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“Simply a fantastic program for youngsters to learn cursive writing,” declared Children’s Technology Review in awarding it the Editor’s Choice Award (96/100). 5/5

20,000 of the 70,000 units sold were to schools.

• Demonstrate and enforce proper letter tracing techniques The top three US fonts (ZB, DN, and HWT) plus five other types (UK, French, Swiss)
• Fun letter tracing with more than 50 animated stickers, sound effects, and interactive activities that animate the letters at the conclusion of the letter tracing.
• The ability to make your own word lists; uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and words (and record audio for each word)
• Completely adaptable to meet each child’s needs (letter size, difficulty,…)
Shapes tracing activity for toddlers; reports that show the child’s work allow you to monitor their growth.
Right-Handed Mode
• Make downloadable worksheets for your kids to practice writing on paper.

The first 8 letters, numerals, and words, as well as all the shapes, are all free. By making a one-time in-app payment, you can unlock the remaining letters, the option to add your own sentences, and the opportunity to make printable worksheets.


Kids love to have fun, and Cursive Writing Wizard provides plenty of entertainment to keep them engaged in their studies.

• Using more than 50 animated stickers and music effects, they can trace.
• Following the completion of the tracing, kids can engage in six animated letter games.
They can record their voice for every word they trace, even their own name, and add stars in the 5-Stars play option.


• The capacity to generate one’s own word lists (and record audio for each word)
• Children’s activities are detailedly reported, and children’s progress can be seen by replaying and exporting the tracings.
• Word list import/export
• A variety of settings to adjust the program to the child’s present level of education (such as letter size, complexity, showing or hiding the model, allowing pauses in between critical parts, etc.).
• The three most widely used US fonts (ZB, DN, and HWT), plus five other fonts (UK, French, Swiss)
• Numbers, upper- and lower-case letters (and word lists)
• Both letter names and sounds (which can be customized)
• An adaptable “5-Stars” play style that asks the youngster to trace a letter or a word five times using various controls (each step is more challenging)
• Make as many users as you want
• The software has a lot of customization options (sound, game time limit, black background,…)
Right-Handed Mode
• In the A-Z area, there are specific visuals that correspond to the letters (such as an ant for A/a).



As a Moms with Apps member, we adhere to the “Know what’s inside” guidelines for children’s app development.

The privacy of children is important to L’Escapadou. We think you shouldn’t have to be concerned about the apps or websites tracking your children. It’s an app

• Does not assemble any user data (we do not use data collection tools)
• External Links: Safe parent areas are accessible where you can contact us and view our other apps. So that young children cannot access a parent area, an addition must be solved before accessing it.

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Game has a lot of options, set number of repetition, size of lettersYou could only teach your child 1/3 of the alphabet because you must pay to unlock everything else
Comes with 5 different cursive style alphabetsLimited Free version
Is app does have number tracings which is great for young children that still have some issues with numbers.

Cursive Writing Wizard reviews

My mom told me my cursive was trash so my 8 year old cousin showed me this app and my cursive is gradually improving

- Akirashorter

Verified Purchase I bought the full version and it's worth it. It works great on the kindle fires. I gave it only 4 stars though because it crashes a lot on my samsung galaxy 7. Game has a lot of options, set number of repetition, size of letters. Highly recommend getting a stylus to get the full benefit but for the start in just learning the shapes a finger works great. One advantage of the full version is entering in your own words. You can then put in the childs name and that of family members which is a fun and practical thing to work on. This comes with 5 different cursive style alphabets. We use the ZB one as that is the style I learned in the US as a child.

- Sepp

I love that the app allows you to add a list of words. This helps my daughter practice writing her weekly spelling list in proper cursive form; However, the list is limited to 5 words. We have to create a part 1 and part 2 for her lists every week. The different designs are fun and engaging.

- Robin C Rodrigue

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