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Appraisd is the dedicated performance management platform that helps organisations nurture and retain talent and drive growth.

The creation of Roly Walter, who combined his experience working as an HR and business analyst with his interest in coding to build the first iteration of a new performance management system.

With Appraisd organisations worldwide can ensure their managers, and teams, get a dedicated performance management tool that focuses on:

– Performance: A flexible platform that fits organisation’s needs and growth objectives
– Alignment: Built to deliver value to employees, managers, HR teams and organisations ensuring they focus on key business goals
– Progression: Reward employees for their efforts whilst supporting and nurturing their career development

The main outcomes of working with Appraisd include:

– Purposeful regular conversations
– Less time spent planning allowing more time for purposeful conversations
– Increased employee performance and engagement
– Strategic business alignment and data-driven insights
– Increased employee productivity by focusing on key business goals
– Reduced HR time spent on administrative tasks associated with reviews
– People-centred approach to business success
– Increased employee ownership of their own development and career progression
– Top talent retention and reduced employee turnover

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Simple Pricing - £
Per person/month
£4,500 billed annually for 100 employees
I am excited to find out what more this brilliant website can do for me and have already been booked in for a step by step tutorialNow, none of our managers/employees do not have an excuse of complexity as a reason not to use the system
Would Recommend Appraisd for your Appraisal ProcessGiven the simplicity and limited functionality it should be much more intuitive to use
Great communication, they always listen and make you feel valued as a customer and a user."Logic of new v old objectives, and completed v live objectives is not well worked out

Appraisd reviews

Our appraisal rate has increased and employees are finding the experience a vast improvement to our old system. Employees have stated that they have enjoyed their appraisal using Appraisd.

- Bethan H.

I was charged with the responsibility of designing a new appraisal and performance management system for over 300 employees, in three sites, with a range of roles from manual low-skilled to professional. The three sites function as completely different organizations, but there is also an overall management structure across all three. We needed a system which would be flexible enough to enable us to design exactly what we wanted and give us the information we wanted. We did not want to struggle with software which could not cope with the structure of the organization. This meant we needed some common elements for all employees, but different appraisal forms for different types of employees. As some people had more than one role in the organization, this was an additional complication and we needed to be able to solve this in the software. I did not want 'the tail to wag the dog'. Sometimes, software only does certain things and therefore you end up having to build your system around the capabilities of the software rather than modify the software's offering to fit with the system you have designed. I was delighted to work with the team at Appraisd. They were massively supportive in helping us use and modify their system to do what we wanted. This is the great strength of Appraisd. It is EXTREMELY flexible. But not only that - the support team is fantastic. So - In the end, this is as close to 'bespoke' as you can get. We are using the system to great effect in our Foundation of schools and nurseries and we can already see how this is going to improve the way we performance manage our staff and particularly how we can improve based on the data we can now extract and use. I would highly recommend.

- Paul D.

Great communication, they always listen and make you feel valued as a customer and a user

- Sarah H.

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