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The Collocations Dictionary and Thesaurus is a special combination of two dictionaries that aids English language learners in consistently selecting the right word and collocation. This dictionary uses corpus research to make sure that you can find the right words to use in every situation—words that an English native speaker would use.

For instance, which verb should you use when writing about research? Do you do research or make it? Use this dictionary to locate the appropriate collocation for “conduct research.” Additionally, it explains why certain combinations, like “make research,” are incorrect and provides you with alternate verbs for a more formal written setting, like “conduct research.”

This dictionary’s thesaurus section assists you in expanding your vocabulary by grouping together words with similar meanings and outlining the word combinations that are typically used with each word. For instance, while famous, legendary, eminent, and notorious all have similar meanings, they are frequently used in different contexts. For instance, eminent is frequently used to describe scientists, legendary is frequently used to describe artists, and notorious is frequently used to describe criminals.


The 75,000 collocations in natural English indicate the terms that are used in conjunction.

80,000 corpus-based examples demonstrate the usage of word combinations in common scenarios.

7,000 synonyms, antonyms, and typical collocations are displayed.

Making use of grammar and formality notes can help you always write in natural English.

Warnings help you avoid typical mistakes.

Words from the Academic Word List are used.

includes the most common collocations used in academic English, the updated Academic Collocations List.

Thousands of interactive exercises to help you increase your collocational vocabulary

– PLUS more word origins, synonyms, and collocations

– Instructions for using the dictionary

– Use wildcards and suggested words when searching

– As you seek for terms, predictive text in search can assist you with spelling.

– Look for phrasal verbs and idioms

– Search history to identify recently looked-up terms

– Assistance with searching through other suitable apps on your device.

– Make a note of your favorite words.

– The Word of the Day

– My language skills

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Collocations Thesaurus reviews

Great idea to create something like this but I give 4 because of the lack of many words.

- Rafał Musidlak

I highly recommend it to those who want to be installed a good English Collocation Dictionary. The explanations here (in this app) is well-defined. You maybe notice of why I didn't give five stars out of five even though I highly recommended it. The reason is that some phrases need to be added precise meanings in deatail. Anyways, It's such a fantastic app for English learners like us, ESL ones. I am very much obliged to you.

- Stephen Aung

Simply amazing. Has phonetic, description and also link similar words. This app has made my teaching (and learning) life much easier. Love be able to organise folders to save words.

- maithe michelsen

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