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On the Daygram, post your story.

An easy-to-use diary is Daygram. Daygram prioritizes minimalism, unlike many convoluted and cumbersome diary apps. You can concentrate on your writing thanks to its user-friendly UI. Establish the practice of journaling your ideas and daily happenings.

“With its simple tap-based user interface, Daygram is a fantastic diary application that encourages you to keep track of your thoughts. Daily writing not only helps you develop your writing skills, but it can also provide you with some amazing life insights. Recommended.” The Mac Cult

“You can only join the dots by looking backwards; you cannot join them by looking forward. Therefore, you must have faith that your future will see how the pieces fit together.” Jobs, Steve

– Daygram: A Quick Guide –

Create your day’s diary.

By selecting the “+” icon at the bottom of the home page, you can add or update your entry for today.

Record previous diaries

Diaries with blank pages have dots on them; by clicking these dots, you can enter previous entries.

Search the diary

You can search your journals using the search browser that appears when you move your finger up the main page.

Delete your journal

You can access the delete menu by swiping left on the diary you want to remove.

Choose a Month/Year

On the main page’s left button under “+,” you can choose “Year” and “Month,” respectively.

Narrative view

You can view all of your diaries in “story view” by long-tapping the “+” button to the right of it on the home page.

Rapid return

You can access the timeline page for this month by pressing the + button on the main page’s bottom for a long time.

1 or 2 lines in preview

In the settings, you can decide whether to show 1 or 2 lines of the preview.

When you write in your journal, the current time will be noted when you click the time stamp button.

Even if you do it every day, writing down your ideas can be quite therapeutic. You can vent to your diary or journal when you are having a bad day by writing down your thoughts and sometimes just uttering things you couldn’t speak out loud. At the same time, it feels amazing to be able to state that you had a terrific day and even go back and read about it when the next day was gloomy. You can do this with DayGram’s clear, simple interface. With an easy-to-use design, the DayGram app offers a way for you to record all of your daily emotions. A notebook app shouldn’t be difficult to use, and this one makes jotting down your ideas easy. To add or update your entry for the day, simply tap a button. Then, if you’d like, you can read every entry in your timeline and go back in time to look at earlier days, months, or years. AppAdvice

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Date stamp featureNo dark mode
Lends to writing minimalismLimited font options
Simple interface"themes" with generic stock photography backgrounds

DayGram reviews

This is more practical than conventional paper diaries, just because you can find and access to all your notes in a timeline, place time stamps automatically, and it keeps it very simple. But it would really make it better than using conventional diaries if we could attach images to our entries, maybe voice notes... Those are a big plus that really changes the game and would take conventional diaries users to using this app in my opinion. This is the only app that I’ve used and haven’t deleted it because it’s overcharged, good point for you guys, but the feature of adding pictures or voice notes wouldn’t necessarily ruin your minimalist style and I find that it is actually useful.

- Alexandra Chang

There is an elegance to DayGram. It allows me to have the timeline benefits of a "journal" without running into a plethora of interface distractions. It can be backed up via iCloud and Dropbox. Journal apps blare with statistics; how many entries, how many today, options to add hash tags, share to social media, add photos. I don't need all that. With DayGram I get a date stamp, a time stamp option and a blank page, thank you. DayGram lends to writing minimalism—often a simple snapshot of the day or an event, but longer entries are just fine. In the rare case an image is desired, the option sits innocuously at the bottom right of the page as an almost invisible icon. --- The two things DayGram lacks are a "dark mode" for nighttime writing and, at least, a couple more font options. I'd pay to have these options added. The holy grail, personally, would be the option to add a custom font. --- In terms of the In-App purchase: I would point out that almost no one wants "themes" that involve generic stock photography backgrounds. That may have been true 5 or 6 years ago. Now most people prefer to add their own image—if they even want one BEHIND their writing. This strange option is the only place DayGram really goes off the rails of its elegant minimalism.

- Tao-ish

I have been writing about this problem for some time now. I have been using this app for years (since 2018). It crashes every single time I try to do a search. Certain letter combinations will crash it when searching. There are only a few that won’t. It was updated 3 weeks ago but it isn’t fixed. It crashes on my iPhone 13 Pro. I tried it on my old iPad and it does the same thing so I know it’s not the new phone. I NEED this function because I use this ALL THE TIME! Are you seeing this review? Please help!

- Batman2287

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