more books? Obtain Anyplay!

A minimal monthly fee gets you full access to one of the greatest collections of audiobooks, podcasts, and audio programs through Anyplay, a high-quality audiobook entertainment provider.

7 days of Anyplay are completely free; you can cancel at any moment.

Right to your device, you can stream and download books for offline reading. You may carry about more than 200.000 books with you, and new ones are uploaded every week. Additionally, increase your output and begin reading more frequently throughout the day, whether at home or on the road. Reading has never been so simple, easy, or enjoyable!

Discover your new favorite stories by following curator collections or by following suggestions from friends, from the most recent book releases to classics and old bestsellers.

Here are a few of the best:
The Sapiens
• More Daniel Silva in “HOUSE OF SPIES”
• PIECES OF Her and further Karin Murder
• The trilogy The Hunger Games
• The Lord of the Rings.
• Series from “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

We offer well-liked audiobooks across all genres and categories, including:

• Mystery and Crime
• Classic Literature
• Intimacy
• Horror films
• Fiction
• Speculative fiction
* Horror
• Children’s and Youth Books

Non Fiction
• Wellness and Health
Personal Development
• Humor
• Enterprise
• Background
1. Self-Help
• Meditation & Mindfulness
Genuine Crime

“Anyplay is a LARGE library of books that is still pocket-sized. For a while now, I’ve wanted to read more, but I’ve never had the time. Audiobooks make the ideal multitasking entertainment for listening while doing chores around the house or while traveling. I’m totally smitten! Kauri, 33, from New York.

Alicia, 29, from Austin said, “Having access to all of these wonderful stories and self-help books for such a reasonable price has transformed my life and habits completely.”

• To avoid paying data roaming fees, download and listen offline.
• Adjust narration pace up to 1.75 times
• Create bookmarks that sync with many devices.
For the most recent information on weekly choices and New Releases, browse the app Stories.
• To skip ahead or listen again, use Fast Forward or Rewind.
• Use a sleep timer to limit listening before bed.
• Let your friends know what you like.
• Find inspiration with pre-made playlists that have been chosen for every genre, theme, and mood.

• Can I read on Anyplay?
You may listen to audiobooks from the best publishers in the world on Anyplay, which features excellent voice actors. The library is also stocked with podcasts, series, and audio dramas.

Does Anyplay have children’s stories?
Yes, Anyplay includes a ton of fantastic, engaging stories for kids that are ideal for lengthy car rides or bedtime.

• Is it possible to download books to read later?
You may download as many books as you like for offline listening.

• Get the Anyplay app for nothing.
• Create an Anyplay account using your email address or the Facebook Login, as you like.
• Once you’ve created an account, you can opt to begin a paid subscription right away or sign up for our 7-day free trial.
• Start your first book and enjoy our library of over 200.000 titles!

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

Sir Richard Branson


$7.99 - $99.99 per item
Stream and download books for offline useCan't search by category
200.000 AUDIOBOOKSPricey
Bookmarks that sync across multiple devicesHomescreen glitches

Anyplay reviews

I am only giving 3 stars because the selection of books is great. But it functions worse every day. It used to annoy me that there s no bookmark option. But now I'm lucky if I can listen for 5 minutes with out it stopping, pausing, or getting stuck. If I am able to hit play because it paused then when I hit play it starts at a different place in the book. If I have to close the app and restart it then it also starts in a different spot. It used to do this maybe once or twice a day. Now it's 50+.

- rhiana stowell

Decent app. I wish they made it easier to search by category and not the small list of suggestions showed. Its annoying to have to search the author or book every time instead of being able to see the full catalog of audiobooks. I also hate that I can't view my full Playlist that I create and only see the same 10 books added. Nor can I remove a book from a playlist once I've listened to it. Its clear this app still needs a lot of fixes. If they can fix these issues this would be solid fave.

- TaChelle McPheeters

The app needs work, but I am so stoked about the catalog, I will put up with a lot. SO MANY audiobooks available. I am really excited about the selection, at least in the genres I have looked for so far. My wishlist: I would like to be able to edit my playlists; better search functions; more stable app.

- Marina

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

How can Speechify turn anything into an audiobook?

Speechify provides anyone with an audio play button that they can add on top of their content to turn it into an audiobook. With the Speechify app on iOS and Android, anyone can take this information on the go.

Learn more about text to speech online, for iOS, Mac, Android, and Chrome Extension.


Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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