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Natural Language Generation is referred to by the abbreviation NLG. A branch of artificial intelligence is called natural language generation (AI). Artificial intelligence technology is applied to content production in AI. This technology was seen as outlandish and impossible only a few years ago. However, there has been a significant change in content marketing recently, and the majority of businesses have already embraced this technology.

Artificial intelligence is a fantastic technology for automating the creation of content since it can quickly digest huge volumes of data without requiring editors to compose the material. The automated content production software from AX Semantics can write the same number of words as a human can in an hour in only a few short seconds.

The intelligence of NLG programs is impressive; they analyze structured data and convert it into text. You can input data-driven information into natural language generation tools like AX Semantics’ if you have a lot of information that needs to be articulated.

Numerous books are built upon intricate sets of data. Hiring people to convert data into texts takes time and money. If the fundamental structure of the data and the necessary texts are consistently the same, an NLG software for Automated Content Creation can complete this task more quickly and affordably. Therefore, the biggest advantage of NLG is economic.

A copywriter often assists in information organization and story organization. The copywriter employs words and expressions that resonate with the intended audience, show authority, and promote purchasing behavior. It takes months for a large corporation to engage a copywriter to produce thousands of original product descriptions. However, this process can be finished in a matter of hours using an NLG-based tool like AX Semantics.

The automated content production software makes use of automation technologies and procedures to boost productivity and free up staff members to concentrate on other crucial activities.

Copywriters spend a lot more time crafting descriptions, whereas automated content production is a constant and scalable process. Once a project is set up, the software automatically and repeatedly generates product descriptions with a single click and no extra work.

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Editor -€279 / month
E-Commerce Suite -€699 / month
Enterprise- Needs to contact the sales department
Multi- and Cross Language Text GenerationlPricey
Natural Language Output Based on Structured DataNo predefined content templates
Intuitive Inline Editor-


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AX Semantics Natural Language Generation reviews

With automated texting, we were able to establish ourselves as MYTHERESA with a stable ranking in the top positions.

- Nikolaus von Graeve -rabbit eMarketing

With automated texting, we were able to establish ourselves as MYTHERESA with a stable ranking in the top positions.

- Anja Wolfmaier - Team Leader SEO MYTHERESA

The integration with Salesforce didnt work flawlessly, sometimes updating texts didnt work as intended. If you solve this by going directly through their API, thats not an issue though.

- Richard R.- G2 reviewer

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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