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Applitools helps deliver digital perfection through its advanced Visual Testing Platform, powered by Visual AI. Applitools Test Cloud, which consists of Applitools Eyes and the Ultrafast Test Grid is the most advanced testing platform available for engineers and testers looking to write faster, more accurate, and more resilient tests.

In order to catch visual bugs, Applitools adds “Eyes” to automated scripts to view as a human eye would and avoid false positives; this is done by taking a screenshot of the application when it’s in its desired state, and then taking a new screenshot every time the test is executed. The screenshots from the regression run are compared against the approved screenshot. If any meaningful differences are detected, the test fails.

Our Visual AI technology transforms how organizations approach quality by ensuring web and mobile applications appear and operate exactly as designed across any device, browser, OS, or native application. Applitools is fast, quick to integrate with any DevOps environment, easy to use by anyone on the team, and scalable to any size organization looking to increase speed and quality with every release – an outcome necessary to compete in today’s challenging business environment.

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Super useful in visual regressionI did not applied the tool in any real world problem, just on a contest
You don’t need to care the complicated steps like traditional visual regressionNeed more examples for Javascript implementation
I have been using the Applitools for more than 2 years now, I must say over the time Applitools has made fantastic progress in terms of performance and featuresTestResult object behave differently with a check failed, this leads more coding to generate custom reports
There is no other visual validation tool that can give you the confidence level as ApplitoolsDifficult to understand Javascript documentation.
This is an awesome tool to have.-


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Applitools reviews

"Great support and quick resolving for any problems we have" What do you like best about Applitools? First place: amazing support and commitment from the Applitools guys. The visual testing part of Applitools is very easy and natural to use and you don't need to be a technical expert in order to use it. There are new features which are very usefull - UFG and Visual locators are something we are exploring right now and they could resolve some of our issues. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Applitools? I would like to see more examples in the documentation - for example the visual locators was not extensive enough IMO and we needed more support from Applitools side. I would like to see password expiration for the site so we ensure that the people don't use the same password everywhere and it stays years. Same would help us ensure that people who are not in the company will lost their access if they were not removed from the dashboard. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Applitools solving and how is that benefiting you? We have two main issues - one related to normal visual testing, where Applitools is doing grate job, and now it gives even more with UFG where we can have cross browser/platform check as well. The other problem we have is not web native applications which can't use Selenium or any other web testing framework just because we don't have DOM tree and it is just canvas hiding everything. Here Applitools is replacing our current implementation which is with sikulix and it is much easier for usage and maintenance.

- Milen S.

"A must have tool for intelligent visual testing!" What do you like best about Applitools? once you have applitools set up, it's invaluable for reliable visual testing across browsers. we use cypress, so being able to fill the cross-browser gap left for safari; applitools gives us a lot more confidence for releasing! Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Applitools? as a tool, it's pretty complex, so it requires a lot of initial set-up, adjusting tests and learning how to use applitools to the fullest. it is also pretty slow, taking around 100 seconds for a simple test because of the amount of work going on in the background. A lot of this can be fixed with more tests and more parallel tests, but this costs more money; and the applitools is NOT cheap, making it very difficult to use it in its most efficient without paying a lot of money. Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering Applitools: It's the best tool I've ever used for visual automation testing! Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Applitools solving and how is that benefiting you? being able to test our applications visually, across all browsers and versions, all within our current testing tool; which is really impressive! it allows us to use the same pipelines and release knowing that we have covered functionality in all browsers.

- Jay O.

"Innovative testing requires innovative tools" What do you like best about Applitools? The simplicity of use, in addition to the number of features they support is also a big plus, along with the huge number of frameworks they offer and the fast support from their side Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Applitools? The documentation is a little bit hard to read and use, maybe more structured and detailed one, as are the rest of the tools will be very helpful because for a new starter, lacking of tutorials in combination with that is not a good option Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Applitools solving and how is that benefiting you? In my company Applitools is not used only as a Visual testing tool, it is also used for navigating through the screen via the pictures(or locators). The last can be quite handy if there is no other way to move the cursor around the screen via the automation

- Delcho D.

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