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Easily switch between typing notes out on the keyboard and speaking them.
You may effectively organize your ideas, thoughts, research, and to-dos into notes and notebooks using the note-taking tool Dictanote. You can format your notes in Dictanote’s built-in MS Word-like editor and download them as PDF or.docx files. You can **dictate** notes using your microphone instead of just writing them down!

Over 40 languages and 52 dialects are supported by Dictanote, which means that it can convert speech to text for over 80% of the global population!

Additionally, you may purchase the in-app Pro upgrade to create several notebooks and save them to the Dictanote cloud.

Dictanote can easily take the place of Evernote, OneNote, and VoiceNote.

Offline: While offline, you can edit your notes. You only need to launch the app to get started. As soon as you have an internet connection, they will be saved on the cloud. Please be aware that voice recognition needs an internet connection.

• You need the following to use Dictanote:


– A version of Google Chrome 40 or above

– Internet access

– A set-up microphone

– Appropriate pronounciation

• To make a shortcut on your desktop:


– download the Dictanote app

– navigate to chrome:/apps

– right-click Dictanote’s icon

– choose “Create Shortcut…”

• Qualities:


* Voice recognition for multiple languages

Editing notes offline

Formatting for rich text

Pictures in note

* Subjects

Please Take Note

There is a statistical model for voice recognition. You can’t count on accuracy to be 100 percent. But fear not, the rate of recognition is adequate for use.

Voice recognition is generally 95% accurate, though this can vary from person to person. Better microphone quality and less background noise increase accuracy.

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$36/year or $3/month
Multi-lingual voice recognitionNeed to register even it is free trial
Offline note editingIgnoring punctuation
Rich text formattingDoesn't automatically add the detected speech to where the cursor is

Dictanote Voice reviews

It worked pretty good yesterday, giving about the promised 90% accuracy. However, it does not work at all this morning, at about 50% accuracy. Even with 90% accuracy, I could have typed the whole thing faster than it took to dictate and then do corrections. I have a fast computer, fast broadband, and a good microphone, too.

- Susan Cragin

“I have been using dictanote for some time now and I can say that it really helps me in my day to day meetings. I don't need to save my work from time to time since the app do it for me already. Moreso, I can access my work anytime anywhere.”

- Louwelyn Andal

Easily the best software I've come across so far!

- Barnaby Capel-Dunn

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