Be My Eyes

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Industries: Software Development

Be My Eyes is a communication app where a person with blindness or low vision connects to people with sight, or industry representatives, through a video call.

The aim of the app is to provide immediate, easy-to-use support for people with blindness and low vision. For example, you point your smartphone camera at things and get help seeing what they are. The app rings, a droning ring, until both sides are connected. It is a free service and is currently available in 12 countries, including New Zealand.

The technology matches people based on language and time zone, so volunteers are only contacted during daytime hours. App users can also get technology support from the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk.

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Networking (connects visually impaired users with sighted volunteers)Occasionally, there is video delay when answering calls
Simple interface and easy to useFor Android and iOS user only
Clear and informative video demonstration on how to receive callNeeed other sighted person or volunteer
Able to choose your primary language.-

Be My Eyes reviews

Feedback doesn't work. Had my first call helping someone; the video quality was too blurry for me to help, so I tried voting Thumbs Down at the end of the call for feedback but nothing happens. However, the Thumbs Up button was working. After the call, I went into Settings then tried pressing "Send us feedback", but that didn't work either. How do you expect to improve when you're not willing to receive negative feedback? For such a simple app, there's no excuse to not have its features tested.

- Manny Islam

I love that there is an app that allows me to offer help to those who are visually impaired. However, the feedback and the "problems" button at the end of a call do not work so I can not provide feedback when I've had any issues. I had to resort to posting this in hopes the creators/maintainers see this and can help fix it. Other than this, the appa is amazing. The only other thing that could make it more amazing is if they tracked the calls I've taken, but that's an "if you can" ask.

- A Walker

So easy to help out This App really makes it easy to be the eyes for someone with low vision or even blindness. You answer a special ring tone if you have time (usually about 10 mins or so) if not someone else probably can get it. I always try to make time when I can. The callers need help with rather simple tasks and they know what they need but not being able to see is their only obstacle. With CoVid 19 isolating low sighted and blind persons from their normal support group of sighted friends and family has left them in a lurch. Once it was helping a lady find the right bills to pay for grocery delivery, once helping a lady read her prescription number to a pharmacist over the phone, helping someone who needed to match an outfit for a job interview (not used to wearing business clothes) and helping with computer issues. Nothing has been too hard or too time consuming and the feeling of being able to help someone pick the right train track can be a godsend to the person on the other end. Reminds me not to take my sight for granted. The callers are very respectful of your time and truly appreciate the help.

- Madandem

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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