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Online mind maps and flowcharts can be made and shared using Coggle. An individual or a team can take notes, brainstorm, plan, or document an idea, a research project, a report, or any other creative endeavor with this free, browser-based tool. By inviting them and letting them make improvements, it may be shared with several individuals. Real-time updates are made, and each modification is saved. It is an easy and understandable technique to communicate and comprehend complex information. It is a shared workspace and collaborative document that will enable teams and organizations to collaborate more successfully.

Features, Advantages, and Product Strengths of Coggle
Interactive and Collaborative
Real-time collaboration is supported via Coggle’s web software. Users have the option to invite other users to simultaneously edit their diagrams. Sharing a hidden link with others that allows them to edit a diagram without logging in enables no-setup collaboration. Every modification is preserved, allowing users to see all of the changes made to a diagram and create a duplicate from any point to go back to an earlier version.

Simple flowcharting and mind mapping
Users can drag and drop any number of photographs from their desktops onto the online diagram using the web-based program. To map related themes in a single workspace, it is feasible to add numerous starting points or central objects to a diagram. To depict process flows and other complex notions, users can link branches and make loops. To construct flow charts, process maps, and other sorts of diagrams, they can choose from a variety of shapes. To mark specific areas of the map, users can additionally add floating text labels and images that are not a part of the diagram tree.

Plans for free and money, export, import, and more
To assist users in learning about Coggle’s features, it provides a free plan. It offers over 1600 icons, limitless image uploads, and support for an unlimited number of public diagrams. Paid services offer greater features, privacy protections, and enterprise data control. All plans, however, enable PDF or image downloads of the diagrams. They can import and text files, export as mind map file or text file, and export for MS Visio. In its gallery, templates and examples are offered without charge.

I want to access their website Coggle Pricing.
Three private diagrams, an unlimited number of public diagrams, the company’s basic capabilities, and shared folders are all included in Coggle’s free plan. The $5/month Awesome plan is perfect for both personal and business use. It has all the same capabilities as the Free plan but also offers collaboration by link, more item shapes, conversation history, and unlimited private diagrams. With the inclusion of SAML SSO, a distinct personal workspace, bulk export, user and data administration, and more, the Organization plan, which costs $8 per member per month, has all the capabilities of the Awesome plan. For customers that prefer on-premise installation, internal authentication, and other security considerations, Coggle for Enterprise is also available.

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Organization - $8/month
On-premise instances for use behind your firewallLacks integrative whiteboard tool
Active Directory authenticationLacks a couple of more shapes designs and multiple lines options
Site licensesLimited free version


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Coggle reviews

Coggle is a great software for creating awesome mind maps. It helps in easy understanding of an idea and collaborating with other colleagues. It is user-friendly and has great UX tools.

- Manasa S.

The best tool which I have been using as a software engineer for a long time. It really helps a lot and deciding and sharing the content flow as well as the application flow to the customers and to the users also. It's free version is also really amazing which gives us multiple options of shapes and colors.

- Vibhanshu J.

I like that the basic templates are free and that the collaborative versions are only $8/month. It is also nice to not have to download anything - it is a chrome extension that opens in a browser tab. Lots of color/graphic options. Easy to add notes, etc.

- Mandy O.

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