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A blockchain, cybersecurity, and social media firm called DatChat Inc. is dedicated to safeguarding our information both before and after we share it with others. We think that everyone has the same right to privacy online as they do in their own living rooms, and that this right should not end when someone clicks “send.” The DatChat Messenger & Private Social Network, which is our flagship product, is a privacy platform and mobile application that enables users to connect and share with the privacy and security they deserve.

Even after they’ve been sent, users of our platform can maintain control over their messages and posts. Users can delete texts they send on both their own device and the recipient’s device using our program. There is no predetermined window of time in which they must make their decision. A message that has already been delivered to a recipient’s device can be deleted at any moment by the user. Users can even delete the entirety of a discussion at any point, making it appear as though it never took place. Additionally, the recipient is nearly unable to screenshot a message or image before it is deleted thanks to the screenshot security technology in our application.


Our right to privacy is more important than ever, and DatChat is essential since social media censorship is expanding quickly. On social media as well as in real life, we have a right to privacy.

With the help of the DatChat Private Social Network, you may post, share, and comment in a safe and totally private environment with your friends and associates. Your contributions and comments will only be visible to those you permit. They cannot also be screenshotted, forwarded, or shared. All posts can be erased completely and without a trace at any time, or they can be scheduled to disappear at a certain time. The DatChat Private Social Privacy Platform, built on our patented technology, enables a special social network where you can safely share and communicate with your friends without being concerned about Big Data’s prying eyes.

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Has all features of other apps plus big privacy pointMore training video and add to how use all features of add properly
User friendly and black background features are greatNeed to add other fun aspect of social media to it
Great to have how many new members join weekly and what are the hot channels.Some features are not available offline


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DatChat reviews

At first, I didn't realize how to use the destroy text within a certain time or how many times it can be viewed before self deleting. There is a small bomb icon next to the bottom text box that you can turn on and off with a touch. In the off position it texts as normal not hiding the text or anything, but you could always go back and destroy, or nuke what you have said. If you turn the bomb icon on you now can set how long your text last and they must hold the box on the screen to read.

- Mark Arnurius

Needs an Interface Overhaul. This app has the best security and privacy features out of any social media app, but it's user interface is very unpolished, and it feels like an outdated website. I feel like this app could draw in more users if it had a more attractive user interface. Another feature that would be nice would be adding different notification sounds to different contacts or adding an in-app guide to features that are not immediately obvious, similar to the tutorial chat.

- Ryutsuki Shiba

Really interesting privacy features and has potential. Could use some nice UI upgrades. The only difficulty I have is manually navigating to my previous posts in groups if the notifications are dismissed. The notifications play sounds if you don't turn them off yourself, even when you're on vibrate/silent FYI.

- Katheline Tran

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